Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme

When the pandemic broke globally in 2020, there was a nationwide lockdown and because of the lockdown, all the travel facilities were shouted down due to it. 

So due to the lockdown, the migrant workers got stuck in the town of their workplace and couldn't go over to their hometowns for which they were inclined to. 

As a result of such a dilemma, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh concluded to find a treatment for the situation and help out the migrant workers for reaching their home towns during the span of lockdown. 

Features of Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme

All the migrants who were stuck in Andhra Pradesh belonging to different states would get support in reaching their hometowns and all the migrants from Andhra Pradesh who were stuck in different states would get help in coming back to their home. 

To run out of such a scheme, the government decided to enable certain special travel options for them. Such as a train which would be supposed to transport only migrants during the period of lockdown and the conduction of buses for the nearby area which can be covered by road. But if the migrant doesn't want to utilize public transportation then he is free to travel through his automobile but has to pursue the covid guidelines.  

The registration for the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers scheme is through online mode and all the information can get accessed on the official website of the scheme. This scheme is government-funded.  

At the time of the registration, the migrant should show up with the required documents such as Aadhar card, job certificate and should provide all the other necessary details such as mobile number, hometown details, pin code number, etc.

After the next two consecutive days of successful registration, the authorities would provide further information to the migrant regarding the departure mode, the date, and the time.

Safety precautions regarding the  Coronavirus in the process of making transportation available to Migrant Workers. 

To ensure safety against coronaviruses during transportation, the government took several precautions regarding it to ensure protection. 

  • The government made sure that whether workers who would be traveling have access to face masks and sanitizers or not.   
  • If any of the travelers don't have access to a face mask and sanitizer then the government would provide them with such mandatory facilities to ensure sanitization.  
  • The migrants would have to go through a covid test to make sure that their reports are negative and they would not be infecting other people along the route. 
  • If a traveler's report comes out with a positive report then he would be quarantined and wouldn't get the permit to travel for as long as they recover from the virus. 
  • When the traveler gets to the destination then again he would have to take up a covid test to ensure that they would not infect the other state on their arrival and by this way, two covid test schedules as per the scheme's guidelines. 
  • After reaching the destination, the migrants are supposed to be quarantined for the next fourteen days.
  • It was also noted that the trains or buses won't go to the red zones, the transportation facilities are only applicable for orange and green zones. 
  • The mode of transportation service would get sanitized at regular intervals.
  • The travelers get requested to practice social distancing. 
  • Only a limited number of migrants get scheduled to practice the required social distancing. 

Documents required at the time of registration in the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme 

  • There are only a few documents that the migrant needs to submit which is an Aadhar card as this is the most crucial document.
  • Second, they need to provide details about the name of their hometown and the respective pin code which has been assigned to the area.
  • Third, the migrant can show any document regarding their job title to prove that they are in the migrant job. 
  • Fourth, the other necessary details such as the mobile number, their name, their age, etc should be provided for better working.  
  • Fifth, if the migrant plans to travel through his vehicle then the details such as vehicle number and the type of vehicle should be delivered. 
  • The sixth and the last information which would be asked from the migrant would be about which type of transportation they would like to go for their route to home.
  • The government has kept the number of documents that have to be submitted limited so that the registration process for migrants doesn't get complex as at the time of the pandemic and sudden lockdown, it would not be manageable for the migrants to submit a lot of documentation on that circumstance. 

Registration progress for enrolling in Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme. 

  • The applicant has to make sure that they are connected with an internet connection but if they don't have access to an internet connection then they can visit any nearby cyber printing shop and from there they can get access to an internet connection. 
  • Then after connecting with the internet, the applicant needs to visit the offline website of the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme which is
  • After the website gets open, on the home page the applicant can browse various features and can learn about the terms and conditions of the scheme. 
  • On the right corner of the website's home page, the applicant can get the passage to the application form. 
  • After clicking on the applicant form's option, the application form would get loaded and available to fill up all the details. 
  • All the necessary details such as the name of the applicant, the age, the district's name, the city's name, the pin code of the area, mobile number, type of transportation to be preferred, job details, etc should be jotted down in the application form. 
  • Along with the application form, the other necessary documents such as the Aadhar card, identification certificate, and others should be handed in carefully. 
  • Then click on the submit switch and your online enrollment would get successful. 

Frequently asked questions related to Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme 

Q)What are the eligibility criteria for successful enrollment in Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers scheme? 

A)As such there are no eligibility criteria for the enrollment in Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme, there are just a few guidelines under the scheme that is this facility is only applicable for Migrant workers.

The migrants from the red zone area cannot apply for this scheme and hence the public transportation wouldn't pick or drop the migrants from the red zone area. 

Q)What is the objective of the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme? 

A)The objective of the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme is to provide support to all the migrant workers who got stuck in their workplace towns and are away from their home towns due to the covid condition. 

The government works for the migrants who expect to return to their hometowns by arranging them a transport facility. 

Q)What mode of registration for Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers is available?

A)For the registration for Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers, the online mode is available. The enrollment can be done by visiting the official website of the scheme and filling up the online form there.  

Q)Does the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme provide monetary assistance to the migrants?

A)No, there's no monetary assistance under the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers Scheme as this scheme is for a social cause which is to help the migrants reach their hometown but though the transportation cost is carried by the government. 

Q)Under the scheme of the Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers, is it necessary to quarantine for fourteen days even after the covid test comes out negative? 

A)Yes, the guidelines of Spandana Andhra Pradesh Migrant Workers states that the quarantine for the next fourteen days after reaching the destination is crucial even after the covid test comes out negative is because of the travelers own safety and taking up the necessary precautions would be appreciated.