SEWA Yojana (Self Employed Women's Association Yojana)


SEWA YOJANA is a self-employed women's association Yojana, which was registered in 1972. It was founded in 1972 by Gandhian and civil rights officer Ela Bhatt. SEWA YOJANA means 'service.' In many languages, it is a trade union based in Ahmedabad. It promotes the rights of low income, earning independently employed females workers. This is an organization of poor, self-employment of women workers. These are the women who make a living through their own. These women work as labor or in small businesses.

SEWA is the largest organization of informal workers in the world. It is one of the largest non-profit junctions in the world. They don't obtain any salaried employment with welfare benefits like workers in the well-organized sector. 


  • Looking upon the socio-economic and family condition of self-employment women,
  • Understanding the issues of self-employed women's work,
  • To understand changes in income levels of women's work,
  • Doing the detailed study of seven principles of Sewa junction,
  • Start organizing activities of Sewa amongst these women,
  • Looking at the history of women's work.


  • Sewa Yojana's main aim is to organize the women workers for full employment and self-independently.
  • They also dreamt of mainstreaming the marginalized the poor women in full-day jobs to lift them from poverty.
  • Sewa Yojana also arranged the possibility to take care of the children and elderly members while earning money for their family unit.
  • Sewa Yojana also aimed at providing the low cost of goods for the domestic and global sectors.
  • At Sewa, we organize the workers to achieve their goals of full employment and self-reliance.


Sewa Yojana is an organization and a movement also. The action is enhanced by being a Sangam or confluence of three movements like the labour movement, the cooperative movement, and the women's movement. It is also a self-employment movement of workers. Through this Yojana, women can learn independently and become healthy and visible. Their remarkable growth in economic and social contributions becomes recognized all over, like globalization, liberalization, and other economic changes.

There are also many opportunities as well as threats to some of the traditional areas of employment. More than our members are ready to face the change of winds. They also know that they have to build their strength and to meet the new challenges. There are still many women who are under poverty and are exploited. Despite the hard work of hours, they are always counted in reliance. To bear the brunt changes in our country, we must be brought into the mainstream, to avail of the new opportunities that are developing for employment. 


  • Urja loan study by Sewa academy.
  • Sahbhagi Yojana 2 support project (SY2SP) baseline by Sewa academy.
  • Sahbhagi Yojana 2 support (SY2SP) end-line by Sewa academy.
  • Midwifery as decent work: a case study on Sewa's experiences in India by Sewa academy.
  • Sewa movement training evaluation study by Sewa academy.
  • Impact study of the computer training courses at Sewa academy.
  • Evaluation of literacy classes by Sewa academy.
  • Sewa's radio programme by Sewa academy.
  • A survey of the technician of women hand pump repairing by Sewa academy
  • Influencing girls' lives: acceptability and effectiveness of a livelihood skill-building intervention in Gujarat by Sewa academy.
  • Spending, saving, and borrowing: perceptions and experiences of girls in Gujarat by Sewa academy.
  • Globalization of the garment industry and its impact on home-based workers and small factory workers of Ahmedabad city by Sewa academy.
  • Bidi workers of Murshidabad by Sewa academy.
  • Growth from the below by Sewa academy.
  • Problems while organized by the Sewa academy.
  • Research the poor by the Sewa academy.

These are researches done by the Sewa academy on behalf of women empowerment. 

There is much to be done in terms of the power of women's leadership. By strengthening the confidence, their bargaining power within the home, and the outside of the house. Their representation in policy-making and decision-making is on their own. It's their issues, priorities, and needs, which are guided and increase the development process. Sewa Yojana has been supporting its members building the capacity and developing their economic organizations. 

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