STRIDE Scheme (Scheme for Trans-Disciplinary Research for India's Developing Economy)


UGC has taken the initiative on 1st July 2019 and started a programme for trans-disciplinary research for India’s developing economy: STRIDE. The aim of making this initiative is to support local need-based, socially relevant, nationally significant, and globally significant research projects. The University grant commission has set up an advisory committee under its Vice-chairman Bhushan Patwardhan to monitor the whole scheme. This scheme will begin research culture and innovations in Universities and colleges and help students and faculty to contribute towards the developing economy of India with the help of collaborative research.


  • In the 1st component, it will provide for research capacity building in diverse disciplines by nurturing, mentoring, and supporting young talents to innovative, pragmatic solutions for local, regional, national, and international problems. The loan is available up to 1 crore.
  • It will mainly emphasize increasing problem-solving skills with the help of social innovation and action search to improve the well-being of people and contribute to India’s developing economy. The loan is available up-to Rs.50 lakhs, and Rs.1 crore is available for projects under this scheme. 
  • It will fund high impact research projects in the identified thrust areas in humanities and human science through national network eminent scientists from leading institutions. Grant is provided up-to Rs. 1 Crore for higher educational institutions and Rs. 5 Crore for the multi-institutional network. History, anthropology, philosophy, archaeology, liberal arts, Indian languages, Indian knowledge system, education, law, education, journalism, commerce, management, communication, environment, and sustainable development are the disciplines eligible for funding under this scheme. The loan is available for this component up-to Rs.1 crore and Rs. 5 crores.


  • To recognize young talent, enhance research culture, build capacity, promote innovation, and support trans-disciplinary research for developing the economy of India and national development.
  • To fund a multi-institutional network, high-impact research projects in humanities and human sciences.


  • Stride scheme mainly starts to nourish research culture and innovation in colleges and Universities. It helps students and faculty to put up for their nation through collaborative research.  
  • It emphasizes on human sciences and humanities will enhance quality research on knowledge systems and Indian languages.
  • Stride scheme will help students to do joint research to explore these knowledge resources for developing the economy of India.
  • It will give a chance to make multi-sectoral linkages between government-university-community-industry for national development and well-being of people.
  •  Stride will provide a significant impetus to high impact research in human sciences and humanities.
  • Trans-disciplinary research creates knowledge with the use of multi and inter-disciplinary concepts and combines new theory among society and science.

Official Website

Go to the online portal here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does stride mainly support?

 Ans. It mainly supports the Indian Higher education system and promotes innovation in trans-disciplinary research and aims at increasing research culture in general and nurturing trans-disciplinary research in particular.

Q. Is there any time limit for submission when they start online submission?

Ans. No, there is no such time limit. Applicants can save all their entered data and complete the form later. But, they need to submit it before the deadline given at the Stride website.

Q. How will the submitted proposal review?

Ans. Proposals will be reviewed by at least two to three experts initiating from the predetermined thrust areas including experts from industry.