Vivah Panjikaran Online


Marriage registration is one of the crucial tasks that complete the whole wedding. In India, it works as per the Hindu Marriage Act or the special marriage act where the couples get married irrespective of the religion they belong to. Besides the registration can also help the marriage of the pattern get a legal identity and get most of the problems solved if either of the spouses dies. With a marriage certificate, there are many official work-related issues as well that can get solved. Since a Marriage certificate is mandatory in India, today we shall be talking more about Vivah Panjikaran which all couples who get married should get post their marriage.

Know more about Vivah Panjikaran

The married couples after they are married should register themselves online. Marriage registration is offered by the government. Besides, the certificate is more like evidence of their marriage. It is every woman's right to get protection after marriage and for which marriage certificate can prove to be bliss. These days, it is obligatory for every Indian citizen to get a marriage certificate. Using it there are so many issues that can be solved such as domestic violence child marriage and even divorce. 

The couple must fill-up the Vivah Panjikaran Form to make sure the whole process of the application goes smoothly. In India, every Indian citizen must have marriage certificates. It can be obtained from the marriage registration which has its advances. The official website was launched by the government for the registration of marriage for every citizen. This registration can be done offline or online. Talking of which, there are some eligibility criteria, features and documentation associated.

Marriage certificate online application

To know the Vivah Panjikaran Application Status you must apply first for it. There is a process that you need to follow systemically. Now to apply for Vivah Panjikaran, you get two options. One is online and the other is offline. This would save ample of your money and time. The online solution is more preferred as the site is official and it can help you maintain better transparency as well. If you wish to go offline, you will have to visit the office and pay a certain fee for the marriage registration. Keep in mind that failing to register your marriage on time would make you pay a fine. This would be a penalty fee that would vary as per every state.

Purpose of marriage registration

The primary objective of Vivah Panjikaran is to let both the patterns have their rights well used especially women. In India, the problem of child marriage, domestic violence and eviction from the home are quite common. Considering such problems, Vivah Panjikaran seems to be a bliss. The Indian government has made it compulsory so that there will not be any kind of injustice happening any longer. This type of registration can be done using the official website which is well secured and professionally designed too.

Benefits and features of marriage registration

  • The rights of women can be protected through marriage certificates.

  • Citizens of every caste and religion must have a marriage certificate.

  • Marriage registration can be done offline and online

  • Child marriage can also be banned using marriage registration.

  • Failing to register on time, will make you pay the fine.

  • The marriage certificate can only be obtained by the partners if marriage registration is done

  • This registration has been made compulsory for all married couples.

  • Different documents can also be made through this certificate.

  • To get married registered, you must pay a fixed amount

  • If the husband dies, the wife gets all the rights through using a marriage certificate.

  • This certificate is also used for getting citizenship.

Essential Guidelines for Aadhaar Based Marriage Registration

  • You must fill up the application form in English and Hindi language

  • It is mandatory to fill the application form in both Hindi and English languages.

  • The identity proof of both parties is mandatory for marriage registration

  • The application form number and password will be available once the application form is completely secured. 

  • Upload a clear photocopy (format pdf, jpg) of identity, residence, age proof and affidavit of two witnesses.

  • Once you make the payment, take a printout of the "Payment Receipt" and keep it safe.

  • Enter the place and date of the marriage.

  • You must have the application number and password secure with you.

  • Once you secure the form, submit the registration fee online.

  • Once you pay the registration fee online, there will be a self-generation of the marriage registration certificate.

Eligibility for Vivah Panjikaran 2021

  • The applicant or the spouse must be a permanent resident of India.

  • If any of the bride or groom is divorced, then it is important to submit the divorce certificate to them.

  • Male applicants should not be less than 21 years of age and 18 years for females.

  • Marriage registration is mandatory within 1 month of marriage.

Important documents for getting the Vivah Panjikaran done

  • Age certificate of bride and groom

  • Residential certificate

  • Wedding photo

  • Complete information about two witnesses and

  • No Objection Certificate by Embassy in case of Marriage Abroad.

  • Aadhaar card of bride and groom

  • Wedding invitation card

  • Passport size photograph of the bride

  • Their certificate at the time of marriage.

How to apply for the Online marriage registration

  • You must visit the official website

  • On the homepage, click on the option of Apply Now 

  • Another registration form shall open in front 

  • Enter all the crucial details asked in this registration form such as your name, mobile number, email id etc. 

  • Upload the documents asked in the form.

  • Recheck if all details are entered correctly and then click on submit option

Know more about Vivah Panjikaran application based Aadhaar

In Uttar Pardesh there is also Aadhar based Vivah Panjikaran that can be done online. For this, you must visit the official website where you can see the section of the Stamp and Registration Department. For this wife and husband both need to have the Aadhar linked with the same mobile number. This has been passed as per the Aadhar act 2016 where the Aadhar number and details will be given consent to be used in the marriage registration by UIDAI certification.

  • The use of the Structure Hindi Typing Tool should be made to fill the application form in Hindi.

  • Both parties should have identity proof with them for marriage registration

  • The Aadhar number should be linked with the mobile number so that once the OTP comes, the verification process can be done quickly

  • The marriage place and date of marriage should be filled uprightly

  • The password and number of the application form should be written rightly. The couple needs to secure the application number and password secure.


Vivah Panjikaran is done as per the bill passed by Parliament in the year 2005. The bill is drafted by the National Commission for Women keeping the benefits of the women in mind. This bill consists of two objectives. The first one is to stop child marriage while the other one shall give the wife the rights that are he deserves after her spouse dies. This means, if the marriage is done post-2005 year, then it ash to be registered compulsorily. These marriages will not have any kind of late fees at all. Couples need to have such registration done keeping their legal future less complex.

Question and Answers

What is the Vivah Panjikaran’s Registration period?

As per the bill, it is important to register for marriage less than 30 days after the marriage date. If the person did not register for the marriage in the period then there is a high risk of a penalty of Rs.500 which can be then charged for the delay and every day the delay will cost more. The late fee will get charged with 2 rupees additional.

If I want to apply for the marriage registration offline, is there any way?

  • For this, you need to visit the Sub Registrar's office.

  • Get the marriage registration form from there.

  • Enter all the important details that are asked in this form like your name, email id, mobile number etc.

  • Make sure you check these details carefully and then attach all the important documents.

  • Submit this form to the Sub Registrar's office.

  • Upon submission, you will get a reference number which you can use to check your registration status.

Why is a marriage certificate required?

This type of certificate is important for the married couple because it works like a crucial document that can keep their relationship legally accepted. A marriage of the person without registration will not be considered valid.

What are the advantages which a citizen can get through a UP marriage certificate?

Citizens get the advantages of all the government schemes and other services types that the government of India offers under the UP-marriage certificate. The person can use such a certificate as a valid document.