• Construction employees who have registered with the Labor Department can make changes to their bank accounts from the comfort of their own homes. For this, the department has created a smartphone app called upbocw. Workers who have not received financial assistance of 1000 rupees can register and renew their employment by installing this app. They will receive cash assistance of one thousand rupees in a few days in addition to refreshing their bank account.
  • The Uttar Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board has sent the first tranche of a thousand rupees to the restored workers under the Disaster Relief Assistance Scheme. In Lucknow, there are 60,999 rehired workers.

What is UPBCOW

  • The state of Uttar Pradesh has a wide range of employment opportunities, both formal and informal. Specific authorities control and administer each department. These ensure that all workers' rights are respected. The UP labour department registration is one of the several departments that serve the department's employees. The UP labour department oversees all construction and related field personnel.
  • The UP Bhawan and the construction workers welfare board have launched an online website (http://upbocw.in). The site is intended to assist with the worker and labour registration procedure, as well as status checks. Applicants can learn about the UP Shram Vibhag Panjikaran and the status of their UP labour registration using the webpage.
  • Building and construction employees, the labour department, and the UP government can all use the UPBOCW website. The labour card is easier to obtain thanks to the digitized portal.

Objectives of UPBCOW

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, the number of labourers and daily wage workers is relatively high. Many of these labourers exist in the state, and they can sustain themselves and their families by working every day. The Uttar Pradesh government has launched the UP BOCW site to enable poor and working-class citizens with access to a variety of government services. The goal of this portal is to give workers financial, physical, and mental support. They will be able to take advantage of numerous government programmes through the UPBOCW portal, which will help them improve their financial situation. Beneficiaries will not be required to visit multiple government offices to apply for services. They will not need to apply for numerous services again once they have been registered as a labourer.

Benefits of UPBCOW

Many benefits will be supplied to the beneficiaries once you register as a labourer on the Upbocw portal, as we will explain point-by-point below.

  • The UPBOCW webpage has been launched to provide numerous services to the state's workforce.

  • Laborers can apply for any scheme relevant to their work through this platform.

  • Following labour registration, the beneficiary will be offered a variety of services from time to time.

  • The “Kanya Vivah Yojana” will provide financial aid of 55-55 thousand rupees to two daughters of a labouring household.

  • During the Corona period, free ration would be supplied to residents of the working class under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana. In addition, maintenance will offer them the benefit of allowance support.

  • Workers are also supplied with insurance and accidental death coverage under this system. Workers will be supplied with insurance benefits in the event of an accident. If a labourer becomes disabled while on the job, he or she would be given financial aid of up to Rs 50,000.

  • In the event of a corona pandemic, the benefit of financial aid will be supplied to the labourers through Uttar Pradesh Shram Yoga.

  • Workers will be supplied with therapy if they have any problems during the corona period, as determined by the covid kit. The government has also issued labour helpline numbers in this regard.

UPBCOW Registration Process

Follow the steps below for the upbocw registration process online.

  • To do so, you must first visit the Uttar Pradesh Labor Department's official website. You can also navigate to this page by clicking on this link. http://upbocw.in is an example.

  • The website's homepage will now appear in front of you. You must select the “Application for Labor Registration” option here. 

  • Now you'll see the labour registration form in front of you. You must fill out this form with your Aadhar Card/Registration Number, Mandal, District, Mobile Number, and other information. 

  • Then, below, click the "Apply/ Modify" button.

  • An OTP will be sent to your phone number, which must be input.

  • After you've entered your OTP, select the "Authenticate" option.

  • You will now see a new page appear in front of you. Details such as the worker's name, father/name, husband's gender, date of birth, age, and so on must be entered on this page.

  • After that, check the box to confirm that you have read the announcement below carefully.

  • Then select "Aadhaar Verification" from the drop-down menu.

  • Following Aadhar verification, you must fill out further information such as Ration Card Number, Mother's Name, Type of Work, Bank information, Family member information, Applicant's correspondence address, Applicant's permanent address, Nominee information, and so on.

  • Documents such as the applicant's photograph, a copy of their Aadhar card, a copy of their bank passbook, a copy of their self-declaration certificate, a copy of their employment certificate, and so on must also be submitted.

  • After you've completed all of the fields, check all of the declarations below and click the "Register" button.

