To Work Or Not To Work: Unemployment Scenario In India


With an unemployment rate hiking to a new high of 7.09%, to work or not to work isn’t really the choice of the 31 million Indian seeking jobs right now. And, as you are here reading out the article, it is clear as to what choice you made. But what despises us, Indians, is that living in one of the largest growing economies of the world and still have a high unemployment rate. The questions that arises here is, “Are we more or the jobs less?”

We Are Indeed More But Are The Jobs Really Less?

Another thing that we lack here is the lack of awareness. Like a blind sheep we follow where the next blind sheep goes who in fact is following another blind sheep; in the chase, we forget what we really wanted. But, before we get into the see-saw of employment vs number and ultimately blame it on the “Modi Sarkar”, let us lay a ground of facts and stats.


With a total number of 21 crore people under the age group of 25-30 and producing over 30 lakh graduates every year in India, 1 out of 3 is unemployed.   With a population that comprises 34.33% of youth (15-24 years), India’s student share is increasing at a rapid rate. However, the latest report by Azim Premji University, Centre for sustainable Employment shows the last three years have been exceptionally poor. Though, India show a good 10% growth of GDP, the employment rate has grown less than 1% in the past years. So, why are we going so slow? A data collected by CMIE shows that 11 million job have been lost in the past year, throwing the unemployment rate to an all-time-high of 7.4%Unemployment Graph While an article by YourStory on ‘Unemployed workforce vs no skilled candidates’ declares one of the biggest reasons of the increasing unemployment rate in India is lack of ‘skilled workforce’ and “Lack of skilled professionals and the evolution in job requirements”. But we beg to differ. The recent data by Azim Premji University report shows that around 16% of youth with technical knowledge are still unemployed and with 32 lakh engineers graduating every year, 60 % are still unemployed. Another problem that the Indian youth is facing is low wages. The data by CMIE shows that 67% of Indian houses earn less than Rs.10,000 per month. Unemployment Graph So, in this depressing scenario, what are the JOBS and WHERE TO FIND THEM? Well, you won’t certainly find them under rocks or bridges but taking a guided path towards the area you are looking a job in and choosing a low risk, low unemployment sector will definitely make you find one.


Let us start with sectors that offer lowest unemployment rate in India and have the highest job availability.  

1. Information Technology and India:

Information Technology

Be it India or the world at large, everything is getting digitized. From cash to our very own personal data, the IT sector has boomed in the two decades and so have the jobs.

If you have a decent degree in any IT field, finding a decent job won’t be so difficult. The country’s demand for IT graduates has increased significantly. And this doesn’t mean the companies, both public and private, need only software developers and coders. There is a broader aspect of the IT demand of the country.

2. Cyber Security Expert:

Cyber Security

Who doesn’t need one? For as long as there is data on the clouds, it needs to be protected. And as long as it needs to be protected, they will need a Cyber Security expert. The job has a wide scope and the availability of jobs is good enough for you to get hired. And don’t worry if you don’t have any specific degree in this field. Various universities provide courses and crash courses in this field. The risk factor of being unemployed is low here.

3. Developer:

developer You could do it freelance for private companies at your own will or get hired by a company. Developers develop. The world is on the internet and to be on the internet, companies increasingly need developers for creating, maintaining and improving their presence online. With the launch of android and iOS applications, and different software for almost everything, the developer community has seen a boost in the jobs. The pay increases with experience but finding jobs here isn’t all that difficult.

4. Computer and Network Administrators:

A basic Bachelor’s degree in Computer and a good hand with Computers is all you need for this job. With companies getting more on board with internet and increasing technological advancement, the job demands in this field have been particularly increased.  

5. Health:

Nursing, Medical Support Staff, Health Service ManagerHealth The hospital runs by more than just Doctors. In fact, the Medical Support staffs is actually responsible for the stable working Health Institutes. From increasing number of Hospitals from Government to Private being set up in the country, the job availability of jobs such as nursing, medical support staff, management staff have gone up significantly.

6. Hotel Management:

Hotel Management A career where the hotel may run out of business but you won’t. Hotel management is a vast field with ever-increasing jobs. The salary ranges from a few thousand to lakhs depending on your skill and experience. But, in the long run, the field is low risk. It is definitely better than not being employed at all. Even if you don’t have a proper college degree, many of the Indian Universities offer Crash Courses in Hotel Management, which will give you a big bonus in getting jobs.

7. Freelancer:

Freelancer If you have Talent, don’t let it go in vain. Being a freelancer is as good as being employed under a brand, maybe even better. It is sure a risky choice since you have little or no guarantee of job, but is far better than nothing. You can get big, you can work small, there is always room for risk though. The best thing about freelancing is you can work under no authority, here you have all the control. The country is constantly seeing an increase in the number of people opting for Freelance career options rather than working a 9-5 job.  

8. Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur Scaling up Your small business or starting it from scratch, Entrepreneurship sector has seen a big boost in the last 5 years. The “Make in India” campaign has given a huge opportunity platform to the small businesses in the country. So, if you have a business plan or any business already set up, don’t be afraid to take a risk to get out and see how it works, for you miss 100% of shots you didn’t take. Right?

These are not all, there is a lot more you can do. Finding the right path through the right tunnel is your call.  


