iOSMS Mutual Transfer

  • The West Bengal School Education Department offers an iOSMS mutual transfer portal where instructors can access online services. You can access an online employee profile as well as a monthly wage requisition through the portal.
  • Employees can use this portal to view their profile and monthly salary requisition. Teachers can also apply for a mutual or normal transfer through the HRMS site. In addition, the iOSMS mutual transfer portal offers services such as Provident Fund, Annual Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Employee e-Service Book, leave application, Income Tax, and more.

iOSMS mutual transfer Portal login

The instructions for logging into the iOSMS mutual transfer login portal are listed below.

  • To begin, go to the iOSMS mutual transfer portal official login page

  • Then, on the green login button, and click on log in. 

  • Select your user type now. 

  • Fill up your username.

  • After that, you'll need to enter your password. 

  • Enter your security code after that.

  • Please press the submit button.

  • With your login credentials, you can now access iOSMSportal.

iOSMS mutual transfer online apply

You can also use the iosms mutual transfer option to apply for a transfer to the West Bengal School Education Department; simply follow the guidelines below.

  • To begin, go to the iOSMS page

  • Then choose the option to transfer a teacher.

  • Now go to the iOSMS login page

  • After that, decide which subdivision you want to be a part of.

  • Fill in your login information.

  • As well as the number on your PAN card.

  • Verify the OTP that was delivered to your contact information.

  • Fill out the form and submit it there.

  • Then, go to your iOSMS portal and log in.

  • Go to the Management of Mutual Transfers page.

  • Select I'm aware of my matching application.

  • To continue, insert your teacher's unique code and click on proceed.

  • You can also select the option to initiate a mutual transfer proposal.

  • Fill up the blanks with your district.

  • Your subdivision order has been placed.

  • After hitting the proceed option, you can now proceed.

  • Finally, submit it, and your iosms mutual transfer portal teacher transfer application will be successful.

iOSMS Payslip for Primary Teachers

  • Go to to see the official website.

  • They must now select the employee payslip on the home page.

  • Fill in their personal information, including their name, date of birth, and registered phone number.

  • Enter the payslip's year and month.

  • Submit the form by clicking the submit button.

  • The information will now be displayed on the screen.

  • Finally, go to the download tab and print the copy.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is eligible to apply for a Mutual Transfer over the Internet?

  • Any permanent Secondary Assistant Teacher/HM, except for those in the primary division who have not yet taken advantage of this opportunity.
  • He/she is qualified to apply if he/she has received any form of transfer during his/her military career.

2. How do I get an OTP for logging in?

  • An employee's OTP will only be issued to his or her e-mail address and registered mobile number. If you don't have an email address,
  • Update your profile with the appropriate HOIl login.

3. Can a teacher change his or her phone number?

 A teacher can approach the appropriate HOl to change his or her mobile number. In the iosms (salary) portal, it's under Master Directory Management>» Edit Employee Profile After Finalization Menu.

4. Can a teacher from the Normal Section seek for a position in the HS Section?

No, the answer is no. Mutual Transfer is only possible between students in the same academic section, i.e. Normal to Normal and HS to HS.

5. Is it possible for a female teacher to work at a Boys' School?

Yes. In a boys' school, a female instructor can apply. She can apply to Girls', Boys', and Co-ed Schools, whereas a guy can only apply to Boys' and Co-Ed Schools.

6. How many districts can be chosen as preferred candidates for Mutual Transfer?

An applicant can select up to four districts as his or her preferred choice for beginning Mutual Transfer.

7. Is there a cost for submitting an online Mutual Transfer application?

No, there are no application fees associated with applying for an online Mutual Transfer.

8. Can a teacher who teaches one subject use Mutual Transfer to teach another?

No, a teacher can only apply for the topic for which he or she has been assigned.

9. Is it possible for a teacher to seek for a mutual transfer within the same district?

Yes, within the same district, a teacher can apply for mutual transfer online and select his or her favourite Sub Divisions.

10. Can a teacher use a mobile device to complete his or her online Mutual Transfer application?

Yes. Mobile devices can conveniently obtain and process online Mutual transfer applications.