Intern with google 2021


  • The impact of technology on our lives is increasing at a rapid rate, as is the desire to work in a technological company. Many people are drawn to working for companies like Google and Facebook because of the prestige, advantages, and possibility of creating a game-changing product.

  • However, getting an internship at a company like Google is difficult. Although you don't have to be a nerdy or geeky student with no social life to get the offer, you do need the correct skillset and a few basic techniques up your sleeve to land an internship at a place like this.

  • It is the most coveted corporation for computer science engineers, and it is getting increasingly prominent among civilizations from all walks of life. For students, a summer internship at Google is a source of status and nearly a seal of approval! More so, because it not only provides fantastic possibilities in top companies in the field, but it also provides the opportunity to work full-time for Google.

Features and benefits

  • Students seeking graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and related subjects are the fundamental nominees for Google's Technical and Product Management Internships. Graduate learners in their third and fourth years are repeatedly supported. Also, if you come from a varied sector but have a strong understanding of coding and algorithms, you have a comparable chance of being selected. 

  • Summer Internships at Google are also accessible for second-year masters of business administration students. These internships typically last ten to twelve weeks and are available in a variety of functions across the company. However, keep in mind that you must apply for the internship between October and January as soon as possible. By February, the majority of posts have been filled.

  • According to a Google spokesperson, the company accepts only one thousand and five hundred interns every year in the United States, out of forty thousand applicants. 

  • Whether the person is about an internship or full-time employment, the Google interview process starts with an online application. The aspirant applicant completes questionnaires that ask about his or her grade point average, previous experiences, extracurricular activities, and other factors.

  • The internship with Google takes up the orientation procedure of about a week and a half to complete. Interns learn how data center master’s operated, how the organization operates, and what Google's objectives are. They also get to meet the rest of the new Googlers.

  • If the person is an intern at Google, the corporation handles all of your lodging and travel arrangements. 

  • For the working, within a person's group, each intern is allocated a project. They're also allocated a mentor who will meet with them weekly, or as often as the intern requires, to discuss their progress and provide feedback. 

Eligibility criteria mandatory for enrolling in the Intern with google 2021Policy 

Being eligible means to qualify all the norms stated by the administration, and if the person is eligible and meets all the criteria mentioned then he/she can fill the petition form so that they get registered for the program. 

Given below is all the listed criteria that should be compiled by the applicant:- 

  • The first requirement is that the applicant can be a citizen of a country from the world as Google is open to all the countries and respects it.  

  • The second norm is regarding education, it states that the applicants who are in their final year of study and will graduate in 2019 and are pursuing their Graduation, Post Graduation, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Technology, or Masters of Technology in computer science or a related technical discipline though if the person possesses the skills required then their educational certificates don't matter. 

  • The third norm states that the individual must not hold any criminal record in their portfolio or their family must be decent and if any criminal records are found then the internship of the person would be canceled. 

  • The fourth criteria are about the age, the age of the individual would be also taken into consideration before selecting them though there's relaxation given and the specific number of age is not being prohibited. Individuals above the age of seventeen to eighteen are eligible for the policy. 

  • The fifth standard is regarding the caste, individuals belonging to any caste group can get into the program as the program is not biased based on the caste whether they are general, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, or other backward classes. 

  • The sixth criterion is regarding gender, the program supports all gender whether it is male, female, or others. 

  • The seventh measure states that the applicants or their family must not have faulted any payments with the banks in their before records meaning that they should be liable citizens. 

These were all the norms laid by the program which is necessary to meet by the applicant applying and if the applicant passes all the measures then they can get into the program. 

What is the procedure for a Google Internship


Students contact the mentor organizations with whom they wish to collaborate and develop a summer project proposal. Students who are approved spend a month before beginning coding connecting with their organizations. Following that, students have three months to code while adhering to the deadlines set by their mentors.


Mentor organizations are open to open source initiatives. After being selected, organizations meet with students to discuss potential ideas before deciding which proposals to mentor for the summer. They assign mentors to each student to assist them in completing the program.


Mentoring a student project is an option for existing contributors to the organizations. Mentors and students collaborate to develop appropriate summer milestones and criteria. Interaction with mentors is an important aspect of the curriculum.

Procedure to register and fill the petition form of the Intern with Google 2021 Policy Program 

Registration of the Intern with Google 2021 Policy Program 

If the applicant wants to get registered then before doing that they must first ensure that they are eligible for the program so that their time and money don't waste. If the applicant has ensured and confirmed that they're eligible, they can fill out the petition form to get registered for the program. 

Given below are the steps for filing the petition form:- 

  • Firstly the applicant must visit the authorized address of the web portal of the Sabarimala Virtual Que Booking

  • When the applicant visits the portals, on the homepage they would see that there are all the instructions and guidelines given on the cover page. The applicant can go through them and understand them before actually filling out the application form so that they can avoid mistakes. 

  • The person would be required to make an account if they're doing it for the first time then they need to sign up and for signing up the portal would ask the person all the crucial personal details about them such as their name, age, city, district, state, parent's name, phone number, email id address, school name, etc. After giving all that information, make up the portal would send a one-time confirmation code to the applicant’s phone number, and the applicant must enter that code to proceed further. After entering the code the person can set their password and now from the next time the person just needs to log in by entering the username and password which has been set by them previously at the time of registering. 

Online mode of filling the application form of the Intern with Google 2021 Policy Program 

  • Firstly the applicant must log in to the official portal address of the Intern with the Google 2021 Policy Program program. 

  • For doing that the user must make sure that they're connected with a good quality internet connection and their internet doesn't lag. They can visit the portal from their devices such as laptops, computers, or phones.

