Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass

The covid -19 pandemic broke down at the start of the year 2020 in India. The government's taking various precautions regarding the pandemic.

The government has introduced lockdown and curfews in various states of India to limit the reach of coronavirus to people. In the lockdown, the citizens are supposed to not go out of their houses except for some urgent cases. 

If an individual has any emergency circumstance around him/her and has to go out of their house in the middle of the curfew then he/she is supposed to get an E-Pass issued. This E-Pass would lend them the allowance which they need as during their way the police and traffic police would enquire the individual about various questions. 

And if the person shows that they have got an e-pass then he/she would get permitted by the police and wouldn't get interrupted further. 

Features of Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass

  • The scheme was initiated by the Tamil Nadu chief minister to provide the people who are in genuine need to go out with the curfew pass.
  • This scheme is currently working in all states of India under different state heads. 
  • For applying and getting the curfew pass issued, the individual has to visit the authorized website which is https://epasskki.info/. Within applying and after getting selected according to the eligibility criteria, the curfew pass would get issued within the next twenty-four hours to the applicant. 
  • For events like the family member's wedding, medical calamity, close relative’s demise, administration tender bidding, administration labour which is in a continuation or if deserted hardly, the card would get issued. 
  • On the Fourth of March 2021, the central government made it mandatory to carry a curfew pass while traveling across the county, state, or district. For example, if an individual wants to visit Tamil Nadu and he/she is in another state then it would be a compulsion to have the Tamil Nadu curfew E pass to get the allowance. All kinds of travel modes such as air, rail, or by own vehicle have been enlisted under the same category and should hold up the card. 
  • Citizens can go out between the lockdown for only essential requirements such as to buy groceries, visit the chemist shop, buy milk, etc.  
  • People who are bound in different states and are willing to come back to their hometowns such as students studying in different states, job people, etc can avail the pass ticket and return as per the latest covid pass issue guidelines.

Benefits of Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy 

  • Often the individuals travel not as per the emergency circumstance and don't take proper precautions which are leading to the widespread coronavirus as the reports mention that state Tamil Nadu has crossed more than four lakh covid cases. 
  • By introducing the curfew pass, the unnecessary movement would get restricted and by this way, the covid situation can get under control. 
  • Through the pass, the officials can now track movement and the emergency reason behind it. It can also get the data about whether the traveler is infected or not and in this way, they can hold up the crisis nicely.
  • Moreover, the curfew cards get issued within a day so a person in an emergency dilemma can rely upon the authority's work and the system's functions are respectably appreciable. 
  • Working of Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy 
  • The applicant applying to get the curfew card issued should give a consent letter to the administration in which they should state their reason for wanting the card, the place they want to visit, the current place they're at, the number of days they wish to travel, time and mobile number. It's upon the authorities if they consider issuing them a card. In case the card gets issued but the authority finds out that the applicant is misusing it or their application form was not genuine then strict action would be taken against the individual. 
  • In case the individual's appeals get rejected then there's no option for protesting as the individual is not supposed to dispute in the time of the pandemic. The officials select the candidate on a very strict note by checking up on various factors considering the crisis. 
  • The government states that the selected individual who traveled through the issued curfew pass should quarantine for fourteen days when they return to their initial place. 

Eligibility criteria for enrolling in Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy 

The list of eligible people or groups who contain the curfew card is the ones who are engaged in administration or cops responsibilities, fire, electricity or in water bureau, health employee, bank workers, medical division, patient demise case. 

Individuals employed in chores like farming, animal agribusiness, fisheries activity, loading and unloading of stock, farmsteads, necessary goods stores like the grocery store are also allowed to work through the curfew card.

How to register and fill up the application form of the Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy 

  • For getting registered, the applicant should visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy https://tnepass.tnega.org/.
  • From the homepage of the website, there would be a pop-up page on which all the necessary details should get filled up like the name of the user, the age, the citizenship, mobile number, email address, the reason for which they want a card, etc. After filling up these details the system would send the verification code to the mentioned mobile number through the message to continue. After stating that code on the website, a username and a password would be allotted to the applicant and after this, their username would get registered. 
  • For filling up the application form, the applicant needs to again visit the authorized website of Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy. From the cover page of the scheme, the user needs to log in through their registered username id and password. After logging in, the user can check up on the page and read out the eligibility criteria or guidelines.
  • To access the curfew card, the user should fill up the application form.
  • On the home page, on the top right corner, there would be an option with a symbol of three dots. From that option, the application form would get opened, and then it needs to be printed out from any nearby print shop for filling up the details. 
  • After filling up the details, the form should be scanned and then it can be submitted on the website or mail it on the authorized mail id of the scheme. 


1)Necessary documents should be also attached while submitting the form.

2) https://tnepass.tnega.org/ is the official website of the Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass Policy.

Crucial details which should be mentioned in the appeal form 

  • Details such as the name of the applicant, the mobile and email address of the individual, the state and district name, pin code of the area, age, citizenship of the state, the state they want to travel to and its pin code, the housing address and the reason about why they want to get the card issued. 
  • The applicant should also mention from which category they belong I.e the administration, personal, or the social group. 
  • Details regarding the police station designated to the applicant's residential area should be added.
  • The time interval for their journey should be quoted such as the day on which they wish to leave for another state and the date of the day they want to come back. 
  • The mode of transportation should be referred to such as the air, rail, or own vehicle. The proper details should add about the opted mode such as the ticket number or vehicle number.
  • The candidate needs to select the justification from the predefined list mentioned in the application form which would stand as clinical, administration obligation, assortment or appropriation of basic food items, other fundamental, marriage, memorial service, etc. 
  • If the travelers are more than one then the same set of information for the companion traveler should also be attached along with the initial traveler's details. 

Documents which should be attached for getting Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass issued 

Documents such as Aadhar card, identification proof certificate, passport size pictures, age eligibility card, citizenship card, the tickets if the mode of transportation is by air or rail, vehicle number if it's an own vehicle. 

Frequently asked questions related to Tamil Nadu Curfew E-Pass 

1 Q) What is the helpline number for the Tamil Nadu curfew e pass policy?

The helpline number for the Tamil Nadu curfew E-pass policy is stated as 9345168402 and an additional number if the previous number doesn't work out for the user stands as 1070. 

2 Q) How can an individual check his/her application status which was filled to get the Tamil Nadu curfew E-pass issued?

Any individual can check his/her application status which was filled to get the Tamil Nadu curfew E-pass issued by visiting the official website https://tnepass.tnega.org/. From here, the user needs to log in by using his/her username id and password.

From the homepage, on the top right corner, there would be the option for an application form.

By clicking that option, the user can check up and track the status of his/her application form. 

3 Q) What's the objective behind issuing Tamil Nadu curfew E-pass?

The objective behind issuing the Tamil Nadu curfew E-pass is to limit and control the rising covid cases by limiting the unnecessary motion. The card is only issued to the people whose movement is important thus urgent and cannot be ignored.