Another sector that has been brought into focus by the Government is the MSME sector. By 2018, there are over 65 million MSMEs in the country forming over 30% of the country’s economic output. This leads to the generation of over 120 million jobs. The MSME sector has come out as one the most dynamic and the largest employment-generating sector over the past decade. The government, through various Schemes and programs, has constantly been trying to make it ease for MSMEs to establish themselves in the country. The “Start-up India” launched to boost the Entrepreneurship Sector has been greatly successful. The MSME sector has managed to create over 11.10 crore jobs in different sectors including Manufacturing, Trade and other services in the year 2015-16. The sector is so far responsible for the employment of over 1076 lakh individuals and the numbers are increasing at a significant rate. The MSME sector has also displayed an increased rate of female employees which now accounts for 24% of the total.   Apart from this, the decade-old Governmental Schemes such as Integrated Rural Development Programme, MGNREGA, JGSY, SGSY, etc have been under constant reformations to suit the country’s biggest unemployed youth in the rural areas. Apps, portals and help centers are being developed for better and rooted implementation of the schemes.   The government is trying on and about to bring the nation with the world’s largest workforce into a category of job creators rather than job seekers. The employment generation has been slow and steady and we will have to see what the government will do to get this unemployment gap covered.

But for now, we have a solution.

With the market and industries going further towards digitalization, it is only common for employers to used online help to recruit new people. The job seekers, as well as the employers, have taken on to various job portals and websites for reliable results. While employers have grown increasingly dependent on such portals and websites to find more suitable candidates. And it makes sense. But there are hundreds of such job portals out there and you can’t possibly apply everywhere.  


JOBS Out of those hundred portals, there are only are few that really work. So, here we are with the best job portals and websites that will help you find the right job!

Being one of the oldest one, is undoubtedly preferred to have the largest source for job seekers and employers. They, therefore, have the largest database of candidates and employers. So, if you are looking for a job in, say IT companies, you can browse through categories and with just a few clicks, you can find hundreds of job opportunities right in front of you. Select the ones that suit you the best and apply! also lets you upload your CV or Resume and so it reaches a vast range of employers. You can find some big, multinational companies, listing their vacancies here too.   The online support staff is really helpful and will sort out any of your issues and also guide you through the entire process. So, with you need not worry about anything.

Placement India

Another great job portal with a big network of employers. The website allows you to filter through different categories such as skills, qualification, role and can connect you to some big employers.   Not only this, but the website also features a career counsel section where you can get advice on your career. You can also seek professional help in framing your CV, resume and cover letters. They can guide you through each step of getting a job. From how to find the right job to what to do in the interview, Placement India has everything covered for you. The steps from signing up to creating a good profile are too really easy and you won't find any hassle. The job posting and accounts are free to use and you can access their huge employer database with zero cost. You can also go through their blog which contains various posts on career and jobs which has proved to be really helpful to millions of job seekers. For any issue, you can call their customer support and they will resolve it within seconds. Overall, Placement India is one of the best and most trusted job portals and if you are a bigger to this whole job portal scenario, this could one of the good choices.

Monster India is an international brand which became popular from 2002, soon after being set up as Monster India. It has an app which makes it a lot easier to find, filter and sort jobs based on your preference. The Monster India network is huge and they have even collaborated with IAF to help retired IAF warriors to find corporate jobs. The signup process is quick and easy and soon after you do the basic formalities, you can start applying for some real-time job. The success rate of getting a job through monster India is great. The portal is highly trusted by various national and international companies. You won't feel a lack of jobs in India after visiting Monster India.

A times group subsidiary, the job portal is as trusted as the brand itself. You can upload multiple resumes for different industries. Apart from basic features of a job portal, you can find some interesting features here. You can view the National Hiring Trends and different activities across India. The website will only feature the jobs that are relevant for you and nothing else. Different guides on jobs, placement and other procedures related to jobs are posted and featured on the Home Page. TimesJobs is yet another trusted website and you can find tons of opportunities here.

This portal is one the world's biggest job portals and has grown pretty big in India as well. It has no extra big feature and no long procedures. It is as simple as it can be. So just upload your CV and go find jobs. You can put categories and location where you can find your job opportunities and  connect to a vast network of companies and employers. You can, like millions of other job seekers already have, find the right job here. Indeed is indeed one of the best!

Used by millions across India, Shine has grown out to be one of the most trusted job portals in the country. The interface is easy and minimalistic, yet giving you a greater choice of browsing and selecting jobs. Shine too provides an app for android and iOS, making it easier and faster to use. You go through various job categories and select them according to your preferences. The Shine features a lot of job postings from startups if you are looking for something like that. In addition to this, shine also provides an additional feature, called Shine Learning. Here you can sign up for various courses and get certificates to improve credit on your CV. It also features courses on Job Interview and other skills that you may need to get a job. Overall, is a unique platform to learn and get jobs. It can make your career SHINE! Sarkari Naukri Help:Sarkari Naukri Help team provides quality study material like books pdf,Coaching Classes Material freely available on internet that contains a lot of study material for UPSC Aspirants and for others one day exam like SSC,Railways,IBPS etc.These are helpful and very beneficial with the need to be referred for UPSC preparation. The reason for such kind of service is that some poor students that cannot afford the costly books. Thus, this website is helping them for better preparation in their examination. CONCLUSION So, this was all we had  for now. From where to look to how to find. But nothing ends here, it is just a beginning. For queries and information you can mail us, we would love to help you out! If this helped, share it as much as you can. There are a lot like you who need help!