SPARC Scheme (Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration)

To make possible elemental and publicly applicable research in India, maximum importance is being given for escalation of partnership in between Indian research groups along with the top research groups from all over the world, with the intention of Indian scientists and students being able to interact with the sharpest minds in the world. SPARC creates on the concrete foundation placed by Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) and provides a scheme to sustain a long term research project where it funds for longer time and visit by the international faculties. Plus, it will also support the travel and nourishment of Indian students at the University of the International Collaborator.

This initiative aims at revealing a considerable number of students, to state-of-the-art improvements in science and technology, which will result in growing the number of well trained scientific workforce India. This will drastically improve the evidence of Indian science and scientists in the world. Predictably, few of the mixed insights might not only guide for the step forward in science but also upshot in sustainable products of technology which will be advantageous to humankind, along with benefitting the requirements of India. The main result of the SPARC project will be substantial study and exploration partnership between Indian research groups with the best of faculties and recognized research groups in the most distinguished universities.

Objectives of SPARC Scheme

  • To sponsor joint research schemes between Indian institutions and famous and the best global universities, mostly from 25 chosen countries. 
  • The topics for research will be related to India, which will be beneficial for the country.
  • The regular appointment for a more extended period of top international faculty and researchers in Indian universities and visits by Indian research students training and experimentation in the worldwide laboratories will be supported financially. 
  • The combined research projects shall result in Joint development of various forte courses, excellent books, demonstrable technologies and translatable patents.
  • Strengthening of cooperation via academic and research collaborations through Indo-X Workshops in India.

Modalities for Implementation

 Type of projects to be funded

Only joint research projects filed by an Indian University with the collaboration of a foreign university, in science and technology, or social science and humanities, with the apparent problem stated with the research team and the method and the results will be considered.


  • Every Indian University in the top-100 category are suitable to apply. 
  • Private institutions and recognized under Section 12(8) of the UGC Act that fall under the category mentioned above are eligible.
  • The foreign institution is supposed to be in the top-500 of Q5 World University Rankings or the top-200 of Q5 World University Rankings. 


  • The Long or Short term appointment of foreign faculty will be based on rules of GIAN project of VAJRA Project of the Department of Science and Technology standards respectively. 
  • The flexibility of Indian student researchers to the partner foreign university.
  • The adaptability of foreign student researchers to Indian institution.
  • Marketing and promotion of joint hard work. 

Items NOT covered underfunding 

  • Any foremost equipment or infrastructure 
  • International travel expenses of any Indian faculty  
  • The stipend for a scholarship of Indian or foreign scholars

Thrust Areas

There are five thrust areas which are primary Research, Emergent Areas of Impact, Convergence, Action-Oriented Research, and Innovation-Driven and sub-theme spaces in each thrust area have been recognized. One set of Nodal Institutions from India for every participating country has been identified. The position of an NI is to support and the eager Participating Indian Institutions to build an alliance with the Institutions of the assigned participating foreign country.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The IPR was created out of the project will be determined as per models of the participating Institutes. The Indian universities will get the settlement out of Patents, more willingly than the foreign institutes. All disagreements will face Indian jurisdiction. Any particular variation will be solved by MHRD via the SPARC Liaison cell and permitted by the Apex Committee.

Expected Outcome

  • To provide the most exceptional international skill in resolving major national issues.
  • To Help Indian students and researchers reveal in-depth research.
  • Allowing long-term appointment of international faculty to regularly help in scholarly communication, collaborations and niche course improvement.
  • To allow the considerable number of students to be trained in high skilled facilities provided in the best laboratories in the world.
  • Create numerous educational contents as high-quality publications, textbooks, patents, products that are mutually made by Indian and Foreign partners.
  • To expand Bilateral good partnerships in education and research with top countries of the world.
  • To allow top-ranked Indian universities to increase academics and research collaboration with foreign institutions.
  • Develop International Rankings of Indian Institutions by the blend of internationalization.
  • To generate foremost International Impact for Catapulting Indian Academics and Research and support in making it reasonable with the best in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will filling for sparc cost me anything?

Filing cost might be there, but it will NOT ask for maintenance costs.

Q. Is there any SPOC for foreign universities?

No, it only for the collaboration of Indian and foreign institutes.

Q. What are the roles of the Nodal institute?

The Nodal Institutes have several roles-

  • They will associate with the partner country and be the medium contact for the institutes in the particular foreign countries for any managerial queries related to the scheme.
  • To spot eligible universities in the other countries and publish the information about SPARC among them. 
  • To give a hand in the administrative rules and issues, but not about the visa for outgoing student and researchers, taxes, etc.
  • To aid connections via the Indo-X workshops when the projects are financed.

Q. What's the official website for this scheme?

Official website for this scheme is

Q. Can I track my proposal in the portal?

Yes, you can check the progress of the proposal in the portal.

Q. Is there any funding of travel for the students?

No, there are not any funding for travel, but they will be provided with a monthly allowance of INR 12,000/month for three months to 1 year.

Q. Will the scholarship of Indian student to be paid during his/her stay in foreign Insitute?

No, there is no allowance like that.

Q. What is the duration for the project under SPARC?

The duration of the project is two years. 

Q. What is the research monograph?

The research monograph is a topical book based on a research topic. 

Q. Is the research monography mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory for the SPARC project.

Q. Can students doing master apply for this?

  No, only doctoral or post-doctoral scholars can apply for this.