BEVCO Online App

BEVCO Online App

The beverage industry has always been the ultimate source of income for all countries and its government. Whether the beverage industry is small-scale or large-scale, it brings a huge profit to the government of the respective country or state. However, going out to buy liquor has become very dangerous for the people in this crucial situation. The coronavirus is ready to attack people as soon as the people let themselves get exposed to the outside air and atmosphere and that is why keeping yourself safe is much more important than buying liquor in today’s world. 

A decrease in the sales of the beverage industry ultimately causes the economy of a state or country to drop as well and that is why keeping the sales of beverages strong and going is also very important. For the same reason, a lot of states have started forming their liquor ordering and delivering applications. Through liquor-delivering applications such as BEVCO, etc., people can order liquor at affordable prices right from their houses and this will keep them safe and protected from the outside situation for sure. 

Taking this aspect into consideration, the introduction of the bevco online booking application has become a stepping stone for the Government of Kerala for sure. This app provides discounted and high-quality liquor to the people right at their homes. The usual prices of liquor are very high and that is why ordering it from the ksbc app will give you the same liquor brands at very reasonable prices. This is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity that you should not miss upon at all for sure. 

By following all the steps of downloading and installing the BEVCO app properly, people can get access to amazing offers and opportunities to buy liquor for themselves, and that too just by a single click-

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for the BENQ app. 

  • Download and install the BENQ app on your Android phone. 

  • Open the app and click on the Registration option and sign up with your details and mobile number. 

  • Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive an OTP on it and you will have to enter it on the app for the further process. 

  • Move on to book your order by placing all the required items in the cart. 

  • Pay for your order through net banking, credit/debit card, or UPI pins and proceed further. 

  • While continuing this process, make sure that you do not exceed the benq booking time, otherwise, you will have to start the process all over again. 

  • After completion of the payment procedure, you will get the details about the delivery person along with their phone number. This way, you will be able to contact them in case your order gets delayed for delivery. 

  • Apart from the details of the delivery person, you can track your order on the BEVCO app directly and know where your order has been reached. 

When people follow all these steps properly, they will undoubtedly get their discounted orders delivered at the right time to their houses, and that too without fail. 


With the introduction of the benq liquor app, people of Kerala are now getting discounted and good quality liquor delivery without giving any health risk to them at all. Also, the delivery people are very attentive and strict about following all the COVID-19 rules and not coming in contact with the recipients in any situation at all. 

Therefore, availing yourself of the play store benq will give great guidance to the people related to their liquor buying problems and will also keep them safe and sound from the outside exposure in the first place, and that too undoubtedly. So, if you are awaiting a discounted liquor-delivery source, then you should not wait too long to download and use the BEVCO app for sure. 


  • Can BEVCO app deliver liquor outside Kerala?

No, the BEVCO app originated in Kerala and does not deliver liquor outside Kerala. However, it delivers liquor all over Kerala whether it is in any corner of Kerala irrespective of the distance for sure.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the BEVCO app?

The eligibility criteria or age for downloading the BEVCO app is 21 years. People below this age group are not allowed to download this app from the Google Play Store at all.

  • Can people get discounts on the KSBC Virtual Queue App?

The ksbc virtual queue app offers a lot of amazing discounts on the orders of people and that is why this app is undoubted to be used by people when they want to get incredible offers on their liquor orders for sure.  

  • What is the time in which the order gets delivered to the person who books it on the BEVCO app?

The person who books an order on the bevco virtual queue app can get it delivered in almost 45-60 minutes from the time of booking. If the delivery person takes more time than this, then the customers can call for trouble at the shop and can also complain about the same there. They can also call the delivery person by themselves and enquire about their order. 

  • If a comparison is done between buying liquor personally or ordering it on the BEVCO app, then which side wins?

Undoubtedly, ordering your liquor on the BEVCO app will win in comparison with buying it personally. This is because of 2 reasons: one of them is that on the official BEVCO app, people can get discounts that they are unable to receive in person. The second reason is that they don’t have to step out of their homes, risking their lives in this terrible pandemic period to buy liquor for themselves. 

  • What if the BEVCO app gives registration errors to you?

You can solve the registration errors given by the BEVCO app by contacting the respective application authorities and telling them about your registration and accessing trouble. You can contact the application authorities by either calling them on the customer care number or by sending an email on their official email ID. 

  • To which authority does the BEVCO app belong?

The BEVCO app is formed officially by the Kerala State Beverages Corporation. So, we can say that the Kerala State Beverages Corporation accesses and works as per the BEVCO app.