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E-aadhar card Download, How to check aadhar card status and how to update E-aadhar online




Aadhar card is one of the few mandatory and essential documentation that is issued by the Government of India. It comes in both paper and electronic mode. The online format of Aadhar is known as E-aadhar and if you do not have your physical Aadhar card then you can download e-aadhar from the official website of UIDAI. But, in order to perform e-aadhar card download, first, your aadhar have to be allotted from the government and to check your e-aadhar status you can visit

What are the steps to download e-aadhar from the official website?

You can download e-aadhar by a variety of ways. You can download aadhar card by name and date of birth. So, follow these steps to perform aadhar card download online:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Mobile or PC and search for the official website of UIDAI which is

अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें और UIDAI की वेबसाइट को सर्च करें जो की



Step 2: Once you are in the web portal look for the link saying ‘Download e-Aadhar‘ which will be under the heading of ‘Aadhar enrolment‘ and click on it

वेबसाइट में ई आधार डाउनलोड पर क्लिक करें जो की आपको आधार enrolment मिलेगा



Step 3: Now, a window will open saying ‘Download E-aadhar by using your Aadhar, EID or VID’; fill all the personal details that it asks for.

नयी पेज पर अपनी सारी जानकारी भर दिए और आधार enrolment पर क्लिक करें



Step 4: once you complete the form, click on the button saying ‘Request OTP’

सब भर देने के बाद Request OTP पर क्लिक करें



Step 5: Enter the ‘OTP’ that you will receive on your mobile

अपने मोबाइल पर आये OTP को भर दें

Step 6: Now, once you have entered all the details and OTP, click on the Download Aadhar online tab and you are good to go.

सारी जानकारी भर देने के बाद Download Aadhar पर क्लिक कर दें



This is a simple and easy way with which you can download your e-aadhar card online. All you need is some simple information and you will get all of your details and e-aadhar card by printing it.

Note: A Password Would Be Require To Open The Downloaded File That Password Will Be {First Four Letters Of Your Maiden Name In Capitals And Year Of Birth} eg.(SHIV1999)

How to check Aadhar Card Status?

Aadhar card is issued by the government agency of UIDAI which stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. This agency controls and maintains all the data regarding E-aadhar verification, issue and delivery of the card to their respective holders. Thus, sometimes, due to such a heavy workload, they have to face issues regarding the delay in the delivery and verification of the person. This is why they have made it easy to check the status of the e-aadhar card online. This way anyone who has not received their physical Aadhar card yet, they can check about its context through some simple procedure.

The procedure to check the status of Aadhar card is fairly simple and can be done through a variety of methods such as you can find aadhar card number by name and date of birth. So, if you are in the search of a method to check the status of your aadhar card on UIDAI then following step by step guide will help you to get to the required information easily.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open the web browser on an electronic device that can access internet such as your smartphone or PC.

अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें

Step 2: On your search engine, go to the search window and type e-aadhar status, follow this by clicking the ‘search’ button

Search इंजन पर ‘इ-आधार स्टेटस’ लिख कर ‘search’ बटन पर क्लिक कर दें

Step 3: Search results will pop-up and you will see a variety of results. Now, find the link of UIDAI’s official website which must be with the name of

सारे रिजल्ट्स में से ‘’ पर क्लिक कर दें



Step 4: Now, look for the link of ‘Check Aadhar Status’ under the heading of ‘Get Aadhaar’ and click on it

‘Get आधार’ के नीचे लिखे ‘Check आधार status‘ पर क्लिक करें

E-adhar status

E-adhar status

Step 5: In this new page enter the 14-digit Enrollment no. and the 14-digit date and time of the enrollment too

नए पेज पर अपना १४-संख्या का enrollment no. और १४-संख्या का enrollment दिन और समय का कोड भरें

E-adhar status

E-adhar status

Step 6: Follow this by enter the security code as in the image and click on the ‘Check status’ Button

इसके बाद security कोड को छवि से देखकर बॉक्स में लिख दें और ‘Check Status‘ के बटन पर क्लिक कर दें

If you follow these steps religiously then you will get your E-aadhar status easily. This process is made extra easy by the Indian Government and UIDAI because it saves both the time and effort of both the government employees in the department and the people searching for the information of the internet.

