Employment Exchange


Employment Exchange is an office of the central or even state government that helps in collecting and furnishing the details with the prospective employers that shows available job seekers and even vacancies and ensures the job seeker gets the right job and that too best for the industry to get the right manpower. State employment exchange is popularly referred to as the Central Employment Exchange which is established by the Government of India. There are also others set up by the state government which is known as the Local employment exchange. 

  • Those people who have been planning to engage employees

  • Those people who are looking for job opportunities

  • It offers vacancies to those people who are seeking employment and get hired.

  • The job seeker usually must register themselves with the employment exchange and get a notification soon after the vacancy matches with their desired profile.

The primary activity of such employment exchange registration solutions is the registration and placement of the job seeker. It also to a great extent helps in providing career counseling and be vocational guidance especially for the underprivileged areas of the society. It collects all the ended information of the employment market so that accordingly right steps be taken. There are some state governments who even organize the in-employment disbursement to allow certain categories of job seekers out of their self-resources using the employment exchange that has already registered with them.

Register with Employment Exchange

This is one kind of organization that offers employment guidance depending on the experience and qualification. The employment departments in different states of India let the unemployed educated youth staying in certain states to even pre-register for impending vacancies of the job that occur in different state sectors. The employment exchange office near me is also renamed as the employment guidance and even the promotion center. The focus is more on the vocational guidance and even counseling for the career other than submission, registration, and placement too,

Employment exchange online registration becomes convenient for the employers to even post their vacancies with the employment exchange and select from the best of the registered candidates as per the needs. The establishments in the private sector that employ between 10 to 24 persons are also brought under the purview of the active employment exchanges act 1959 for the purpose of returns submission. employment exchange renewal is more likely to result in quite a realistic situation of the employment in the sector that is more organized.

The employer is even being mandated for furnishing the data that is associated with the selection result against the vacancies stated within 30 days from the selection date and to make the data of the registration rational as well. The employee and employer definition are being board based for including the contract labor who have experience of working for more than 240 days in a year.

Benefits that you need to know

  • The job seekers can look for the right jobs depending on the qualification using employment exchange login

  • The employment card online registration is for job seekers who are registered can even check the job status on the waiting list online for the job

  • There shall also be the unique registration number given by the team of employment exchange which can be used as a reference when you apply for the government job

  • When there are any government vacancies through the online renewal of employment exchange cards announced, there are lists of registered members with the right educational profile that are then forwarded to certain employers.

  • The candidate gets sponsored for the notified vacancies as per his qualification

  • The candidate becomes the live data registration part in employment exchange

  • The candidate gets eligible for self-employment career guidance.

Online Registration Process

  • In order to avail all the above benefits shared, it is important that the person gets the right application process done. This includes:

  • The first step is to visit the state employment exchange website for the registration online

  • In case you are not a registered member then you must register for creating the account

  • Log in further to the website of the state employment exchanges using the credential’s

  • Choose the name of the districts, in some cases of certain states the district details and native state are also asked.

  • Fill up the profile form of employment exchange registration renewal Once the form is submitted you shall get the acknowledgment that states the registration date, number, and even employment exchange which is created.

  • You can take the print of this acknowledgment and then keep it for future reference.

Documents that required

You need to show all the documents that offer education support, caste, experience, sports, and even widow and ex-servicemen can apply for the employment exchange which is mentioned within 15 days from the registration date.

  • Voter ID Card

  • Ration Card.

  • Certificate from Municipal Councillor/Sarpanch.

  • Certificate of Education in the State.

  • Letter from a gazetted officer or school head.

  • Domicile Certificate.

  • Proof of job in the State of either of the parents.

  • Certificate issued by an MLA/MP.

Post this, the employment exchange shall also issue the registration card that gives your registration no along with the renewal date of the registration.


In order to get the offline registration, users need to visit the closest employment exchange with all updated qualification documents and even the certificate of experience. You need to visit the closest employment exchange office within your area of residence and fill up the detailed application form. Make sure the photocopies are attested for all the updated education and even the experience-related certificate along with the resume, Experience Certificate, if you have, Voter’s Identity Card, and Caste Certificate (optional) and photographs.

Questions and answers

What is the role of employment exchange?

It refers to the office of the state or central government that collects the information and even furnishes the respective employers with available job seekers, vacancies and this facilitates the job seeker to get the job best suitable for the industry to find the right manpower.

What is the benefit of an employment card?

Talking of some primary advantages of employment exchange online registration form when applying with employment exchange card applicants get information about the job posting and even openings that are made using the employment exchange. The applicants are also offered permanent jobs as per the list depending on the line of work, qualification, and experience.