BevQ Booking Time

BevQ Booking Time

BevQ is a mobile app queue management designed by Faircode Technologies of Kochi, Kerala. This is provided by Kerala State Beverages Corporation under the Government of Kerala. The introduction of the app was in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala and was launched together by the Government of Kerala and Kerala State Beverages Corporation. The purpose of the app was to execute social distancing in the liquor stores in Kerala. The app was released by Faircode Technologies on Google Play Store in May 2020. It was reported that the app was used more than the use of even Domino’s apps all over India.

As mentioned above, the purpose of introducing this app was to provide a virtual queue facility to those who wished to purchase liquor. To maintain the stores free of rush and to keep the social distancing on top priority, this app allows people to book liquor orders online. For the same purpose, the BevQ app booking time was fixed from 6 am to 10 pm. Since Kerala is one of the top liquor-selling states, it was decided to make liquor available for the people during the lockdown period. 

When it was observed that the liquor shops are uncontrollably crowded when the shops are open, there was a high risk of spreading of virus due to this crowd. The state government hence launched the app to book orders online. The app gave the slot opening between 6 am to 10 pm during which one can book the order and the intimation about the pickup store will be informed to the customer. This would enable me to collect the parcel at a designated place and time without going into the crowd. The number of people to collect the order will also be managed by confirming the order of limited people. 

It was evident that the server crashed many times a day due to the high load on it. While launching the app it was anticipated that there will be huge downloading and installation of the app and also of orders which would be placed to check the performance of the app as well as the authenticity of the service. The BevQ app booking time was kept quite longer so the app used to hang many times. 

Process of purchasing the liquor online – On initiation by the customer the option of choosing the nearby store will be displayed. Once the customer selects the outlet, he will get the time of pickup of the order. The Beverage Corporation chooses the manual or automatic option for the outlet based on the customer’s location. The order can be placed in bottle/s and not in peg measures. Online order and collecting within a stipulated time slot will help avoid crowding and maintain norms of a maximum of 5 people at a time at the counter. The Bevco app booking time will be in collaboration with BevQ in the form of order and delivery.

People can also book orders through SMS service too. However, there is capping on per person liquor booking which states that one person can book up to 3 liters of liquor at a time, and once in 5 days means one person can book liquor after 5 days of the previous purchase. This capping arrangement will not only reduce the load on the app and supplier but also maintain the places crowd-free. The BevQ booking time today will be open from 6 am and will close by 10 pm while the shops for collection will remain open between 9 am to 5 pm. 

Kerala Government Company was initiated in 1984 and it owns the Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation. The company has a monopoly in the purchase and distribution of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) like beer, wine, Foreign Made Foreign Liquor (FMFL), and Foreign Made Wine (FMW) in the state of Kerala. The corporation also controls most of the retail shops in the state and hence the authority to decide BevQ app booking time is in their authority. The Kerala government stayed away from the idea of liquor home delivery though it is a good and safe option. On the contrary, though it was directed by the Supreme Court, the Kerala High Court took a stand against home delivery of liquor and even fined a man who petitioned for the home delivery citing it as the safest option. 

To download the BevQ app from Google Play Store, one may find it by the same name and have to type ‘ksbcvirtualq’ in the search bar and seek the app. Select the third name in the list. It is not available for iOS users though. To use the app, one has to enter a pin code, name, and mobile number. On receiving the OTP one has to enter it to get an e-token with a time slot and QR code. Before buying the liquor people need to show the token at the liquor store. You can also get the BevQ booking time toady and proceed accordingly to book the desired brand. 

The BevQ app booking timetoday will give you the facility of choosing your nearest outlet and intimating you to collect within the given time slot safely. You can book order in the option BevQ booking time tomorrow if you want to get it the next day. Kerala Government is tipped as serving people in the way they need with its robust structure of officials. The government also promotes people to adopt modern technology with its reputation as the most literate state in India. Of course, in this state also there is a gap between poor and rich but it is less than in many other states, thanks to most of the state residents working abroad especially in the Middle East countries. 


Kerala is seen as one of the most developed states of India and it also is gifted with natural beauty. The landscapes are so amazing that it is no wonder it is also called “God’s Own Country.’ Kerala has also been encouraging people to be on their own. The diversified culture strengthens its knots between people with various religions. Though it has remained aloof in terms of inclusion in the overall rituals of India, it cannot be sidelined because of its old culture among itself. Travel and tourism give it a big boost and also its strategies to build trust among the people. The BevQ app operates only in Kerala and that shows its magnitude of development.


  • I don’t have the internet. How can I get my token?

There is a facility to get a token through SMS so you can avail it through SMS.

  • How can I use BEVCO liquor tokens?

Once you book your order you can carry your mobile to the allotted liquor shop and show the token to the shop attendant to get your liquor.

  • Can I get liquor home delivery?

No, liquor home delivery is not permitted in Kerala.

  • Is the BevQ app working now?

No, the operation of the BevQ app has been stopped by the government on demand from Beverages Corporation. 

  • How can I book BevQ through SMS?

You can send an SMS to the number 8943389433 to book the liquor online in Kerala. 

  • How can I get liquor in Kerala?

Wine and beer are easily available but for other alcoholic drinks, you have to visit Government Beverage Shops.

  • How much liquor can I keep at home in Kerala?

You can keep a maximum of 3 liters of Indian Made Foreign Liquor in your home in Kerala.