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When the technology isn’t lacking behind how can the government.? Digital India brought in a great chance for all the States which functioned manually. SSO Rajasthan , the state too didn’t lack behind by any means and stepped up quickly to adapt the changes of the technology being offered. On today’s date, Rajasthan Government offers varied service online which just needs the internet and all the details that are asked for. With the changes being brought in, Government planned to launch SSO ID, a Single Sign-On for all web portal services. SSO registration is one place to get all such online service being offered by the government. SSO ID Rajasthan is a highly advanced and helpful project which provides people with online identity services. To get oneself registered for same, a user needs to create a Login ID by visiting the Official Web Portal of the Government started the initiative, the SSO ID. Once created the ID, one will be easily able to use all the Web Portal online Services provided by the Government of Rajasthan. For further details of how to register and what are the various steps to get registered with SSO Rajasthan, one can get a complete idea by reading below.  


There are varied services provided by RSSO (Rajasthan Single Sign-on). The benefits from the same can be availed as mentioned below:

  1. By using the Rajasthan SSO ID, one can easily apply for varied jobs and check the stage of processing for the job already applied.
  2. Bills like Electricity bills, mobile bills, water bills, landline bills, etc, can be easily paid through this portal.
  3. One can use the online portal for finding jobs, check the employment fairs, employment portals, etc, by getting oneself SSO registered.
  4. The website also provides its user to avail the service of applying for, E-Mitra, Aadhaar card, business registration, Bhamashah, etc and allow any changes to be made to it.

Apart from all the above, other services can be easily availed by the users by getting oneself a Rajasthan SSO ID.


To know if a person is eligible for applying to this web portal of Government, one needs to check the below-mentioned Criteria:

  1. One needs to be a permanent resident of Rajasthan to apply for an SSO ID.
  2. Industries and businessmen can get themselves registered for SSO Rajasthan easily.
  3. State Government employees are also eligible to apply for an SSO ID. The employees should be working under the State Government of Rajasthan. (SIPF Users)


To apply for SSO ID Rajasthan, one need not need much of documents as they can easily get themselves registered for the same by using the following:

  1. Bhamashah Card
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Facebook Id
  4. Google

Using any of the details one can easily create their account and obtain an SSO ID in Rajasthan by using the online portal of Government sso.rajasthan.gov.in.


The online portal started by the government of Rajasthan, which provides people with online SSO ID has the following features:

  1. Easy Usage as per convenience is one such feature which helps people get registered, pay bills, apply for jobs, etc, all at one place login.
  2. Easy to create login is another best feature of Rajasthan SSO ID which can be created even using one’s Facebook or Google details.
  3. Ease of usage is what is provided to people through this portal as they can collect all information needed hassle-free. No need to visit varied government sites and offline centres to get information as what is needed is all herein.

Apart from same, there are many more features being added by Government from time to time on this web portal which can help the citizens of Rajasthan a hassle-free life.


An interested candidate can get themselves registered at Raj SSO ID or a single Sign-on identity by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Click the link https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin to visit the online portal of SSO Rajasthan. On clicking the same a home page will appear right in front of the screen.
  2. Just in case if the user is new, they need to click the link https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register to visit the official website and get themselves registered on the SSO Rajasthan Portal and get their unique SSO ID.
  3. Once the link is clicked, there appears a screen where the users can get themselves registered by clicking on the register option.
  4. Once done, there appears a registration page wherein the user needs to fill detail as regards if they are- Citizen or Udyog or a Government employee.
  5. Select an option and the link will guide the user to a page where they will be guided to get themselves registered by any of the 3 methods. Any of the category chosen can get themselves registered and obtain their RAJ SSO ID.

For further details as regards the registration of the 3 kinds of user individually, one needs to refer below to get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the same.

Registration Process For Government Sector Employees

If the registering user wants themselves to be registered as a Government employee and get their digital id as same, they need to follow the following points that are mentioned below:

  1. When the options are given to choose among the 3, one needs to select the option of Rajasthan Government employees.
  2. Then the below-mentioned options need to be considered for getting oneself registered as the Govt. Employees.
  3. The options provided to obtain SIPF ID or SSO login.
  4. If a candidate is already a registered user of Rajasthan Login, they need to add in their SSO ID or the Digital id at the portal together with their password.
  5. After the same, the user needs to click in SSO ID Rajasthan Login options as the above-mentioned procedure criteria were for SSO ID login for the ones who are already a member of the Portal of SSO Raj.

Registration Process for Private Sectors Udyog (Industries)

For getting oneself registered as a Private Sector Udyog (Industries) one need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click Udyog option, if one wants to get themselves registered as the Udyog in Rajasthan State.
  2. To get registered therein there are options available for the users. They can register themselves either through their Aadhaar card or Aadhaar ID (UID) or the BRN number.

Application Process Flow Through e-Mitra Kiosk

  1. To get oneself logged in with e-Mitra Kiosk, a candidate needs to login with the details of e-Mitra and get registered themselves for Candidate’s recruitment.
  2. Once the data is entered, the Kiosk will be taken to the page of all the recruitments which will comprise of 3 sections.
  3. The candidate’s recruitment can be applied by the Kiosk by simply clicking on Apply now button present therein.
  4. The same will show the Recruitment’s Start and also the Close date in this section.
  5. A Kiosk user needs to remember his/her registered SSO ID and password for same as the same will be asked for when the Apply now button, is clicked upon.
  6. An application form will be where the user will be redirected to and the same needs to be filled in varied sections.
  7. Just in case if the registration of a Kiosk user is as a new user they need to click on the New User Registration and follow the process to get themselves registered for SSO registration.
  8. The sections which need to be filled in to obtain the SSO ID are – Basic details, Personal details, Qualification and one’s experience and also the Identification and enclosure section of the form.
  9. Once done, the user can obtain their SSO ID for further use.


Just in case a user faces any issue while getting themselves registered on the SSO Rajasthan portal, they can contact the helpline no- 0141 -515322, 0141 -5123717.