How to online update E-adhar without any hassle?

Nowadays, updating E-adhar card is very easy and it can be done while sitting at home. You can use your phone or PC to update these details. So, if you want to update your personal information on the UIDAI portal then follow the following points:

Step 1: start with opening web browser on your PC, one the browser open search for and click on the very first link

अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें और UIDAI की वेबसाइट को सर्च करें जो की




Step 2: On the official webportal of UIDAI search for the pallet saying ‘Update Aadhar’ and click on the ‘Update your address online’ tab

UIDAI की वेबसाइट पर ‘Update आधार’ के पैलेट को ढूंढ कर उसमे लिखे ‘Update your address ऑनलाइन’ पर क्लिक कर दें

Address Change Aadhar

Address Change Aadhar

Step 3: on the new window press on the ‘Update Address’ button

नए पेज पर ‘update address’ के बटन पर क्लिक करें

Address Change Aadhar

Address Change Aadhar

Step 4: Fill in the Aadhaar number/VID to log in and then upload all the relevant documents one by one. At last, click on the submit button and your address will be updated in 5 to 15 days

आधार नंबर भर कर लॉगिन करें और सारे इनफार्मेशन को फइलल कर के सबमिट कर दिए और ५ से १५ दिन के अंदर आपका पता अपडेट हो जायेगा

Address Change Aadhar

Address Change Aadhar

In case you want to update more details then visit your nearest Aadhaar centre of UIDAI and fill the request form.

नमस्कार दोस्तों, मैं Pandit Shivam, HREX का Author हूँ. मुझे नयी नयी Technology से सम्बंधित चीज़ों को सीखना और दूसरों को सिखाने में बड़ा मज़ा आता है. मेरी आपसे विनती है की आप लोग इसी तरह हमारा सहयोग देते रहिये और हम आपके लिए नईं-नईं जानकारी उपलब्ध करवाते रहेंगे I

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{Patta Chitta Online} & FMB Map Apply Online, Check The Status & Validity- Tamil Nadu Land Records



Patta Chitta

In daily life, an ordinary man earns a sum that is sufficient to survive among the public is like the ‘survival of the fittest’. In case if they had managed to earn an extra sum and have planned to invest that amount in the land it is mandatory that they will have to have the patta on the property on which they are going to purchase.

Patta What Is It? Why It Is Called As?

The government declares the actual name of the owner of the particular plot of land. The land that is purchased for any purpose must have a ‘Patta’ to construct any buildings, bungalows, anything. When a group of owners purchases the same piece of land, then all the owner’s names are mentioned in the patta that is issued for the main person.

What are the necessary documents?

1.    Original and scanned copy of the application for verification.

2.    Parent document copy

3.    EC was taken from sub-registers office until the deed date of registration.

4.    Old patta copy.

Chitta What Is It? Why It Is Called As

This registered patta extract is called as Chitta as it gives the entire ownership details about that specific land. The important details available are

•     Village, Taluk, District, Land Owner’s  name with Father’s name,

•    Patta number,

•    Survey Number with sub-division details.

This is managed and maintained by Village administrative officers and Taluka office.

How To Procure Patta Chitta Online & Status

Tamil Nadu government has Patta Chitta process available online too. This facility is made accessible from the rime the patta and Chitta merger happened.

There are very few steps that need to be followed to process it online. 

Step 1: log on to the website that is for Patta Chitta The languages available are Tamil and English.

Step 2: Select and view Patta, FMB, and view Chitta, TSLR Extract and choose the location where the site is located along with the district.

Step 3: All the details (Details like Taluk, Village, Ward, and Block would be required along with Survey Number and Sub Division Number)regarding the property are entered.

Step 4: Town Survey Land Register will review your application and issue the certificate for these applications online from VAO office or taluka office will be given.

