Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021 

Due to the global pandemic of coronavirus, the school and colleges went online for their teaching mode as per the safety of the students. The students stated their problem of not having access to an internet connection which was a barrier for attending online lectures. 

The Tamil Nadu government came up with the scheme of free data cards. This scheme states that the students would get access to the internet connection as the government would provide this facility to them. 

Benefits of Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021

  • The scheme was launched to help the students with their studies. 
  • This way the literacy rate won't go down but instead, the scale will rise higher as for the greed of getting a free internet connection.
  • The scheme has planned to cover and benefit ten lakh students by giving them data cards.
  • The impoverished students who couldn't afford the internet connection earlier can now get access to it through the scheme. 
  • This scheme indirectly promotes technology as having an internet connection contributes to a technologically advanced country.  

Features of Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021

  • This scheme was launched by the government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Its objective was to provide an internet connection to the students so that their studies won't get hindered as because of lockdown, there's an online mode through which studies get done throughout zoom meetings. 
  • In the scheme's guideline, it's declared that the internet data of 2 GB per day would be provided to the students. 
  • The scheme's validity was from January 2021 to April 2021, a student can get enrolled for the scheme between these months.
  • The students enlisted in government schools, government colleges, and scholarship-financed private universities would get the benefit of the Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021. 
  • So far, the scheme has covered up 9,69,047 students and has provided them with free internet data. 
  • The students who are willing to get their hands on this scheme's benefits can apply online on the official website of the scheme by filling out the application form. 
  • The scheme's procedures are monitored by the unrestricted electronic department of Tamil Nadu. 

Eligibility criteria for enrolling in Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021 

  • The pupil must be a stable citizen of the state of Tamil Nadu as this scheme is acceptable for this specific area only. 
  • Only students can avail the benefit of this scheme. 
  • If a youngster is not going to a school or college, then he would be exempt from availing the data card. 
  • The students applying for the scheme should belong to a government school or college to get the scheme's perks.
  • The students who are enrolled in Science universities, technological schools, colleges concerned with building design courses, and scholarship-financed private institutes can also apply for the Scheme as they're eligible to get the free data card. 
  • If a student already has a stable internet connection such as a Wi-Fi connection then such cases are not eligible for enlisting in the scheme.

The online registration process for enrolling in Tamil Nadu Free Data Entry Scheme 2021

  • For registering in the Tamil Nadu Free Data Entry scheme 2021 through the online mode, make sure that you're connected to the internet.
  • Then the applicant needs to visit the official website of the scheme. 
  • After clicking up on the official website of the scheme, there would be complete guidelines regarding the scheme's functioning and also the procedures would be stated regarding filling up the application form. 
  • After reading out and understanding the procedure and important guidelines of the scheme, the applicant can download the applicant form.
  • The application form would be available on the homepage of the website, on the homepage there would be a three dots option at the left top side of the screen. After clicking on those three dots, the applicant can get access to the application form. 
  • Then after downloading the application form, the applicant needs to go and get a printout of the form. 
  • After getting the form printed out, the applicant should jot down all the necessary details like his own name, age, name of the guardians, University/school's title, etc.
  • The applicant should also paste a recent passport size photograph on the application form. 
  • After filling up the details and pasting up the picture, the applicant can either mail their form's scanned photograph to the official mail id of the scheme, or the form can be submitted online on the website by pressing the "submit" button. 
  • While submitting the form, the applicant should not forget to attach the other necessary documents along with the application form. 

Offline mode of registration in the Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021

  • The offline mode of registration is less confusing and convenient, if the applicant doesn't have access to the internet then he can visit any nearby government department for filling up the application form.
  • In the department, the clerk would provide the application form to the applicant which needs to be filled with all the crucial details and handed in along with the necessary documents. 
  • After interviewing the application form, within a few days, the data card would get issued to the applicant if he gets selection as per the scheme's registration guidelines. 

Documents required for enrolling in Tamil Nadu Free Data Card 2021 

  • The students need to submit various crucial documents along with the application form for the registration. 
  • First, the student needs to submit the aadhar card. 
  • Second, the students need to submit the document which identifies their school or college. 
  • Third, the documents stating the present condition of their net usage or they need to prove that they don't already have an internet connection.  
  • Fourth, the documents regarding the permanent citizenship of the state Tamil Nadu.
  • Fifth, the documents regarding their age. 

Frequently asked questions related to Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021

Q) What is the objective of launching the Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021?

A) Due to the pandemic, the teaching mode shifted from offline mode to online mode, and because of this sudden shift many students weren't prepared to face situations like this.  

And out of the total, many of the students couldn't afford the internet package cost because of their income statement.

This obstacle had the potential to hamper the studies and slow down the scale of literacy. 

As Tamil Nadu already has a low literacy rate, the administration concluded to come up with a solution and support these students. 

The objective of the scheme was to provide free internet data to those who couldn't afford it so that they can continue with their studies. 

Q) For how many months would the scheme of Tamil Nadu Free Data Card work? 

A)  The Tamil Nadu Free Data Card scheme got available by January 2021 and continues till April 2021 for all the students who belong to the state of Tamil Nadu.   

Q) How many students have benefited so far under the scheme of Tamil Nadu Free Data Card and what is the scheme's plan for the coverage of students?

A)  9,69,047 students have been benefited under the scheme of Tamil Nadu Free Data Card and the scheme plans to benefit more than ten lakh students by providing them with the scheme's perks. 

Q) Which category of students can apply for the Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme 2021?

A) The students who are permanent residents of the state Tamil Nadu can apply for the scheme but they should belong to a government school or college.

This scheme also includes the students who are enrolled in private colleges with a scholarship reserve, science college, engineering university, technological schools, etc. If a student already has a stable internet connection then this scheme is not applicable for such situations. 

Q) How much data is allocated for every student under the Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme?

A) Every registered student gets internet data of 2 GB per day as per Tamil Nadu Free Data Card Scheme's guidelines.