Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme


India is one such country where the struggle for women's empowerment is still going on. The trouble comes especially when it is the fight about marriage, education, and the right to live. Considering these common issues the government has come up with the betterment of those Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls who have no one to look after and are quite reliable too. The scheme is called the Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls Marriage for which the Delhi government has even revised the income criteria. It thus offers the best possible financial assistance for the orphan girl's marriage and even daughters of those poor windows while making the better earnings of around 1 lakh eligible for the benefits.

Those candidates who wish to choose the Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme Apply solution must go through the official notification and understand the eligibility criteria and application process that has been set. This way, it is possible to save more time and be careful about the actions that need to be taken.

Know more about the Delhi Widow’s Daughter Marriage Yojana

The process to Widow’s Daughter Marriage Scheme Apply is quite simple. But it is important to understand what this scheme is all about. The Government of Delhi has decided to amend the income criteria for those widow’s daughters who are quite poor already and the orphan girls who are dependent. The amended eligibility criteria are now relevant for the financial assistance of the marriage of the daughter for the poor widows and even the orphan girl scheme in Delhi.

In this scheme, the Delhi Government along with the Department of Women and Child Development (WCD is coming up with different financial assistance schemes of The Delhi and Indian government for the advantages of different sections using the financial assistance. The Department of Women and Child Development run two schemes of financial assistance for the benefit of widows/women in distress:

  • Widow’s Daughter Marriage (WDM)

  • Delhi Pension Scheme to Women in Distress (Widow Pension)

Objectives of Delhi Poor Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme 2021

The primary focus of the scheme is to offer financial assistance of Rs. 30,000 to the poor widows for performing a marriage of their daughters. This financial aid shall let them bear the expenses involved in solemnizing the marriage of their daughters and to orphan girls for their marriage.

How to Apply Online Delhi Poor Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme Application Form 2021

The process of Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme application is quite simple. However, there is a process that needs to be followed. If the stepwise process is followed then it would be quite more beneficial since it saves a lot of trouble and time too. This includes:

  • Visit the department office of the Department of Women and Child Welfare https://wcd.nic.in/.

  • Take the application form from there.

  • Fill the all required information carefully

  • Attach the all-necessary documents with the application form.

  • Finally, this form should be submitted to the Department of Women and Child Welfare District Office at least 60 days before marriage.

Required Document for Widow Daughter Marriage Scheme Delhi

Some crucial documents need to be submitted on time so that there is no further delay taking place. Talking of which some of the important documents are:

  • A copy of the date of birth certificate of the girl child

  • Death Certificate of husband

  • All documents to be attested

  • A copy of ration card or voter identity card

  • Any other document as proof of residence

  • A recommended by area MLA/MP or Gazetted officer of State /Central Govt

  • A self–declaration by the applicant regarding his/her income.

  • Marriage Invitation Card or Marriage Certificate.

Widow Daughter Marriage Scheme Delhi Eligibility Criteria

Some beneficiary guidelines need to be followed rightly so that while applying, it does not get rejected. This includes:

  • The daughter’s age should not be less than 18 years

  • The applicant must be a bonafide resident of the National Capital Territory of Delhi for at least five years

  • The annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 60,000/-

Major Benefits of girl marriage scheme in Delhi

There are some of the best advantages of such a scheme which can be availed in a much better manner. This includes:

  • The annual income has been increased from RS. 60000 to Rs. 100000 to avail of this scheme.

  • All citizens of Delhi can avail of this scheme.

  • Financial assistance of RS. 30000 will be provided by the government under the Delhi Poor Widow Daughter and Orphan Girl Child Scheme at the time of marriage.

  • Previously the cap was 60,000. But now the deli government has revised the income criterion to provide financial assistance for the marriage of orphan girls and daughters of poor widows, making those earning up to Rs 1 lakh eligible for the benefit.

  • Nearly 3,000 widows were benefiting from such a scheme and now the number will go up to 4,000 a year.

  • While filling the form, applicants must give an undertaking about their yearly income.

  • Beneficiaries have to apply under the ‘Financial Assistance for the Marriage of Daughters of Poor Widows and Orphans’ scheme to receive the amount.

Key Features of financial assistance for the marriage of widow daughters

  • In this scheme, there is financial assistance of Rs 30000 that the Delhi government shall offer for the daughters’ marriages

  • This financial support shall be given for the daughter marriage especially for those who belong to the economically weaker section of the society, scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, other backward classes, minority classes, etc

  • Under Delhi Balika Vivah Yojana, financial assistance of ₹ 30000 will be provided by the Delhi Government for the marriage of daughters.

  • To avail the benefits of the scheme, the application form needs to be submitted 60 days before the wedding to the Department of Women and Child Development’s District Office.

Delhi Poor Widow’s Daughter & Orphan Girls Marriage Scheme 2021 Application Form offers the best possible financial assistance to more than 3000 widows and orphan girls every year. As per the Delhi government, there has already been an income revision being done from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1 lakh to offer the pension to women in distress.


Delhi government has recently announced with regards to the financial assistance marriage scheme. In this scheme, the government focuses on providing the financial incentive for the poor widow daughter or orphan girls marriage. To avail the advantages under the Delhi for widow daughter marriage scheme some processes need to be followed. Certainly, it is one fine initiative that the Delhi government has taken, At least along with women empowerment, it shall lead to equality in the society and thus lead to better growth in the country to a great extent.

Question and Answers

How to apply for Delhi Vidhwa Daughter Marriage Scheme Application Form 2021 Offline?

To apply for the Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Scheme through the offline mode, you need to follow some important steps such as:

  • Visit the nearby Citizen Service Centre (CSC)

  • Get the Delhi, Widow, Daughter Marriage Scheme & Delhi Orphan Girl Marriage Application form.

  • Fill the application form

  • Submit all the necessary documents on the counter.

  • The application form will be forwarded to the prescribed authority for confirmation.

  • After confirmation, the pension amount will be issued to the candidate within the specified time.

What is the online Delhi Orphan Girl Marriage Application Form 2021 Process?

In case you don’t wish to visit the CSC then you can follow the steps given below for the online application. This includes:

  • Visit the scheme's official website https://wcd.nic.in/.

  • Click on the new user registration option available on the homepage.

  • The registration form will be presented on your screen.

  • Fill in all the details.

  • Click on submit.

  • A username and password will be assigned to You.

  • Log in through your credentials.

  • You can able to login directly by clicking on the link given here

  • You’ll be redirected to a fresh i.e, new web page.

  • Click on the services tab available on the homepage.

  • Further, click on the Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Scheme & Delhi Orphan Girl Marriage Application form option.

  • The application form will then be available on your screen.

  • Fill in your details.

  • Upload the documents.

  • Click on submit.

Who has been handling this scheme?

This scheme for Delhi Poor Widow’s Daughter was transferred from the Department of Welfare of SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minority to the Social Welfare Department. Currently, it is under the implementation by the Department of Women & Child Development GNCTD.