Nagpur Gold Price Today

  • Nagpur is not just known for its oranges, but it is also a fantastic place to go gold shopping. In Nagpur, many local shops offer the best gold rates. Before you buy gold, always verify the current gold prices in Nagpur.
  • Nagpur is one of Maharashtra's greatest gold shopping places. The Orange City boasts a thriving gold trade and has even seen a change in user preferences over time. While customers previously preferred gold ornaments, many are now opting for high-value gold investments. The costs here are always changing due to a variety of reasons such as rupee-dollar movements, local demand, festival schedules, and inflation. The current gold rate in Nagpur is 47,990 per 10 grammes for 24-carat gold and 46,990 for 22-carat gold.

Nagpur gold price today and last 15 days


Pure Gold (24K)   

Standard Gold (22K)  

% Change  

22 November 2021   

₹ 49,280

₹ 48,280


21 November 2021

₹ 49,280

₹ 48,280


20 November 2021

₹ 49,270

₹ 48,270


19 November 2021

₹ 49,100

₹ 48,100


18 November 2021

₹ 49,100

₹ 48,100


17 November 2021

₹ 49,470

₹ 48,470


16 November 2021

₹ 49,360

₹ 48,360


15 November 2021

₹ 48,930

₹ 47,930


14 November 2021

₹ 49,290

₹ 48,290


13 November 2021

₹ 49,280

₹ 48,280


12 November 2021

₹ 49,270

₹ 48,270


11 November 2021

₹ 48,340

₹ 47,340


10 November 2021

₹ 48,250

₹ 47,250


09 November 2021

₹ 47,990

₹ 46,280


08 November 2021

₹ 48,030

₹ 47,030


What makes Nagpur's gold rates different from those in other cities 

  • If you observe a distinct tendency in Maharashtra and Nagpur gold rates, it is because prices frequently change from one city to the next. Have you ever considered why this occurs? We'll explain why. This is since there are several taxes and other responsibilities that differ from city to city. 
  • The gold rates in different cities may differ due to local levies. As a result, if you find it useful, you can also buy gold from other cities. The other thing to keep in mind is that, due to transportation costs, today's gold rates in Nagpur may differ from the previous day.

Options for Investing in Gold in Nagpur

  • Gold coins are the most prevalent sort of gold purchased as an investment, following gold jewellery and decorations (especially in India). Gold coins come in a variety of weights, such as 1 gramme, 2 grammes, 5 grammes, 10 grammes, and so on, and are less expensive than gold bullion. Your investments will be exposed to the same market forces that affect the price of all types of gold, but your risk will be greatly reduced due to the lower denominations and the fact that coins can be purchased at any time of year. Buying a few coins of a standard weight each month can be used to average out the gold price you paid as the average gold price in India for that year. Gold coins are simple to obtain and provide a means for people with low and moderate incomes to invest in gold as a commodity.
  • Gold bullion includes standard-sized gold coins, gold bars (as seen in movies), and gold tablets. Gold bullion is primarily purchased from a certified authority as an investable commodity in bigger quantities. It is typically traded in weights greater than 500 grammes, with 1 kilo being the most prevalent. Apart from gold ownership certificates, gold bullion promotes international gold trading and is one of the most prevalent ways to transfer gold overseas. The majority of gold bullion can be traded worldwide.
  • Jewellery and Ornaments - are the most popular form of gold in India, and are bought and sold at the drop of a hat for weddings, naming ceremonies, festivals, and other occasions. It's worth noting that when gold is moulded into ornaments and jewellery, it's occasionally mixed with an alloy to make it more malleable, resulting in some purity loss. Gold in this form is useful as a present, a daily item, and a way to protect the asset value if it needs to be sold.


  • Shri Nirmal Jewellers, Sona Hira Chand Rupchand, V M Jewellers, Jos Alukkas Jewellery, Inter Gold Gems Private Limited, Wadilal Parekh and Sons, Tanishq, Pure Gold, and others are among the many traders, merchants, established vendors, and certified authorities selling gold in Nagpur.
  • It is always recommended that you purchase gold in Nagpur from a reputable and authorised vendor. Ascertain that the gold is marked, stamped, etched, or otherwise confirmed as genuine gold of the purity you desire – 22 carat or 24 karats. Along with the gold, make sure you have a certificate of authenticity that includes the purity, gold rate on the date of purchase, and the amount of gold purchased.