UNNATI Scheme (UNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training by ISRO)


UNNATI, Unispace Nano-satellite assembly and the training programme inaugurated by Dr Jitendra Singh in Bengaluru. It is the capacity building programme on nanosatellite development. It gives opportunities to the participants from developing countries to increase their capabilities in assembling, integrating, and testing of nanosatellites. It is being conducted by UR Rao Satellite centre of ISRO for three years in three batches. It has a target to benefit 90 officials and 45 countries. The training has theoretical course work on nanosatellite definition, utility law controlling their impact on space debris, reliability & quality assurance, design drivers, integration, testing, and hands-on training on assembly. The 1st batch of the programme began on January 17, 2019, with 30 participants from 17 countries.   


  • It provides increased and simple exposure to satellite fabrication technologies as a part of the UNISPACE initiative.
  • To give a theoretical course on satellite technology
  • To give hands-on training to collect, integrate, and test a low cost, modular nanosatellite.
  • They are offering to develop the countries simplified and increased access to Satellite.

Achievements of UNNATI Programme

  • The UNNATI programme is set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their first united nation conference. The conference is held for the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space (UNISPACE+50).
  • As per the plan, UNNATI programme may conduct for three years in 3 batches and will target to benefit 90 officials from 45 countries. 

The ISRO UNNATI programme

As per UN guidelines, the outer space affairs (UNOOSA) efforts to offer the developing countries simplified and increased access to all the satellite technologies. As a part of the space initiative, India is suggesting conducting a capacity building programme for all the small satellites through the combination of all theoretical coursework for the Satellite. They are also preparing the training on assembly, integration, and testing. The United Nations had welcomed this concept and joined hands with India to work and to make the programme deliverable for UNISPACE. 

Being the lead part of the ISRO centre for satellite building, URSC has formulated the basic structure for the unnati programme. They are providing hands-on training for the Satellite to assemble and test a low-cost programme plus also look at modular nanosatellites. 

Eligibility Criteria

Engineering students can apply for the ISRO UNNATI programme; science graduated or most graduated students. Who wants to explore and learn about the space systems and management they can apply for UNNATI programme. In every country, they are allowed to participate in two members of a team which consist of one mechanical engineer and one electrical engineer. In case anyone desired candidate is not available, the other nominee must hold the physics background for participation.

The course language is in English; hence only interested candidates are required. UNNATI programme course will be conducted for the duration of a total of eight weeks. Only thirty participants will be selected for the single batch.

Registration for UNNATI Programme

Interested candidates can easily apply online for the programme. They can register their correct email address and name and the list of countries that are eligible for the UNNATI programme. Candidates need to fill their qualifications required for the particular course. All these details need to fill in the online registration of the course. The course language for the UNNATI programme is in English so; every desired candidate must know the English.

For UNNATI programmes interested participants can apply for June 1 to July 15 onwards. You can check the ISRO website for any details about the UNNATI programme before applying for the same. All details are mentioned as per the procedure of ISRO regarding the UNNATI programme. 

For further details and information regarding the UNNATI programme, you can visit the website of ISRO and quickly read all information about the line-up course and participation requirements for the UNNATI programme. You can also contact us for more inquiries regarding the UNNATI programme.

Official Website

Visit the official website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the UNNATI Programme and why is this plan being developed?

This plan is a capacity building programme on Nanosatellite development.

Q. When ISRO started this initiative?

This initiative was launched by ISRO to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations conference on the exploration as well as peaceful uses of outer space (UNISPACE-50).

Q. How many countries will be targeted under the UNNATI scheme?

UNNATI scheme will target to benefit officials of 45 countries.

Q. Under which organization this scheme is working?

This scheme is an initiative of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

Q. How many modules are under the programme?

There are three modules under the programme that are mentioned below:

Module 1: This module explains the basics of satellite technology and its applications (its Duration is two weeks). Under this module, the participants will be introduced to the topics related to satellite technology.

Module 2: Under this module Nanosatellite missions (Duration of this is two weeks) Nanosatellite as well as laws governing their impact on space debris 

Module 3: Hands-on training on nanosatellite meeting, integration, and testing (Duration of this is four weeks)