Shadi Mubarak Scheme Telangana

Shadi Mubarak scheme is a welfare scheme in which the government provides financial assistance to carry out the marriage expenses so that the families who are below the poverty line can get benefitted. 

This scheme focuses on preventing child marriages. It was first introduced by the government of Telangana and was established on 22nd October 2014.

  • 1,00,116 is the planned amount to serve per weeding so that the scheme carries out perfectly.
  • 1450 is the planned budget to work with for a year.  

Earlier, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao the chief minister of Telangana used to provide Rs.51,000 to all the scheduled caste families back in 2014, then in 2017 the government exceeded the amount to Rs.75,116 but now the scheme has got expanded for more distressed families and also increased the amount to Rs.1,00,116. 

This scheme gets accessible barely once in a lifetime.  

Difference between Kalyana Laxmi Yojana and Shaadi Mubarak scheme 

Often the two schemes- Kalyana Laxmi Yojana and Shaadi Mubarak scheme are related but the basic minor difference between the two is that the Kalyana Laxmi yojana scheme is launched for Hindu girls and the Shaadi Mubarak scheme is been launched for Muslim girls. 

The separation is done because the rituals of both the marriage styles are different so to avoid any kind of mistakes, two separate schemes were launched based on the same idea which is to provide monetary assistance for marriage events expenses to the bride's side of the family.  

The reason behind launching the Shadi Mubarak scheme

In many parts of the states, the people are still stuck with stereotypes and they believe that the girls are kind of a burden for them and so is their marriage. 

The crimes are possessed under this pressure such as abandoning the girl child at the time of her birth or not wanting a daughter as a part of the family and these measures need to be stopped. 

So to spread the positive message and to change the mindset, the Telangana government came up with the scheme. 

They transfer the payment to the girl's bank account at the time of her wedding. 

So that the family wouldn't worry about the marriage expenses.

Another issue which the scheme deals with indirectly is early child marriage, for the sake of financial assistance the girls would get a longer period and it would be ensured under the scheme that the bride is marrying at her legal age set by the constitution. 

Eligibility criteria for enrollment in the Shaadi Mubarak scheme 

Only the bride's side of the family is eligible to get the perks of the scheme. 

The girl should be a citizen of Telangana and her age should be lawful for the wedding which is above eighteen years.

Her family's earnings should be below Rs.2,00,000 per year for urban areas and Rs, 1,50,000 per year for rural areas which means that they should be below the poverty line to get eligible. 

Documents required for the application of the Shaadi Mubarak scheme 

At the time of the registration, the applicant must attach various documents along with their application form which is as follows:-

The first document is the Aadhar card of both, the bride and the groom. 

The second proof should be a valid certificate showing the annual income of the family. 

A passport size photograph is also required at the time of registration.

The date of birth certificate is mandatory to show as to verify the legal marriage age of the bride and the bank passbook or documents stating the bride's bank account details should get handed in. 

Caste certificate is also compelled as the Shaadi Mubarak scheme is been narrowed for Muslim caste girls exclusively. 

The mark sheet of the exams passed can also be submitted nevertheless it is not necessary to acknowledge them if the applicant has not appeared for such examinations. 

A letter issued by the gram panchayat of municipal corporation confirming the situation of wedding and funding should get arranged. 

Proofs regarding the wedding are considered crucial documents, the wedding card or photographs or other documents proving the same should get passed for enrollment such as the certificate issued by the registrar of the marriage bureau. 

The online registration process for the Shadi Mubarak scheme 

The online registration process is as simple as the offline mode. For the online procedure, the applicant has to open the official site of the scheme which is the Telangana EPASS Website

On the home page, there would be two options which would be stated as Kalyana Lakshmi yojana and Shaadi Mubarak scheme. The applicant can click on the one scheme as per her background. 

Then the application form would appear on the screen under the scheme's category data.

Then the application form should get downloaded and printed out by the applicant.

After getting it printed, the details about the bride should be filled in the form as per the given questions mentioned there.

Then the form should be submitted along with attached documents on the site of the scheme by the method of online submission.  

Verification by the officials under the department of minority welfare and the Shaadi Mubarak scheme's chair heads would check the documents and verify the application in a few days. After verification, the amount would be transferred to the bank account and the online bill would be passed stating the proof of the transaction made. 

The officials would make sure that the bride gets the amount beforehand on the marriage date.

Frequently asked questions related to Shaadi Mubarak scheme 

Q) Who introduced the Shaadi Mubarak scheme and when was it launched?

A)The chief minister of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao introduced the Shaadi Mubarak scheme for the Muslim community in the year 2014, dated 22nd October.

Q)Which issues does the Shaadi Mubarak scheme try to resolve? 

A)Issues such as child marriages, the burden of wedding expenses for the poor family, and stating a girl child as a burden are some of the matters which the Shaadi Mubarak scheme tries to resolve by spreading a positive message.  

Q)What is the monetary amount that the government allots per marriage to the girl under the scheme of Shaadi Mubarak?  

A)Rs.1,00,116 is the monetary amount that has been decided under the Shaadi Mubarak scheme's guidelines to get transitioned to the girl's bank account as per her marriage expenses. 

Q)Does the Shaadi Mubarak scheme consider the second marriage costs of below the poverty line community?

A)Since the Shaadi Mubarak scheme is once in a lifetime opportunity and this fact implies that the scheme doesn't consider the second marriage cost if the benefits have been availed at the time of the first marriage. However, if the person hasn't availed of the scheme's benefits earlier then she is eligible to get the monetary assistance at the second marriage.