You can also check on to your application status in particular site also after issuing your patta validity can also be checked for through online.

Transfer Of Patta Chitta Online

According to the Government Order 210 dt. 8th July 2011, The transfer can be done when the owner of the land is different that is when the land is sold the rights can be transferred from one person to the other.

The following documents are very much necessary along with the transfer application that is acquired from the taluk office. 

1.    Signed patta transfer application

2.    Sale deed copy along with the original are to be submitted for checking process

3.    Property tax receipt as procession receipt

4.    Encumbrance certificate

The other possibilities are as follows

•    If an owner holding the Patta with his name, suddenly or unfortunately dies without a will, then the legal heirs of the person are entitled to have Patta for the property in their names.

•    If the person had left behind a Will, Patta can be transferred to the immediate heirs of the sick person’s beneficiary with others consent and acceptance.

•    When there is a purchase/sale of a property, then it is possible to get the Patta directly with the purchaser or a transferee.

What Is An FMB Sketch?

Field Measuring Book is a data book that contains all the information regarding the exact location of the land in the map. It is the government’s responsibility and the FMB sketches are an important requirement for a property transaction.

It is comprised of



    Subdivision Lines♣


    Extension Lines♣

   ♣ Neighbouring Field survey numbers

    Neighboring survey numbers♣


How To Get An FMB Sketch Of A Property?

First and foremost thing to be done is to submit a written request to fetch FMB is to approach a tahsildar’s office. There is no online source to get the sketch approved online. Specific finding on sketching is also unavailable for reference purpose as it is outdated. But the officer can be intimated.


Thus, to fetch a patta online the procedures are to be followed as such to get the work done rapidly without any sort of delay due to documents.

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Online Bhulekh

{Bhoomi RTC}How to Check Bhoomi RTC (Pahani) – Karnataka Land Records Online




What is Pahani (RTC) in Karnataka and what kind of information it contains?

Pahani (RTC) is an online portal issue important land document, requires for saving land records. It serves under Karnataka Government. A best-trusted portal primarily deals with setting the name of your land or in native speaking ‘Bhoomi’ along with many others land-related issues.  RTC in actual indicates the following: Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information.  The information that’s mainly incorporated in their works are: 

  • Choosing a diverse type of Bhoomi
  • Their entire area measurement
  • To identify soil type
  • How much water is needed to pour in order to keep them fit?
  • Is the land fit for possession, tenancy, and selling? 
  • Real estate issues like transferring of the property
  • Helping those who are looking for a loan and trying to acquire against property etc. 

How to check Karnataka Land Records online from Bhoomi Karnataka website?

They have their own official online portal filled with various sorts of Bhoomi related necessary details like: 

  • The record of past and current year.
  • Its current mutation status etc.

To check the Bhoomi Karnataka website, Please follow these steps:

Step 1-First open Bhoomi Karnataka site’s

Step 2– Then, click on ‘view RTC link’, present on the right side of the Home page.

Step-3 After coming on the next page select district, Taluka, Hobli, and village of your own.

Step-4 And also enter the survey no.

 Step-5 Then, at last, press the submit button to check land records online.

Note:- Check Land Record In Orissa Bhulekh Orissa

How to check Bhoomi RTC Online in Karnataka?

In order to check Bhoomi RTC Online record in Karnataka

Step-1 You first requires visiting their official site 

Step-2 Then, choose ‘RTC’ online from its home page.

Step-3 After clicking takes entry on the next page

Step-4 There you will get a requesting application, enter all the details of Village, Hobli, District, Taluk and survey no etc.

Step-5 At last, clicks on the final ‘Fetch Details’ button for accessing all the required details you need taking the land.

How to download RTC (Pahani)?

To download or install RTC (Pahani) follow these given steps:

Step 1- First, open

Step 2- Then, press view original 

Step 3-on next page click on i-RTC on Bhoomi service list.

Step 4- After coming on next page, click on Bhoomi Online i-RTC Citizen Login

Step-5– Then, click on Login as Guest

Step-6– On the next page fill the requesting application, in which District, Taluk, Hobli, Village and Survey no is mentioned.

