What is krishi Udan Scheme?

Union Government in its budget 2020-21 announced that the Aviation Ministry will launch Krishi Udan Scheme. This scheme will facilitate the transportation of agro products to the North-Eastern parts of the country. The first domestic flight...

published on Mar 19, 2021

Gold Schemes by Jewelers: All you need to know

Gold is an irresistible asset to a large proportion of Indian women. In India, no wedding is worth memorizing if there isn’t enough gold on the bride’s attire. Since time immemorial, Gold has contributed a lot to the cultural ethos of many...

published on Mar 17, 2021

Deepam Scheme {దీపం పథకం}

Overview Switching to LPG entirely for households' energy needs can quickly lower the exposure of indoor air pollution. However, there are numerous reasons people don't use LPG, and the main reason is the higher cost than other alternatives...

published on Jun 24, 2020