Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana {वन बंधु कल्याण योजना}

The Government of India has launched Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana along with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs aiming at creating and providing atmosphere for whoever is in need for the development of the tribal people. The vision of this process is to make sure that all the planned benefits and targets will reach the targeted audience by meeting resources via suitable institutional methods by the State Government. This scheme will cover all the people in tribal areas.

This scheme offers to take tribal residents of the country along with other social groups present and add them in complete progress of the nation as a whole. It obtains to raise good and perfect institutional programs that will support all the profit of all central and State schemes to get in touch with the residents targeted by meeting of resources. The government of India aims for universal development of tribal people through promotion in the infrastructural space and pause in human development index. 

The preliminary part of the scheme will target places having at least 33% tribal residents. Plus, the already present organizations that take out transfer of goods and services in the economy need to be supported further. The amount of the funds which are owned by the state governments must be properly used to create strong systems of accomplishment. And the scheme will be taken to endorse skill development and create employment to give suitable growth and civilized living to the tribal’s. This will also make sure to develop the life in the tribal places and they will be provided with quality education. There will be good and suitable employment for the people of the tribes living in those places while protecting their culture and heritage.


  • Civilizing the quality of life in tribal areas
  • Providing the quality of education
  • Qualitative support  for employment of tribal people
  • Bridging infrastructure gaps with focus on quality
  • Taking care of the tribal culture and heritage


  • The primary aim of the scheme is to provide qualitative employment for the people living in tribal areas for them to enjoy ease and quality of living life. The employment will grant them to civilize more and they will help in the development of the country along with others.
  • The people of these areas were not familiar with education and it will be provided to them now. Everyone will receive quality education and higher education as it is mandatory for them.
  • There will be acceleration in economic development as the people will be given chances of employment in the tribal areas.
  • The government will ensure there are enough resources for the good health of the tribal population by establishing enough health care centers.
  • The scheme also includes housing services for all the people living there.
  • There will be provisions made to provide the people with safe drinking water for everyone near their homes.
  • The scheme will also include irrigation facilities best suited according to the land available in those areas.
  • Construction of all-weather roads with connectivity to the nearby town and towns will also be provided in these areas.
  • Every person in those tribal areas will receive electricity supply in their houses.
  • This scheme will be helpful in all around urban development of the people living there.
  • Promotion and conservation of Tribal Cultural Heritage
  • There will be full pledge promotion of sports in tribal areas for the betterment of the kids and adults of the society.

 Proposed Strategies in the scheme

  • The first strategy which the VKY seeks to employ is to strengthen the institutions and mechanisms already in place. This will be done by addressing all the bottlenecks and issues at the administrative, technical and financial level. These institutions include Tribal Welfare departments as the top department, ITDA Integrated Tribal Development Agency, ITDP Integrated Tribal Development Projects etc. Also, the government has proposed to set up new institutions as time calls for.
  • Another primary focus of the scheme is to converge all the resources and activities which are centered on tribal welfare. Such convergence will add more synergy and help speeden progress of such areas.
  • Proper and streamlined planning in which outcomes can be measured and monitored. This will also depend on the assessments of Panchayati Raj institutions.
  • Monitoring the funds allocated for tribal welfare and ensuring that they reach the target areas and people for the designated schemes. This will in a way confirm that Tribal Sub-Plan components of various Centrally Sponsored Schemes and the State Plans reach the areas inhabited by tribal people. A Project Implementation Cell will also be set up at Central Government level with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Government will also seek services from various academic institutions, research organizations, and tribal research institutions for monitoring the implementation and progress of various tribal welfare schemes.
  • Convergence of scattered resources and activities being undertaken under various components.

List of 12 MFP Products under this Scheme

  • Tendu Leave
  • Bamboo
  • Mahuwa Seeds
  • Sal Leaf
  • Sal Seed
  • Lac
  • Chironjee
  • Wild Honey
  • Myrobalan
  • Tamarind
  • Gums (Gum Karaya) and
  • Karanji

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana?

This is a scheme launched by the Government of India along with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs which aims at development of the tribal people. 

Q. When was this scheme launched?

This scheme was launched in October 2014.

Q. Who launched this scheme?

Jual Oram of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs launched this scheme along with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

Q. What is the budget of this scheme?

The budget for Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana was INR 100 Crore.

Q. Is this for all the citizens?

No, it is for people living in the tribal areas of the country.

Q, Where can I learn more about this scheme?

You can learn more about this scheme on the scheme page on website.

Q. Is there any provision for employment?

Yes, the tribal people will be provided with the opportunity of employment for economic development of the tribes as well as the country’s.

Q. Is healthcare included under this scheme?

Yes, there are provisions for health care centers under this scheme.