Step-7 At last, Click on ‘Fetch details’ and view RTC and your download is complete.

Note:- Read How Register For IGRSUP

How to check mutation register and mutation status from Land Records Karnataka website?

In property language, Mutation simply means a formal process that covers transferring of property from one person to another along with ownership right. 

In order to check mutation status record from Land Records Karnataka Website:

Step 1– First click at ‘RTC and MR’ option from home page of the Bhoomi portal

Step 2– Then, click on mutation option

Step 3– There you need to fill all the details like mentioning district, Taluk, Village name and survey numbers etc. as well. These are some overall procedure you have to follow to scan your mutation report and registration from Land or Bhoomi Records Karnataka website.

How to check Karnataka revenue maps online?

Karnataka revenue maps online help in finding all land details that, a person need before buying and selling of Land/Bhoomi.  Here, a person can easily and securely track the location of Bhoomi or land with the help of a map is present on Karnataka Land Record’s RTC Website. 

To check Karnataka revenue maps online is quite easy by following these few simple procedures:  

Step 1-Firstly, open Bhoomi Karnataka official site,

Step 2-Then, click on Revenue Map, located on the left side of Bhoomi Services home page.

Step 3-After it select the “state” which is present in the menu bar of the home page.

Step 4-Now; select District, Taluk, Hobli and any type of Map

Step 5– Finally Click on PDF File and view your land image online.

What are the uses of Karnataka RTC Bhoomi?

Karnataka RTC Bhoomi specifically includes these following works: 

  • Bhoomi measurement
  • To scan the authenticity of Bhoomi
  • Bhoomi’s capacity for water absorption
  • To check the soil type.
  • Status of land possession
  • Checking the fertility capacity for the crop is grown
  • About land types
  • Information of the landowner
  • Handling issues of land transferring
  • Managing tenancy and lots other

How checking land records are helpful to avoid fraud?

In modern time, it has become highly necessary to check the land record before proceeding towards the final step of purchasing the property.  These are few cautions that owner should need to take like:

  • Perfect lawful registration of the property.
  • Proper inspection before finalizing your buying plan of Bhoomi.
  • Thorough checking of the power of attorney.
  • Appropriate scanning of conversion certificate.
  • Checking the detail of tax payments, if it is clear or not until the date of selling.
  • Inspection of the occupancy certificate, which is the prime liability of the authority, whenever builder is applying for it.  

Exact steps to check online Land records of Karnataka

These are few easy and exact step following which you will never feel a victim of fraud again, these steps are:

Step 1-First visit their official website whose URL is

Step2-Now Click on View RTC Link, located on the right side of the home page

Step 3- After that on the next page select your District, Taluk, Hobli, and Village along with survey no

Step 4-At last, click on the submit button for the exact online land records of Karnataka. 


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Online Services

{CSC Registration} – What Is Common Service Center – How to register on Apna CSC?



CSC Registration

What is CSC?

CSC or as we commonly know it as Common service center is an ICT or Information and communication technology access point. It is created under a scheme which is crafted by the government of India. This project is presented to the public by the name of National e-Governance Project. The main aim and purpose of this project is to enhance the usage of wireless communication among the masses. We can access CSC through our Computer which must be connected to a working Internet connection. To breakdown CSC’s origin we can say that common service center is essentially a kiosk that is powered by a personal computer. This is a very helpful tool which is created under the supervision of Indian Government and it is useful in providing multimedia content to a variety of fields such as Education, health, entertainment, e-governance, telemedicine, and other private as well as governmental services.

