Why it is So Hard to Outwit the TS E-Challan System

Telangana State (TS) is known for a large number of road accidents in India, being the eighth-worst state in terms of road safety at present. The rising frequency of traffic violations and inadequate traffic management has been a matter of concern for the State traffic police. The government has imposed stringent rules and hefty penalties as per the New Motor Vehicle of 2019, which can be received in the form of a TS E-challan.

All About the TS E-challan

Hyderabad Traffic Police has recently been recognized as the most efficient traffic police in India, but not too many people are aware of this fact. This high standard is being preserved through the use of high-quality cameras deployed to check the implementation of traffic regulations across the city. Such cameras help nab the person at fault and when this person is captured, the police issue an e-challan in the name of the registered owner of the car. It is this owner who is really responsible for paying the fine within the time frame given on the ticket.  

No Need to Stand in Queues

The integrated challan system was introduced by the Telangana State Police to make it easier for people to pay fines. Those who must pay a fee no longer need to wait in long lines at e-Seva centres, which is also helpful from the Covid perspective. Traffic officers can pay by swiping a card because they have Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) equipment. The violator can pay the Telangana police e-challan on the spot using a credit or debit card, cash, or online wallet. The offender is given a formal receipt once the fine is received.

Main Features of E-Challan through TS

  1. The PDA has a real-time connection to the main TS police e challan server
  2. Upgrades have continuously been made to servers and computer system.
  3. Challans are issued on the moment, even during server failures
  4. PDAs and e challan software are customized to meet the needs of the users   
  5. On-screen Keypad for Evening Enforcement
  6. Only 15 MBPS is necessary for the traffic police station to contact the Telangana state police e-challan server

12-Point Penalty System

Under this system introduced by the Telangana government, a person's driving license is suspended for at least a year if he/she accumulates more than 12 penalty points in two years. The government may suspend or cancel a person's driver's licence for up to two years if they commit numerous traffic infractions. Similarly, a learner's license holder who has accrued more than five penalty points in the last two years cannot apply for a permanent license.

The points are issued as follows:


Penalty Points

Without helmet/seat belt


Rash driving or deliberately driving on wrong route


Driving with hazardous substances or without insurance


Parking on Highways


Driving without PUC


Drunk Driving (2 Wheelers)


Bike/Car Race


Drunk Driving (4 Wheelers)


Committing a crime like chain snatching while driving


Cases  filed under 304 (A), 304 (II)


Cases filed under IPC Sections 279, 336, 337, and 338