Gold Schemes by Jewelers: All you need to know

Gold is an irresistible asset to a large proportion of Indian women. In India, no wedding is worth memorizing if there isn’t enough gold on the bride’s attire. Since time immemorial, Gold has contributed a lot to the cultural ethos of many countries, especially India. To transform dreams into reality, Tanishq, a subsidiary of Tata provides financial aid to purchase gold. Jewelry crafted by Tanishq’s designer has world-class design crafted on it. Moreover, several gold schemes are available to help you purchase. So, these gold schemes by Jewelers might be the ones you’re searching for. 

Some Gold Schemes by Jewelers

1.Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme 

The logo of Tanishq Jewellers emerges in everyone's mind on thinking about gold. Tanishq is known for excellence in delivering world-class product quality and impressive customer service. Its rich and unique jewelry designs leave everyone mesmerized with their jaws wide open. To provide some financial relief to its customers, Tanishq launched the Tanishq golden harvest scheme. The golden harvest scheme allows users to make a deposit every month. Individuals can use the deposited money to purchase jewelry at subsidized rates. 

The Tanishq Golden harvest payment can be made in different ways. For the sake of convenience, users can make Tanishq Golden harvest online payments. To get a discount on the purchase, customers can set aside money and purchase at a later date. There is no Tanishq monthly scheme, but it has a 10 and 6-month scheme. 

Benefits of availing of this scheme: 

  • Members of the Golden harvest scheme can follow their financial strategies

  • Members can choose the deposit amount at their convenience. 

  • Members of the Tanishq golden harvest scheme can claim a discount of up to 75% on their purchase. 

2.Bhima Gold Scheme 

If you want to make your financial plan safe from gold price hikes, the Bhima gold scheme is the one for you. It allows Indian citizens to invest a sum of money to avail the benefits of the scheme. By eliminating the risk of storing physical gold, the Bhima gold scheme ensures utmost security. This scheme is highly advantageous to individuals seeking to purchase gold after a longer period. By purchasing gold at current market rates and depositing the amount, individuals are free from market risks. Depending upon the deposit amount, members of this scheme can purchase jewelry with the plan. 

Benefits of availing of this scheme: 

  • Members of the scheme secure them from market risks. 

  • The amount will be credited in each account in terms of 22 carat gold of the deposited value

  • Individuals can choose their deposit amount in the multiples of INR 250, where INR 250 is the starting value. 

  • Members of the scheme can claim bonuses after six months of the first payment. 

3.Tanishq Swarnanidhi Scheme 

Unlike the above two, the Swarnanidhi scheme is a gold booking scheme where individuals can entitle themselves to book grams of gold. Among the gold schemes by Jewelers, the Tanishq Swarnanidhi scheme is the most practical way to purchase gold. Individuals have to book gold by making one or multiple deposits every month for 8 months. Then, the deposited amount gets converted into gold grams based on the current rate. At the end of 8 months, individuals can use the total amount to purchase jewelry at the present rate. 

For instance, you booked a sum of two hundred grams during the entire term of the scheme. If the rate of gold at the time of redemption was INR 3,000 per gram, you can buy gold worth INR 6,00,000. 

Benefits of availing of this scheme: 

  • Individuals can buy a huge amount of gold by saving money. 

  • Individuals can make unlimited installments during the term of the scheme. 

  • The price to the gold conversion will be done on a monthly basis that allows the individual to plan for further installments. 

4.GRT Golden Eleven 

The GRT Golden eleven Gold Saving Scheme is made for everyone wishing to purchase gold in the future. To be a member of the scheme, you have to buy the plan from the GRT Golden Eleven. The monthly deposit amount is fixed and does not vary. However, certain applicable taxes like GST will be borne by the authorities. If you discontinue your membership on this plan after 7 months, you won’t be entitled to further purchases. The company allows individuals to make GRT gold scheme online payment as well as through Cheques and demand drafts. The total deposited amount will be refunded to individuals who wish to cancel their membership after the 12th month. 

Benefits of availing of this scheme: 

  • Individuals can make the advance monthly deposit starting from INR 500. 

  • After the final month’s payment, members of the scheme can purchase their favorite piece of gold jewelry. 

  • Members of this scheme can choose a gold weight or market value as the redemption procedure.


The art of purchasing gold is rooted deep in Indian culture. The urge of buying gold isn’t just limited to brides and grooms. People invest in gold thinking about the future ahead. Nowadays, gold purchasers have more reliable options in hand than before. Before opting for any scheme, an individual must read the terms and conditions carefully. 


Which Gold Scheme eliminates market risks? 

The Bhima Gold Scheme might keep you safe from market risks. 

Which Gold Scheme should I purchase?

You must purchase the Gold Scheme whose terms and conditions resonate with your requirements. 

Are Gold Schemes any good? 

Yes, gold schemes provide huge financial support to the individuals seeking to purchase. These schemes are flexible and easy to understand.

Should I select value-based to weight-based redemption? 

Since both are interrelated, choosing any one of these two doesn’t make any difference. Many Indians choose weight-based redemption. 

Can I book an appointment to discuss the scheme? 

Yes, you can consult the professional authorities anytime to discuss the scheme. Read all the terms and conditions, and paper-related documents slowly and carefully.