List of CSC services that you can provide to citizens

With CSC services into the picture, interacting with government and their policies have become quite easy and effective. There are experts working behind these common service centers that help citizens with a variety of services which more or less come to the point of being related to the government. Following are the list of services that you can provide to citizens with the help of CSC:

  1. Business to consumers (B2C): these are the services that are oriented towards citizens with an origin at governmental institutes:

  • IRCTC, Bus and Air ticket services
  • English speaking course
  • E-commerce sales (Household, electronics, Books etc.)
  • CSC Bazaar
  • Online Cricket Course
  • Mobile and DTH recharge
  • Agricultural services
  • E-Learning
  1. Government to consumers (G2C): these services are a combination of basic services that are offered by the government to the consumers:

  • Insurance Services
  • Services of Department of Post
  • Passport
  • CyberGram
  • Premium Collection Services of LIC, SBI, ICICI Prudential, AVIVA DHFL and Other Insurance Companies
  • Digitize India
  • E-Nagrik & E- District Services (Birth/Death Certificate)
  • IHHL Project of MoUD (Swachh Bharat)
  • Pension Services
  • NIOS Registration
  • Electoral Services
  • Apollo Telemedicine
  • PAN Card
  • NIELIT Services
  • E-Courts and Results Services
  • State Electricity and Water Bill Collection Services
  • Aadhar Printing and Enrollment

3. Educational services: CSC offers various literacy services for various age groups. There are projects that see into each age groups progress separately. Adult Literacy is offered through TARA Akshar+. IGNOU is also powered by CSC now. NIELIT services and NIOS services are also a part of CSC’s service reach.

4. Other services: CSC also offers several other services such as Recruitment, Agriculture, Income Tax filling etc.

Eligibility for CSC registration

Since CSC is a project of the government, its registration is not much typical compared to registering into registrations into other service projects. Several criterions that are specified by the government for the CSC Registration eligibility are:

  1. For the participator:
  • Age: the applicant must have completed the age of 18 years by the commencement of upcoming year. This age has to be proved by documents such as Driving license or Birth Certificate.


  • Qualifications: There is not much boundation when it comes to the qualification criteria for CSC registration. All that a person needs is a qualification of having a passing certificate of Matriculation level or any other course equivalent to Matriculation level from any recognised board.


  • Other requirements: some other requirements for CSC Registration are Basic knowledge of English language, Basic knowledge of computer skills, fluency in reading and writing of their native language.

Infrastructure required for CSC registration

Similar to the terms of a person’s eligibility there are set rules about the Infrastructure which is required for a CSC registration.

  • A Room/Building having an empty space of 100-150 Sq. Ft.
  • Atleast Two Printers. (Inkjet + Dot Matrix)
  • All the RAMs that are used in the builds must have the minimum storage capacity of 512 MB
  • Hard Disc Drives with a capacity of at least 120 GB are required on each build
  • A Web Cam/Digital camera is required on each computer.
  • Wireless/Wired/V-SAT Connectivity should be available at the prescribed location
  • IRIS/Biometric Authentication Scanner for all the Banking Services and transaction.
  • CD/DVD Drive to access the data stored in respective devices.

How to register on Apna CSC

The registration process of Apna CSC starts with completing the eligibility of the above mentioned criteria. Once a candidate manages to satisfy all these requirements they gain the opportunity to submit their registration proposal to the CSC’s official panel.

Step By Step Guide

The process of registration on Apna CSC is as follows:

Step 1: Open the CSC portal which is 

CSC Registration

CSC Registration

Step 2: Once the portal opens up click on the link with the text “Interested to become a CSC” which you can easily find on the left side of the page.

CSC Registration

CSC Registration

Step 3: After that, click on the highlighted link “For CSC Registration, Click Here”

CSC Registration

CSC Registration

Step 4: A window will open up after the above step where you are required to enter your Aadhar details.

CSC Registration

CSC Registration

Step 5: after this you have to complete the Authentication process. You have to choose among the options of authenticating through Finger Print / IRIS / OTP (One time password)

CSC Registration

CSC Registration

Step 6: Choosing either of these will help to get the details from the archives of Aadhar portal and all the details regarding your personal information will be filled up automatically.

Step 7: Now you are supposed to upload Images of geo-tagged centers.

Step 8: Now you are all good to go, just click on Submit and your application will be submitted

CSC Registration

CSC Registration


So, this is how you can do the registration at, this CSC portal can also be used for CSC re-registration. This is a very effective tool of getting the governmental services through CSC online.

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