Saral Pension Yojana Apply


If you want to have a good yet the most reliable insurance product, then you can consider the option of Saral Pension Yojana. It has always been the choice of lay investors, IRDAI, insurance regulation since it has introduced the standard products with some features that are quite uniform in the non-life and life insurance. Currently, a new product has also been added to the list called the immediate annuity plan called the Saral Pension in which all the life insurers have to offer from April 1, 2021

Pension is quite an important income source that can fulfill your financial need since you are retried. To keep this in mind, the State bank of India has come up with a pension plan that has been designed for helping the class of working people to have a secured income that shall be good yet regular. The Saral pension plan by SBI life is the scheme where an individual would participate in the non-linked traditional pension plan that comes with assured ones for the first 5 years and then there shall be a simple reversionary bonus throughout the policy term.

Why should you consider SBI Life Saral Pension plan?

If you want to have a secured retirement plan that offers you a regular income then you must consider the Pension Yojana Apply plan which is certainly a good investment. In this policy, you need to pay off the regular premium which in turn shall get stored over the tenure of the policy. It is then received in the annuities form. The money will then be received in the lump sum form which you can further utilize to put the annuities.

What is Saral Pension?

This plan helps the individual to get a regular payment from an insurer for the life once a lump sum amount r says the regular payment for a certain time is paid. There are two family plans. The first one is a different one and the other one is the immediate one. This plan is an immediate annuity plan where the investor or the policyholder shall be making the lump sum payment and then the annuity payment shall start quickly. The product brings the pension for the whole life. In the industrial area, this kind of plan is a popular one that comes with a single premium. It is non-participating, non-linked, and is the best annuity plan. This way you will get an assured return which does not depend on the profits of the insures or the market at all. Just the way another annuity plan, even this pension will not have any investment amount cap.

Why is Saral Pension so important?

This Saral Pension Yojana 2021 helps in simplifying the individual selection and thus gets uniformity across the insurers. The pension brings two annuity options for the policyholders. One life annuity comes with 100% of the purchase price where the person is paid for the whole of the life. There is an initial investment which is then given back to the nominee once the investor dies. The other one is the joint-life where the annuity amount is first given to the initial investor for the life. Once the person dies and if the spouse is living then the spouse will retire to get the same pension till his or her death.

This product according to the IRDAI guidelines needs to be made accessible across different channels. Unlike other plans of annuity in the market where the age requirement is a minimum of 20 to 30 years if you opt for the Saral pension. The minimum age at the entry is 40 years and it lasts till 80 years maximum

Key Features of SBI Life Saral Pension Insurance Plan

  • The policy brings the time frames which are quite high which is 10 to 40 years

  • This is one Regular Premium Deferred Annuity plan

  • In case the annuitant within the tenure of the policy dies the whole premium is paid till the date along with the rate of interest of around 0.25% p.a which is annually compounded and has also been including the terminal bonus and Vested Simple Reversionary Bonus which the nominee shall receive.

  • Once the policy gets matured, the advantage in this plan is calculated as the Vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses with Sum Assured and terminal bonus in case there is any.

Advantages from SBI Life Saral Pension Insurance Policy

Vesting Benefit

Once the policy matures it is the policyholder who shall avail this benefit as the annuity. The calculation done is the Vesting Benefit is Sum Assured + Vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses + Terminal Bonus

Death Benefit

In case the annuitant within the tenure of the policy dies, the nominee that shall be received will be taken by the nominee in lump sum as total premiums paid accumulated at an interest rate of 0.25% p.a. compounded annually + Vested Simple Reversionary Bonus + Terminal Bonus as Death Benefit

Income Tax Benefit

The premium that can be paid for life insurance is Rs. 1,00,000 which is allowed as the deduction from the income which is taxable every year under the section of 80C and 1/3rd of the Maturity proceeds which is free of tax and that too section 10(10)A for fulfilling the terms and conditions.


Surely Saral Pension Yojana is quite a simple yet useful product. All you must do is wait for the rates of annuity that the insurer shall announce and it will help you decide if you can get bang for the money.

Question and Answer?

What happens if You stop paying the premium?

There will be a lapse of the policy if the premium is not paid on time. The policy thus becomes the paid-up if there are at least 3 years of the premium that has been paid and continues to be paid with a reduced benefit.

Is nomination an obligatory one?

The nomination has been compulsory with regards to the policy as per Section 39 of the Insurance Act, 1938.

What is a free look period?

In case you don’t agree with any of the terms and conditions that too within 15 days, you can return the policy from the date of the policy receipts which is called a free look period.