Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Scheme


There is no doubt that our government is coming up with so many interesting schemes that literally range from poor people to those unemployed ones. Everyone can get benefits out of it. Talking of which Maharashtra government has come up with one such efficient scheme which is beneficial for the widow by the name of Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Scheme in other words Maharashtra Widow Pension Scheme. The scheme was launched by the state government of Maharashtra to offer financial aid to all those women of the state who fall under this criterion. Women will be given Rs 600 every month under this scheme. There are so many women residing in the state with no financial support or earning source post their husband's death. Considering this concern, the scheme was started by the government to help such women.

What is Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Scheme

Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Yojana Form is one scheme that is popularly known as Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme. That scheme is run by the government of Maharashtra state along with the social justice and special assistance department. It is now possible for people to apply for such schemes online with just one click. They simply must down the application form or submit the same after filling it up at the official portal called  In this scheme, the widows that fall in the age group of 40 to 65 years of age and are in the BPL category can avail the benefits every month.

Objectives of Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Yojana

The primary purpose of such a scheme is to make sure the women who are windows of the state and had been relying only on their dead husbands can get some financial stability. The focus of the scheme is to make sure these women don’t have to rely on any other family member for support rather can be self-sufficient to have the bread piece to themselves and their kids at least two times. The financial amount that shall be given to the women from this scheme will be released directly in the ban account of the women which is why more transparency will be maintained. If the husband after his death had not planned to keep any financial security for the women and kids then the government can offer financial aid to such women

The recent update

This is one important scheme that the government has launched to offer support to widowed women. This way they aim at overcoming the financial issues that women are facing in their life post-tehri husband's death. This scheme shall be given to all those widow women residing in the state who are helpless and destitute. If the windowed women have more than one kid and are applicable in this scheme then she will be given the support of Rs 900. The women with no kids are eligible to get Rs 600 on monthly basis. Those candidates who are interested in this scheme need to follow the process of registration. The details are available online and it is possible to even do the submission the application online which is

Widow Pension Scheme Maharashtra Eligibility & Benefits

But before you apply for Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension Scheme registration, it is important to have clarity about the legibility and benefits of the scheme which are:

  • The applicant’s age must lie b/w 40 to 65 years.

  • The applicant must be a widow belonging to the Maharashtra state.

  • The family of the applicant widow must fall in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.

Assistance Amount to the applicant of Widow Pension Scheme in Maharashtra

The beneficiary of this scheme is entitled to get money from the government. This means Rs. 200 from Govt. of India & Rs. 400 from Govt. of Maharashtra under the scheme of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudan. Together the beneficiary is entitled to get Rs 600 on monthly basis.

Highlights of Maharashtra Vidhwa Pension

In order to bail the advantages of this scheme the applicant should not be a beneficiary of the Maharashtra old age pension scheme or another scheme like Maharashtra Handicap Pension Scheme

  • The candidate eligible for this scheme should not make any unnecessary visits to the office unless it is important. 

  • It is possible for the applicant to avail the advantages of this scheme if they go ahead and apply for it on the portal

  • There would be more consideration for those women who are from poor households and in desperate need of financial assistance.

Benefits of Maharashtra Widow Pension Scheme

  • With this help, a woman can easily take care of her child.

  • All the widowed women of the state can get the benefit of the scheme.

  • The pension financial amount paid by the government will be transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary woman.

  • All widowed women can easily spend their lives without any financial problems.

  • Widowed women of the state who are financially helpless and destitute can get the benefit of the scheme.

  • Widowed women don’t have to rely on any other person to fulfill the requirements that they have in their life.

  • Under the scheme, widowed women shall get an amount of 600 rupees every month and if she has more than one child, then a financial amount of Rs 900 every month will be provided.

  • Through the pension scheme, widow women can take care of their families and fulfill their needs.

Required documents

In order to avail the benefits of such a scheme, the application needs to be submitted online. But there should be documents as well that need to be ready. These documents are:

  • Voter ID Card

  • Annual income certificate

  • Bank passbook details

  • Passport size 2 photo

  • Death certificate of husband

  • Beneficiary woman's Aadhaar card

  • Permanent residence certificate

  • Birth certificate

  • caste certificate

  • mobile number


In order to apply for this scheme, the applicant has to simply visit the official website and do the needful. There is no doubt that with such schemes at least more women will be encouraged to be self-sufficient instead of coming on the roads to beg around.

Question and answers

Which women of the state are eligible for the benefit of Maharashtra Pension Scheme?

The women of the state who are widows will be eligible for the benefit of this pension scheme.

What advantages will the widowed women get through the scheme?

Widow women will get the benefit of pension financial funds amounting to Rs 600 per month and Rs 900 per month if she has a kid through the scheme.

What is the main objective of the scheme?

The primary purpose of the schema is to give financial aid to those poor women who are destitute and were dependent on the husband.