  • The applicant must log in using their username and password which they set earlier at the time of registration. 

  • After logging in, the portal would open up and the user would be directed to the homepage of the program. 

  • The homepage would contain all the necessary information and guidelines and the user must go through them. 

  • At the corner, there would be a three-dot symbol and the user must click on it. 

  • A list of options contaminated in a table would appear on the screen. 

  • The user must go to the application form option and click on it.

  • After clicking on it, the user must specify their city, district, and state name. 

  • Then the individual must fill the application form by either typing out the details on the screen itself or taking a printout of the form and filling it. 

  • If the applicant has typed out the details on the screen then they need to press the submit button and their form would be submitted. 

  • If the applicant has taken out the printout of the form then they need to write the details manually and then take a photo of it and upload it on the portal then press the submit button. 

  • The application form would ask for details such as the name, residential area, qualification details, parents' name, phone number, etc. 

  • The address of the portal is

  • The user must also attach the required documents while filling out the application form. 

This is how the person can jot down the application form in the online process method. 

(Note: There's no offline method of filling the application form as the Google company works digitally and doesn't have an offline application form procedure method for people.) 

Selection Process for Google Internships in 2021 program policy 

  • The kids will be chosen by Google through campus drives. The corporation may conduct on-campus recruitment efforts at your colleges. After that, based on their performance in the drives, the official will choose suitable individuals.

  • The official will next choose suitable candidates based on their performance during the drives. During the interview process, the organization will assess the candidates' programming abilities as well as their communication abilities. As a result, prepare well and perform well in the campus interview to join one of the reputable organizations such as Google as an intern. 

Payments and pay periods for google interns 

  • While Google may not rank first on the list of highest-paying internships, its internship benefits more than make up for it. Interns at Google have access to many of the same benefits as full-time employees, including free housing, transportation, gym membership, massages, devices, and more.

  • The average Google Intern earnings are fifty thousand rupees per month. Intern incomes at Google can vary from rupees two thousand to rupees two lakhs per month. 

  • For people with less than a year of experience, the average Google Human Resource Intern salary in India is approximately eight lakhs. The compensation for a Google Human Resource Intern ranges from approximately five lakhs to 15 lakhs. Salary estimates are based on four salaries provided by Google workers.

Documents to Bring to Google Internship

The applicant needs to submit a set of documents needed by the program so that they can give proof of their eligibility status. The candidate must hand out the documents while filling out the application form and the administration would go through them and verify them. 

Listed below are the documents stated which the person needs to submit to the program's administration:- 

  • The first document is the Aadhar card as it verifies the identity of the person and the program's administration would sorely need to know the identification of the person applying. 

  • The second document is the scanned photo of the individual. This document is mandatory to submit as this verifies the eligibility of the individual. 

  • The third certificate must be regarding the age of the individual applying

  • Bring a copy of your most recent resume.

  • If the student is enrolled in a college then the paper regarding it must be submitted such as the details about the course and college name.

  • The applicant must deliver their pan card and bank details to the organization. The applicant must ensure that they should not give out their bank details to someone else other than the authorized authorities. 

  • Details such as email address and phone number must be also delivered. 

These were all the documents needed by the program from the applicant and these must be submitted without any fail. Any administration-issued Identification indication, such as a Permanent Account Number, voter Identification, or passport, is required.

All necessary educational receipts, as well as xerox copies, should be carried by students. 

How to Get a Google Internship

Make sure you have an excellent résumé and cover letter before you start applying for internships. Your resume should be well-formatted, with keywords relevant to the job description included. Your cover letter should be tailored to the internship and succinct in its description of the value you can provide to Google. 

  • Google may hire students from your college if you're lucky. This is your best chance of landing an internship

  • Finding a senior or connecting with Googlers on LinkedIn and asking them to pass your résumé to the internship team is the next best option. A referral from a current employee will undoubtedly boost your chances.

  • Every year, Google publishes a list of available internships on its website. For the summer, internships are typically advertised in September and concluded in December. Make sure you visit their website frequently.

  • Google hosts a Code Jam competition called Kickstart. Students can use it to solve algorithmic problems created by Google engineers. It's a terrific way to have a good time while learning something new. This could be very valuable to include on your CV when applying for jobs at Google. If you are among the top performers, you may also be contacted for an interview. 

  • This is just another opportunity to get closer to having the Google name on your resume. Google Summer of Code matches mentor organizations with students interested in working on real-world projects. Mentors grade their code, and Google gives them a pass/fail grade on their projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Internship Program with Google 2021 policy 

Q 1) What do Google step interns do?

Answer 1) The internship program focuses on offering technical training and professional development opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups in technology.  Develop personal relationships and connections with a varied set of students who share your interest in technology. 

Q 2) Can you intern at Google?

Answer 2) Interns at Google are not guaranteed jobs, but they do have a strong chance of becoming full-time employees. The company views its intern programs as the best source of full-time talent, and it is its aim that any intern who performs well will be able to secure a full-time position at Google. 

Q 3) Does Google care about GPA?

Answer 3) If you wish to be considered for an internship or full-time career at Google, there is no official minimum GPA requirement. However, you should aim for a score of at least 3.0 to prevent any unpleasant questions that you may not be able to satisfactorily answer.

Q 4) What is the average Google Intern earnings? 

Answer 4) The average Google Intern earnings are fifty thousand rupees per month. Intern incomes at Google can vary from rupees two thousand to rupees two lakhs per month. 

Q 5) What should the person study to get a job at Google?

Answer 5) The majority of Google's work involves programming or computer science. The person may study it in college or work hard to learn it on their own. Just keep in mind that Google positions are extremely competitive, and they must be outstanding to be hired.