National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is also popular by the name of NSS which is a scheme of a central sector that has been set by the government of India. National service scheme nss is one of the best schemes that you can come across since it offers good scope for the young students of 11th and 12th class and those who are at +2 level of boarding along with post-graduate and graduate pursuing students to be part of different service activities and programs that government has been conducting.

Understand the objective:

The primary aim of such a scheme is to offer a good experience to young students who wish to make a career ahead in delivering the right service to the community. National service scheme started in 1969 did receive a tremendous response. Besides, the strength of the students also increased from  40,000 to now 3.8 million which surely is the best thing. If you have a closer look, you shall understand that the scheme has certainly got a good response which has a high learning voluntary made by the students in different colleges and universities participating in different service programs of the community. Other than this national service scheme in tamil  and many other states also:

  • Allows the student to have a platform for creating a democratic behavior and the leadership qualities
  • It helps the student have better roles and responsibilities being shared while creating the abilities for the group living
  • It offers a good platform to create social and civic responsibilities within
  • Students can understand the roles of the community and respect the same.
  • It offers the student a helping hand to be ready for all kind of natural disasters and even the emergency scenarios that may happen
  • With such a scheme, students can have better knowledge and skills to organize the community participation
  • Students would be able to develop skills and even Knowledge on finding the practical solution for the community and all the problems at an individual level
  • The students can raise the concerns and requirements of the community at the same time help them solve some cases
  • It gives students clarity on the community type where they are working
  • Students would be able to practice for the social harmony and national interrogation

The History that says it all!

It was S.Radhakrishnan who headed the University grants commission. As per the head person, he had advised for introducing the voluntary national service to be held in the academic institution after independence. The government in the year 1952 also stressed the social and labor service requirement to be set for the Indian students. Later in 1958, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru promoted this idea of social service as one requirement for the students to further graduation. This was set to all the chief ministers where he also had instructed especially the Education ministry to create a national service scheme day or come up with a scheme that shall be quite competent.

Importance of National Service Scheme:

Those who don’t relay understand the value of this scheme certainly are missing out on the best of the part. This scheme set by the Indian government and the Youth Affairs & Sports Ministry encouraged students to be more participative in the community service that the government conducts along with additional programs. This way it gives young students a good experience of working in community service that can help in the future for career growth as well.

Logo Significance of National Service Scheme

The national group insurance scheme logo signifies the 24 hours of the day which is more like a gentle reminder to be all geared up for serving the nation all the time. This sign has been derived from the rath Wheel which is popular in the Konark Sun temple. There is a red color that shows the youthful energy and passions as well. You can see the blue color that shows the NSS as a cosmos small part that is always ready for contributing to mankind's welfare.

Principle of the National Service Scheme

There are some primary elements of this scheme which is stated below:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Community
  • The Programme

Activities under National Service Scheme

If we focus on the activities that are included in the scheme those are:

  • Shramdaan
  • Adventure programs
  • Plantation
  • Blood donation
  • National Integration Camp
  • Disaster Management
  • Immunization

Way to be a part of the National Service Scheme

  • Students can be a part of the national service scheme for which they simply must register through the concerned office of the program. However, they need to have a university, college, or school bona fide.
  • The scheme of the NSS is a voluntary one which means, the students can enroll their name from 11 standards itself. The enrolment shall be done of free costing.
  • Once the whole program finishes, students shall be entitled to get the national service scheme cell certificate and some advantages during admission.

Administrative Structure of the National Service Scheme

There is an administrative structure that the NSS unit offers. It consists of:

The unit of NCC which is at the school level is the basic one. There is an institution that is assigned for this unit depending on the students. However, usually, it is around 100 students for which the NSS unit is arranged. The program office oversees this unit who organizes the whole program and implements it.

The program is also conducted at the university level which NSS cell supervises. There are program coordinators on a full-time basis who are present only when there is more than 10,000 of strength.

Considering the state level, well it has been established and even conducted by the State Liaison Officer. Considering the financial support, it is the Indian government that offers it towards the NSS cell establishment.

To maintain the NSS program's effective execution, different regional centers are set up in India along with universities, counsels, and even colleges. It all depends on the state's strength and size. Usually, the regional center head is either a Deputy Programme Adviser or an Assistant Programme Adviser. TO know more you can always get the national insurance scheme number and coordinate.


When was the launch of the National Service Scheme held?

This scheme was launched in the year 1969 on 24th September by Dr. V.K. R.V. Rao who was the then Education Minister for 37 universities

What are the requirements for NSS Volunteers?

It is expected that volunteers need to work for two continuous years with their students while ensuring the 120 hours service every year is put in and the participation in certain special camping programs is also done.

What is the primary aim of this scheme?

The scheme focuses on identifying the problems and needs of the community and thus ensuring that there is a good involvement in the whole process of solving the problem.

What is the NSS Motto?

The watchword or say the motto of this scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU”. This means that the volunteers should always be a part of every community service being offered.

What does the giant wheel in the NSS symbol signify?

It is the symbol of preservation, creation, and even reason. It also shows the life cycle moment that needs to walk with space and time.