  • Your application will be completed in this manner. The labour application number will show on your screen

  • Take note of it so that you can check the progress of the application in the future.

UPBCOW Renewal Online Procedure

If you need to renew your labour contract, you can do so conveniently online from the comfort of your own home. Workers can easily apply for upbocw renewal by following the instructions below.

  • To begin, go to the UPBOCW official website, which is http://upbocw.in.

  • The website's homepage will now appear in front of you. You must select the “Labour Renewal Application” option here. 

  • On the next page, type in your registration number and press the "Search" button. 

  • The worker's name, registration status, district name, date of birth, and other information will now appear in front of you.

  • To renew, select the "Renew" option from the drop-down menu.

  • Now you must choose a renewal period and then click the "Submit Renewal" button.

  • Now you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, which you must validate.

  • You must pay the renewal charge after checking the OTP.

  • You can easily renew your UP Shramik labour card this way.

How to track UPBOCW status online

You will be given a Sub Shramik Registration Number or Registration Number after registering. On the old website http://uplabour.gov.in/, the old registration number could be found. From the new labour registration number, you can check the registration status or submit a labour application on BOCW.

Do the following to verify the status of your Uttar Pradesh Labor Department application:

  • Visit the UPBOCW website http://upbocw.in.

  • There, look for the section on workers or labour.

  • Select the Registration Status link from the drop-down menu.

  • On the following screen, you have three options for viewing the registration status. 

  • Whether it's a new registration number, an old registration number, or an application number, it's important to keep track. 

  • Check the status of your registration and your application by using the registration number and the application number.

How to download a Shramik Certificate or a Labor Card from UPBOCW.IN

If you applied for labour registration online, you can easily download a labour certificate from the comfort of your own home. By following the steps below, you may simply download Shramik Card.

  • To begin, go to the official website of the Uttar Pradesh Labor Department. http://upbocw.in is an example.

  • On the webpage, select “ Shramik ” from the main menu and then “ Shramik Certificate ” from the drop-down menu.

  • You will now see a new page appear in front of you. You must input your Aadhar Number and Registration Number on this page.

  • After you've entered all of your information, click the " Search " option.

  • On your device, the labour certificate will now show. It can be printed or saved as a PDF.

UPBOCW List of Beneficiaries

On the Upbocw. website, you may see a list of all registered labour beneficiaries. Following the steps below, interested candidates who have recently registered can quickly check the list of staff.

  • To do so, go to the official website of the UP BOCW, which is http://upbocw.in.

  • The website's homepage will now appear in front of you. To get started, go to the top menu and select "Labourers," then "List of Workers." 

  • You must select the district, municipal body/development block, nature of work, and other options on the following page. 

  • After that, select "Search" from the drop-down menu.

  • On your screen, a list of all the beneficiaries will now show.

  • You may quickly examine the list of beneficiaries on the Upbocw.in site this way.

UPBOCW app download

If you open the Upbocw.in the portal on your mobile device, you might have problems applying for any services. It was difficult to use mobile services such as labour registration, application status, labour list, and so on. As a result, the official UPBOCW mobile app has been released. Installing the app on a mobile device allows users to apply for a variety of services. The programme can be installed by following the steps below.

  • First and foremost, go to the UPBOCW's official website. You can also navigate to this page by clicking on this link. http://upbocw.in is an example.

  • The website's homepage will now appear in front of you. You must then select the “DOWNLOAD ANDROID APP” option from the right-hand sidebar. 

  • Your mobile app will then begin to download. It must be manually installed.

UPBOCW contact number

If you need any kind of assistance then you can call the department's official upbocw contact number. For assistance with the portal or any other service, call the helpdesk number. Aside from that, you can communicate your problem to us via email. We've listed its contact information below.

Frequently asked questions

What is the full form of UPBOCW?

The entire name of the Upbocw is "The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.”

How long does it take for labour registration to be completed?

After the application, the labour registration takes roughly 7 days.

How can you get a new labour card if you lose it?

If a labour card is lost, a reprint of the labour card can be obtained by providing the registration number at any life facility centre. If you can't find the registration number, you should contact the local office.

Is it possible to apply for many schemes at the same time?

Yes, many schemes can be used at the same time.