What is krishi Udan Scheme?

Union Government in its budget 2020-21 announced that the Aviation Ministry will launch Krishi Udan Scheme. This scheme will facilitate the transportation of agro products to the North-Eastern parts of the country.

The first domestic flight carrying 5800 kgs of cargo took off from Kolkata to reach Lengpui Airport In Mizoram. The Aviation Ministry says that it is for the benefit of the farmers. Now farmers can get good value for their productions in other states too.

No AAI flights covered the North eastern region. This initiative of the Indian Government ensures that even the North eastern regions have a supply of agro products. Organic food products have a much higher value in other states. 

The Krishi Udan Scheme is giving an opportunity to the farmers to sell their products in other states where there is abundant demand. This will in turn help to increase the farmers' income and strengthen the nation's economy.

The fruits, vegetables, and crops that have less shelf life along with milk, eggs, and meat will be transported in much less time through air routes.

Krishi udan Scheme online registration process

The Krishi Udan Scheme will not only benefit the farmers to transport their goods in other states but also internationally. To get the advantage of this scheme,  the farmers have to first register online.

To register for the Krishi Udan Scheme follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • On the home page, you will find an option "Apply Online"

  • Click on Apply online 

  • On the next screen, you will find a registration form.

  • You have to fill in all the details asked in the form and upload the required documents. 

  • After filling in all the details, click on the Submit button.

  • Your application form is now successfully submitted.

Indian government has started the facility of Kisan Call Center. You can call on 1800 180 1551 in case you face any difficulty filling the online registration form.

Required documents for krishi udan Scheme

You will be asked to scan and upload some important documents when registering online for Krishi Udan Scheme. Make sure that the scanned images of the documents are clear. 

Here is the list of documents required for registering for the Krishi Udan Scheme.

  • Aadhar Card.

  • Farming related documents.

  • Residence certificate.

  • Income certificate.

  • Ration card.

  • Mobile number.

Eligibility criteria for krishi udan scheme

The minimum eligibility criteria to register for the Krishi Udan scheme are:

  • He/she must be a citizen of India

  • He/she must be a farmer in India

What are the major benefits of the scheme?

The benefits of Krishi Udan Yojana are:

  • Farmers' crops can be delivered on time to markets.

  • Farmers would be able to earn a decent living from their products as a result of this.

  • The country's crop will be flown out of the country under this scheme.

  • Under the Krishi Udyan Yojana, selected central and state governments will offer financial incentives to selected airlines in return for concessions from airport operators.

  • Under this programme, at least half of the seats on the flights would be offered at discounted prices, and the participating airlines would receive viability gap funding (VGF).

  • It would be able to transport perishable items in refrigerated compartments. Under a Public-Private Partnership, special farmer trains are planned to be operated (PPP).


Krishi Udan Scheme will bring a great transformation in the lives of farmers in India. This initiative will change the old system of marketing and transportation of perishable items as well as other crops. 

In 2016 the Modi govt launched the Udan scheme to improve the connectivity of states.

Questions & answers

Will there be seats available on krishi udan flights?

Yes, there will be an arrangement of 20 sitting seats on the flights. These will be available on some concession for certain states.

Where can I register for the Krishi udan scheme?

You can register online for the Krishi Udan Scheme from the official website link of Krishi Udan Yojana Ministry of Agriculture. Follow this link to register online - http://agriculture.gov.in/

When was the krishi udan scheme launched?

The Krishi Udan Scheme was launched on 1st Feb 2020 for the benefit of NE states.