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Aadhar card is one of the few mandatory and essential documentation that is issued by the Government of India. It comes in both paper and electronic mode. The online format of Aadhar is known as E-aadhar and if you do not have your physical Aadhar card then you can download e-aadhar from the official website of UIDAI. But, in order to perform e-aadhar card download, first, your aadhar have to be allotted from the government and to check your e-aadhar status you can visit uidai.gov.in/

What are the steps to download e-aadhar from the official website?

You can download e-aadhar by a variety of ways. You can download aadhar card by name and date of birth. So, follow these steps to perform aadhar card download online:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Mobile or PC and search for the official website of UIDAI which is uidai.gov.in अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें और UIDAI की वेबसाइट को सर्च करें जो की uidai.gov.inE-aadhar

Step 2: Once you are in the web portal look for the link saying ‘Download e-Aadhar' which will be under the heading of ‘Aadhar enrolment' and click on it वेबसाइट में ई आधार डाउनलोड पर क्लिक करें जो की आपको आधार enrolment मिलेगा



Step 3: Now, a window will open saying ‘Download E-aadhar by using your Aadhar, EID or VID'; fill all the personal details that it asks for. नयी पेज पर अपनी सारी जानकारी भर दिए और आधार enrolment पर क्लिक करें


Step 4: once you complete the form, click on the button saying ‘Request OTP' सब भर देने के बाद Request OTP पर क्लिक करें E-aadhar

Step 5: Enter the ‘OTP' that you will receive on your mobile अपने मोबाइल पर आये OTP को भर दें

Step 6: Now, once you have entered all the details and OTP, click on the Download Aadhar online tab and you are good to go. सारी जानकारी भर देने के बाद Download Aadhar पर क्लिक कर दें


E-aadhar This is a simple and easy way with which you can download your e-aadhar card online.

All you need is some simple information and you will get all of your details and e-aadhar card by printing it.

Note: A Password Would Be Require To Open The Downloaded File That Password Will Be {First Four Letters Of Your Maiden Name In Capitals And Year Of Birth} eg.(SHIV1999)

How to check Aadhar Card Status?

Aadhar card is issued by the government agency of UIDAI which stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. This agency controls and maintains all the data regarding E-aadhar verification, issue and delivery of the card to their respective holders. Thus, sometimes, due to such a heavy workload, they have to face issues regarding the delay in the delivery and verification of the person. This is why they have made it easy to check the status of the e-aadhar card online.

This way anyone who has not received their physical Aadhar card yet, they can check about its context through some simple procedure. The procedure to check the status of Aadhar card is fairly simple and can be done through a variety of methods such as you can find aadhar card number by name and date of birth. So, if you are in the search of a method to check the status of your aadhar card on UIDAI then following step by step guide will help you to get to the required information easily.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open the web browser on an electronic device that can access the internet such as your smartphone or PC. अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें

Step 2: On your search engine, go to the search window and type e-aadhar status, follow this by clicking the ‘search' button Search इंजन पर 'इ-आधार स्टेटस' लिख कर 'search' बटन पर क्लिक कर दें

Step 3: Search results will pop-up and you will see a variety of results. Now, find the link of UIDAI's official website which must be with the name of uidai.gov.in सारे रिजल्ट्स में से 'uidai.gov.in' पर क्लिक कर दें E-aadhar


Step 4: Now, look for the link of ‘Check Aadhar Status’ under the heading of ‘Get Aadhaar’ and click on it 'Get आधार' के नीचे लिखे 'Check आधार status' पर क्लिक करें

E-adhar status


Step 5: In this new page enter the 14-digit Enrollment no. and the 14-digit date and time of the enrollment too नए पेज पर अपना १४-संख्या का enrollment no. और १४-संख्या का enrollment दिन और समय का कोड भरें

E-adhar status

Step 6: Follow this by enter the security code as in the image and click on the ‘Check status’ Button इसके बाद security कोड को छवि से देखकर बॉक्स में लिख दें और 'Check Status' के बटन पर क्लिक कर दें If you follow these steps religiously then you will get your E-aadhar status easily. This process is made extra easy by the Indian Government and UIDAI because it saves both the time and effort of both the government employees in the department and the people searching for the information of the internet.

How to online update E-adhar without any hassle? Nowadays, updating E-adhar card is very easy and it can be done while sitting at home. You can use your phone or PC to update these details. So, if you want to update your personal information on the UIDAI portal then follow the following points:

Step 1: Start with the opening web browser on your PC, one the browser open search for uidai.gov.in/ and click on the very first link अपने मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर वेब ब्राउज़र खोलें और UIDAI की वेबसाइट को सर्च करें जो की uidai.gov.in E-aadhar


Step 2: On the official web portal of UIDAI search for the pallet saying ‘Update Aadhar’ and click on the ‘Update your address online’ tab UIDAI की वेबसाइट पर 'Update आधार' के पैलेट को ढूंढ कर उसमे लिखे 'Update your address ऑनलाइन' पर क्लिक कर दें

Address Change Aadhar 

Step 3: On the new window press on the ‘Update Address' button नए पेज पर 'update address' के बटन पर क्लिक करें

Address Change Aadhar 

Step 4: Fill in the Aadhaar number/VID to log in and then upload all the relevant documents one by one. At last, click on the submit button and your address will be updated in 5 to 15 days आधार नंबर भर कर लॉगिन करें और सारे इनफार्मेशन को फइलल कर के सबमिट कर दिए और

५ से १५ दिन के अंदर आपका पता अपडेट हो जायेगा

Address Change Aadhar

In case you want to update more details then visit your nearest Aadhaar centre of UIDAI and fill the request form.