Tanishq Gold Schemes


We all know that Tanishq is a popular brand of jewelry where women get ample choices in the collection of gold. Well, considering the investment, Tanishq is one efficient brand where you get good returns too. This Indian-based jewelry manufacturing company has come up with some gold scheme which has been the talk of the town. Basically, Tanishq is a well-known brand introduced by the Tata sons and group. It was set under the brand of Titan and works as an edgy and contemporary brand of jewelry. There are quite a unique style and product range. But that is not it! You might want to explore the Tanishq gold saving scheme which also is quite advantageous.

Know more about the gold scheme launched by Tanishq

Before we move on to understand the Tanishq gold plan, you need to have clarity that this brand is quite large within itself. It was set up in 1994 and since it got huge success there was then no looking back. There is the headquarters of Tanishq in Bangalore whereas it has also a known manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. Moving further, to talk about the scheme, the company is known for a pan India presence. This means it has stores across different Tier-I cities and works as the emerging one across the Tier-II and Tier-III cities

The Tanishq 11 month scheme of gold called the Tanishq harvest scheme is a monthly gold saving plan in which the investor can apply at the regular installments that too on monthly basis as low as Rs 2000 or even multiple of the Rs 1000 for the next 10 months using the cash at their showroom either online through the website or through their own app which is called Tanishq golden harvest app. During the maturity, it is possible for the investor to avail some good discount till 75% of the initial installment amount during redemption.

What is the Tanishq Golden Harvest scheme

The Tanishq scheme like the gold harvest one lets the individual make the deposit on the installments with a minimum amount of Rs 2000 with multiples of 1000 each month for either 10 or 6 months. This then can be redeemed against the purchase of the jewelry on the scheme maturity using online or cash in the app or through the website.

The jewelry that gets purchased will then be subject to some special deals and discounts for the percentage as per the amount that gets deposited.

Here are the key things to know about the plan

  • It is possible for you to enroll in this gold scheme and make a new account using the Golden harvest website or app. You can also open the account at any of the showrooms of Tanishq

  • Any person who is more than 18 years of age can enroll in this scheme

  • Once the first installment is paid, it is not possible to change the amount of the installment

  • Since you cannot redeem the account online, it is possible for you to visit and even purchase from any of the showrooms that are located across 200 cities

  • It is important for you to have your original golden Harvest book for redeeming account before maturity 

  • The bonus of this scheme is applied but for this, you need to pay 6 monthly installments on the due date.

  • There is also a redemption date which is on the 7th month. You can however visit the store with your golden harvest book in case you wish to.

Benefits that Tanishq's Golden Harvest Plan offers

  • You can be Encircle member-TITAN Company’s loyalty program and avail yourself of some of the best advantages from 1000 stores.

  • It is possible for you to make the purchase from any of the Tanishq showrooms across India

  • You can even club in the discount of Golden harvest at the end with any offers that are ongoing which offer the Tanishq golden harvest scheme refund during that time and avail the advantages

  • It is possible for the individuals to plan financially for the purchase of the jewelry

  • The individuals are then free to make the choice of the amount that has been deposited with Tanishq depending on the financial position.

  • Individuals can avail of a discount of up to 75% of the jewelry on the purchase using such a scheme

Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme Features

With the Tanishq saving scheme, it is possible for the individual to make the deposit of money each month for 10 or 6 months that can be redeemed against the purchase of the jewelry on the scheme maturity

The jewelry which is purchased shall then be subject to some special offers for the percentage depending on the amount that gets deposited


It is time to make your investment worth and for this enrolment to the Tanishq gold scheme is the best thing to do.  This Tanishq golden harvest plan has the option that shall mature post 366 days from the date of enrolment and customers will be more eligible to redeem by the weekly purchase from the company at the stores of Tanishq.

Questions and nares

Is Tanishq Gold Harvest Scheme good?

With such an attractive scheme, there is no doubt that your investment will be worth it. But the catch is you will not be able to purchase the purest of the gold or cannot even get some cash back. You can only buy from the jewelry items where the value of the money of course will get loose while making the charges and wastage.

What is the Tanishq Golden Harvest scheme?

This scheme is one smartest yet the regarding scheme in which you can make the investment. You simply must make 10 installments. There is also a Tanishq Swarna Nidhi scheme which is flexible too. It comes with 8 months gold booking that can help you protect against the increasing rates of gold.

Is it possible to withdraw money from the Tanishq Gold Harvest scheme?

The account of golden harvest needs to be completely redeemed against the jewelry purchase and there shall not be any credit note of refund many in the manner be it partial or full.