Highest paying jobs in India


We are living in a world where there are so many career opportunities coming up that along with choices even competition has increased. If you wish to have a good career that would be a rewarding one and a job that pays you well then you probably should look for some of the best career jobs in India. Money of course motivates us to work and when it comes to selecting a good path for a career, you may wonder which one to choose. That is why listed are some of the highest paying jobs in India that surely would give your career good pay and can help you even decide what can be done next.

Key Takeaways

  • There are some of the companies paying the highest salary in India in sectors like the data industry, healthcare, BFSI, and marketing

  • The average pay range of most of such jobs in such sectors can range between Rs. 7 – 15 LPA, while the highest possible range of payout can be Rs. 20 – 40 LPA.

  • There are also modern jobs like machine learning, data sciences, and many more that have now replaced the traditional jobs 

Highest paying jobs in India

Before we move on to understand the highest paying jobs in India, it is important to even understand that salary in every career field may vary. The specification of salary can vary as per the career job that you choose, economy, and similar influencing factors. Besides getting in the field that pays you well, you must be quite good at your task and have all the important skills that would help you thrive in that field.

  • Merchant Navy Jobs

This is another interesting job that has been grabbing the attention of many youths. This is a field that is known to offer great pay and a good reputation. The only problem with the merchant navy field is that they only recruit no one but the best. In this field, the officer-level post is given quite great pay. Other posts such as marine engineer, navigation officer, and even captain are paid high jobs as well. However, to make a career in this field, it is important to go for the maritime course related to it. Suppose if you wish to be a marine engineer then you must pursue your career in B.E or B.Tech.

  • Lecturer

The demand for teachers has been from traditional times but the pay for them has now increased. They are the core people responsible for building the nation. They train and even teach students while there are so many school teachers who are still not paid. However, the case of teachers plies their trade-in colleges that offer professional courses is different. The college lecturers are paid quite well and treated with respect as well. We cannot deny the fact that the education sector has been blooming quite a lot over some time. Besides the emergence of new colleges comes the demand for professional courses and thus increases the requirement for talented teaching experts too.

  • Management Experts

Those who wish to opt for business and management-based courses and have been working in similar administrative and managerial roles are called management experts. Some of the popular business and management courses are MBA, BBA, and even BMS. But the earning of such a career-based field entirely depends on different factors such as the course pursued, area of specialization, and even the institute usually from where the course has been coursed. HR management, media management, finance, and taxation management are quite considered to be lucrative.

  • Medical Professional

Doctors in India surely get paid quite well. Since India is rich in population, this increases the chances of health issues as well. In India, the number of doctors in ratio if we take for every 1000 patients is quite less. This of course is a matter of concern and that doctors who are practicing in India have very stable patient flow. You can consider a career as a medical professional that could be a dentist, doctor, BHMS doctor, and even psychotherapists to name some. It is not just the MBBS degree that is enough for you to begin because if you have some specialty course, you are in demand.

  • Engineers

Talking about engineers well in India the demand for this career is at the peak. It is quite a saturated field where there are ample branches to make choices. But no doubt that every branch candidate gets paid well. Those who graduate from IIT and NIT are one of those people who get prominent jobs in a known company with high jobs. Those who are from good engineering branches are also valued such as chemical engineering and petroleum engineering to name some. Candidates who make a career in IT and computer science are paid quite a lot.

  • Charted Account

The task of charted account is keeping a possible track of all the financial business affairs be it small or big. The houses of corporate companies have in-house CA as well. There are so many business houses who even hire the Cas to audit and often offer similar account-associated tasks. CA is considered to use for commerce students however there are many arts stream students as well who can switch to this career and pursue their dream career. It pays good and is a highly reputable one. But to get into this career you must prepare yourself for the CA training module and make sure that the test is cleared which of course is not so easy.


Remember, a high-paying job will not just give you a sense of financial security but also a healthy living and better social status. There are so many rewarding careers and those listed above are just a few of the names. There are professional courses that you can do to make yourself better in a certain career. This would give your career a better boost and you can grow in life as you had dreamt of. 

Questions and Answers

What careers make a lot of money in India?

Medical Professionals, Merchant Navy jobs, and lecturers to name some get good pay.

What is a good salary in India?

A person in India usually earns around 31,900 INR monthly and salary can range from 8,080 INR to 143,000 INR.

Is 50000 a good salary in India?

India is a developing country with less per capita income. So, in general, Rs. 50,000 is a good enough salary to fulfill all your goals in life.