Over quite some time now, it has been noted that there is quite a gap between the skilled laborers' demand that has been set by the organization and corporate to that of the supply for the same. The Youth number that needs vocational education from the year 2017 till 2030 has been projected at 1.89 crores. This consists of 75 lakhs of the workforce that was already existing in 2016 while the 113 lakhs were the fresh entries. These two groups consisted of the informal workers in the non-agriculture and agriculture sector, school dropouts, those completing secondary and higher secondary education, and young homemakers. That is when the kaushalkar training list can be useful. It is for those students who did not have formal training and higher education training given. 

Know more about the Kaushalkar

The government of Karnataka has set up the Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Department (SDEL) for helping the younger generation that needs the necessary skills and expertise for increasing employability. It focuses on undertaking the regulation function, promotion, standardization, implementation, and monitoring of the skill development initiatives in the state. Talking of which Kaushalkar.com is launched. The kaushalkar login service is available on this portal that has been designed for the betterment of the youth. The department has created this portal to offer the skills and empower each section of the security for better living.

The objective says it all

The youth can get ample kaushalkar job options online. The Karnataka government has set up the livelihood, Development, Entrepreneurship Department (SDEL) simply to let youth get all possible skills and expertise to improve their employability. It also focuses on undertaking the regulation functioning, promotions, standardization, monitoring, and implementation of the skill development initiatives in the state.

There is no doubt that knowledge and skills are the two crucial forces that drive economic growth and social development for any country. Karnataka has also been known to be an innovative pioneer. This has let the state get its foray into the wide range of National and Multinational corporates and organizations.

What is Kaushalya Karnataka Mission (KKM)?

The formation of the kaushalya Karnataka is made for focusing on the employment enhancing of the youth using the skills development. The ministry is responsible for the skill development coordination efforts across the Karnataka state. The kaushalkar mission is to remove the disconnected supply and demand of skilled manpower. It also aims to create the technical and vocational training framework with all possible new skills building and skill adaptation with innovative thinking that not just will be for the existing jobs but also for those jobs that need to be made. 

The focus of Kaushalya Karnataka is to improve the skills amongst the youth on a large scale with high standards and speed so that the vision of skilled Karnataka can be achieved. To be precise, the focus is to empower all the individuals using the Knowledge, improved skills, and national and international qualifications to gain better access to a good yet stable job. This way the competitiveness of the state in the global market can be achieved.

Kaushalya Karnataka Vision

With the Kaushalya scheme, the state of Karnataka is hoping to brush up the skills of the youth that will be accepted at the international platform and to reap off the maximum possible demographic dividend for quick sectoral growth. This shall lead to a decent employment scope for everyone.

Who can apply for World Skills?

  • Those who wish to be a part of Kaushlkar must be born on or after 1 January 1999

  • Skills are required other than mechatronics, manufacturing team challenge, aeronautical engineering, cloud computing, cybersecurity and water technology, IT network cabling in which the competitors should be born after January 1, 1996

  • A team of two individuals is needed for the team skill competitions that include Mobile robotics, cybersecurity, landscape gardening, concrete construction work, and mechatronics.

What is the selection process and how to participate?

The candidates need to register themselves online from its official website to be a part of world skills India. The selection will be conducted by the state government sector skills council in participation along with the industry and academic partners at the state and zonal levels. Through selected state champions will be competing for the regional competitions that will be organized by the world skill India in partnership with the corporate, sector, skill councils, and academic patterns.

Kaushalya Karnataka Eligibility

  • Must be 18 to 35 years of age and should have passed SSLC

  • Candidates must be present if participating in the program

  • The participating candidate must register at www.kaushalkar.com

  • Candidate participating in the program must register with Kaushalkar

  • Participating Candidates should attend their respective Government Degree Colleges or Government Industrial Training Centres in Taluk.

  • Participating applicants should bring a copy of their marks card

  • The date, address, and other details of the event at the Taluk and District Level areas provided on Kaushalkar

You need to keep note of the following things

  • There is no option to edit any submitted detail.

  • If any information provided by the TP is found to be incorrect, the TP will be rejected.

  • Once the registration is done as a Training Provider, login to kaushalkar and adds Training Centres.

  • Never make multiple registrations for the same Training Provider – the system will block the TP and all its centers.

  • The grading matrix is as per Guidelines.

  • If you do not add Training Centers – a further process of your registration is not possible.

  • Fill in all the details correctly and submit 

  • The system will reject any TP which is found to be the same.


Kaushalkar.com is an official portal and an initiative made by the information technology department for creating synergies amongst the skill ecosystem stakeholders and streamlining the skill development. This portal offers the single platform that helps in Accreditation, Affiliation, and Continuous Monitoring of the Training Centres (TC) in the Skill Ecosystem. It helps to address all the important issues such as skill provider evaluation objectively and foster excellence in TCs. It also lets the trainees create informed choices associated with TCs. Kaushalkar.com facilitates standardisation. There is an effective process that is being followed with regards to regular Monitoring of the TCs that can help in achieving the quality standards across different schemes.

Questions and Answers

How to Register as Training Provider

  • Visit Kaushalkar.com web portal https://www.kaushalkar.com/

  • On the homepage, you can see the section Registrations with a dropdown of 3 options.  

  • Choose – Training Provider

  • There are 3 sections. General details, Financial and Skilling experience.  

  • Before you begin to fill the form, make sure you have a scanned copy (below 2 MB each copy) of the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Income tax returns of legal entity/ Audited Balance sheet

  • Address Proof (Incorporation certificate/ Telephone Bill/ GST registration/Electricity Bill)

  • PAN Card

  • Proof of training (for existing skill training provider)

  • If you are an educational institution or currently in skill training then you need to select the Existing Training Provider

  • Please fill in the correct bank details. The training costs will be released to this account.

  • Please fill all details in the Financial

  • If there is any wrong file that is being uploaded then TP will be rejected

  • You will have to apply again

  • In case you chose the existing skilling provider in “General” details, then the Skilling tab will appear. Please fill in all the information.

  • Attach the photo of your authorized signatory with the specimen signature. 

  • Verification for all documentation between the training provider and KSDC will be done

  • Select the scheme that you will be involved in. 

  • Do not select all schemes but only relevant schemes. 

  • If a TP is found to have chosen irrelevant schemes, the TP will be rejected and all training centers under the TP will stand canceled.

  • Upon clicking ‘Submit’ – Username and Password will be generated for Training Center 

  • It will be sent as SMS to CEO mobile number and email to CEO email 

How to register for Kaushalya Karnataka

The registration process is quite simple. Those who want to get skilled or are looking for a new job are certainly at the right place. It is important to register as either of the ones. The steps include:

  • Visit the official website https://www.kaushalkar.com/

  • On the homepage, click on Aspirant 

  • Fill all mandatory fields 

  • Select from more than one choice in dropdowns with a check box

  • You have the option of choosing either Skilling, Employment, Entrepreneurship, or Apprenticeship 

  • If you choose Skilling, you will be eligible for skill training,

  • You will be visible to employers after your skill training 

  • You can select up to a maximum of 5 Skillset

  • If you choose Employment, you will be visible to employers on Kaushalkar.com and not to Skill Training Providers

  • In all options, please read the Consent before ticking on the check box

  • Press submit button after verifying the following:

  • The spelling of your name and Aadhaar number

  • Your mobile number and email address

  • OTP will be sent to your mobile before you submit

  • The email will be sent to you after successful registration with your unique ID number

  • Verify all details – you cannot edit many details after submitting

  • Please login to Kaushalkar.com with your username and password