Bitconnect Price

  • As of 2nd October 2021, Bitconnect price is $0.67 according to CoinMarketCap. 
  • BitConnect is a bitcoin trading site, as well as a cryptocurrency and lending platform. BitConnect, founded in 2016 by Satish Kumbhani, launched BitConnect Coin (BCC), a digital currency that could be exchanged for bitcoin.
  •  BitConnect had a system of tiered accounts in which bitcoin deposits were frozen for 120 to 299 days. One might buy BCC with the deposited bitcoin and lend it out again, collecting daily interest. The more bitcoin one deposited, the higher the tier, which meant a shorter lock-up period and higher interest rates.


  • BitConnect is a platform that allows people to lend bitcoins. When compared to the bitcoin platform, it has a faster transaction rate. This was because the encryption utilised, Scrypt, was faster than bitcoin. People invested in BitConnect because they thought it was a good investment. The BitConnect platform's cryptocurrency, for example, maybe bought and traded just like any other cryptocurrency. 
  • As with all cryptocurrencies, the user could earn based on the prices at which it was acquired and sold. But this is when things become a little murky. BitConnect offered a part of the currency's income to anyone who held more than $100 worth of BitConnect's currency.

BitConnect coin price

  • The BitConnect platform's cryptocurrency is known as BitConnect Coin (BCC). It's free and open source. It is community-driven peer-to-peer money. This, too, is decentralised, as are all cryptocurrencies. 
  • This currency was marketed as an investment that was not governed by any government, and the most appealing aspect was that it would earn interest. This was unusual because the majority of cryptocurrencies do not pay interest on their investments. 
  • To generate a profit or return on investment, users instead rely on day-to-day trading prices. The total quantity of BitConnect Coins accessible will be limited to 28 million.

Bitconnect controversy

  • BitConnect has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme and a con, promising a “too good to be true” 1 percent daily return on investment.
  • The Texas State Securities Board issued an emergency cease and desist order against BitConnect on January 3, 2018, alleging that the company is purposefully omitting to disclose financial information regarding how it plans to reimburse customers who have invested in BitConnect-QT wallet coins. They're also accused of making false and fraudulent representations by failing to disclose the risks associated with cryptocurrency investment.
  • BitConnect has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme and a con, promising a “too good to be true” 1 percent daily return on investment.
  • The UK government issued BitConnect a notice on November 7, 2017, stating that it has two months to prove its authenticity or face being dissolved and having all of its assets confiscated.
  • The Texas Securities Board's notice was followed a week later by another cease and desist letter, this time from the North Carolina Securities Division.
  • BitConnect was accused of running a possibly fraudulent operation in both files, with the corporation being accused of several violations. However, the North Carolina letter also implied that the BitConnect promoters – who had amassed hundreds of dollars in profits – were breaking the law as well.
  • Shortly after hearing this, the platform's once-dedicated promoters began to distance themselves from it, stating that they had never endorsed it in the first place. Some of them went on to delete their YouTube channels entirely, while others simply switched to promoting other cryptocurrencies.
  • Meanwhile, BitConnect had devised a novel method of diverting users' attention away from the barrage of "bad press" it was receiving.
  • The corporation had started its news section, maybe as a way to boost its SEO image. However, the platform's content output was consistent enough for Google to identify it as a "legitimate" news source, placing it among other respectable media in a dedicated news carousel on Search.
  • This may appear to be a little adjustment, but the result was far from benign.
  • Anyone Googling BitConnect would be faced with news snippets provided by BitConnect itself now that the company has a steady stream of information. What was particularly troubling was that actual news stories had become buried beneath a mountain of worthless garbage.
  • Following a string of server outages, the firm announced that it was closing down its loan and exchange platform on 16th January 2018. Above all else, it blamed its collapse on "bad press." It did accept, however, that legal issues and ongoing DDoS attacks played a factor in the decision.
  • BCC dropped almost instantly in the aftermath of the revelation, plummeting to under $30 – a massive 96-percent drop in value.
  • While the Bitcoin investment platform is no longer operational, it has spawned a plethora of knockoffs, including EthConnect (based on Ethereum), XRPConnect (based on Ripple), and NEOConnect (based on NEO) (based on NEO). 
  • It's also worth noting that the BitConnect X ICO is still active.

Frequently asked questions

Is bitconnect still working?

On 16th January 2018, Bitconnect announced the closure of its lending and crypto exchange platform.

What is bitconnect wallet?

The BitConnect Coin Wallet is BitConnect Coin's own wallet. This wallet must be installed on the user's computer. The wallet can then be used to store the coins after it has been set up. One thing to keep in mind is that the user will have to wait for the blockchain to be downloaded before using the wallet. The wallet is compatible with both the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

What is bitconnect mining?

The BitConnect Coin Wallet must be installed on the user's machine before mining the BitConnect Coin. The coin can then be mined using either a CPU or a GPU. This coin does not require the use of a particular mining instrument. When compared to Bitcoin mining, the mining method is more energy efficient. The mining process involves two major concepts: proof of work and proof of stake.

What is the difference between bitconnet and bitconnect coin?

  • BitConnect and BitConnect Coin (BCC) are two sides of the same coin. BitConnect aspires to be a Bitcoin lending platform, with BCC as the platform's value token.
  • Proof-of-Stake is used in conjunction with Proof-of-Work.
  • Since its creation, mining (also known as Proof-of-Work) has been an integral part of the Bitcoin network. Miners earn crypto coins by putting their computers to work validating transactions on the blockchain.
  • Proof-of-Stake is a system in which the cryptocurrency platform pays you more coins if you hold them for a certain amount of time. Users owning coins, as weird as it may sound, is critical for any cryptocurrency. When investors observe people buying a cryptocurrency and then retaining and using the coins they bought, they gain confidence in the platform, which increases the value of the coin.