Bihar Property Registration Process

Property registrations were not at all an easy task in ancient times. It was very difficult to take ownership of your property in the previous times and that is why people faced a lot of complications in the same for sure. It took a very long time for the people to issue their properties on their names and this increased the chances of frauds and mishandling of the property in between that period. 

For the same reason, Bihar authorities took the property matters into their own hands and decided to find a reasonable solution for it. This is when they started searching for some valid sources that would speed up the property registration processes and discovered an online portal that will do the same for the people. Registering on the online portal of the Bihar Property Registration authority is very simple and does not take much time and effort from the people’s side. Also, by applying on this portal, people can track down their registration process from time to time and this reduces a lot of confusion and misunderstanding taking place between the property registration authorities and the people. 

The property registration authorities of Bihar have also taken some required measures to spread the importance of the Bihar Property Registration Portal among all the people of Bihar so that whenever they buy any property, they immediately visit this portal and get their property issued in their names. This has affected property corruption and crimes to a great extent and that too in a very positive way. The efficiency and effectiveness of this portal have made it possible for people to use it whenever and wherever they want and get their properties registered in very little time. No doubt, this portal had achieved a lot of appreciation from the people’s side in the first place. 

Benefits of Applying for the Bihar Property Registration

The property registration portal of Bihar offers a lot of amazing offers to the people and they have a lot of benefits as well. Some of those important benefits can be listed as follows-

  • Anyone can apply for their Property Registration:

One of the most important benefits of the Bihar Property Registration Portal is that people can make use of the same from anywhere and anytime. It is not necessary to visit a particular place or office to apply for this facility and that is why those who cannot manage to come out of their homes, such as senior citizens, sick people, etc., can also apply from the online portal right from their homes and get their properties listed on their name quickly.

  • Genuineness is accessible to the people:

In today’s world when a lot of criminal activities are taking place regularly, it is important to have everything listed on your name with full genuineness and proof. This same thing is facilitated to the people with the help of this portal and that is why using it will be very upgraded and beneficial for the people,   undoubtedly. 

  • People can Track their Registration Progress from Time to Time:

With the help of this portal, it becomes easy for people to track down the progress of their applications and get to know the status of their property registration from time to time. This special tracking feature also includes the name and some details of the person who is in charge of confirming your property registration. This will be helpful for you in case your procedure gets delayed and you want to reach out to the authorities to check for the same.

Procedure for Property Registration in Bihar

A proper and organized property registration procedure is used by the Bihar Property Registration portal enabling people to apply for registering their properties with simplicity and ease. Following are the steps that people need to follow to get their properties registered in their names and that too very affordably -

  • Visit the official website of Bihar Property Registration and click on the 'Apply for Property Registration' option. 

  • Fill out the whole form for the same purpose properly and check all the details at least twice. 

  • Click on the Next option and attach all the required documents on the upload option present on the screen. 

  • After uploading all the documents click on the Next button and read all the terms and conditions properly.

  • Tick the 'I Agree' box at the bottom of the screen and click on the Submit button. 

  • After completion of all the above processes, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number for the insertion of a code. Enter that code in the required box and proceed further. 

  • The application for the registration process is complete and after 1-2 days, you will be able to track the progress of your registration properly through the portal and your official account on it in the first place. 

By following the above procedure properly, anyone can easily apply for their property registration and that too without wasting too much of their time for sure.

However, people need to take into consideration all the required documents for the same before logging into the portal. This is because there is a particular time for accessing the portal and after this time is crossed, the account automatically gets logged out and you will have to log back to your account. Therefore, having all the documents present with you at the time of applying for the registration process is very important. 

Documents Required for Application of Bihar Property Registration

Following are the required documents for the application of online property registration in Bihar-

  • Original and Xerox copy of Property Purchase documents such as Sale Deed, Sale Purchase, etc. 

  • Xerox copy of the board of directors resolution from both the buyer and the seller’s side. 

  • Xerox copy of PAN cards of both buyers as well as the seller. 

If the applicant has all the documents present with them, then their application process becomes much easier in the first place for sure. 


The Bihar Property Registration Portal organizes a proper way for people to register their properties. The procedure of the registration is also very simple and easy to achieve and that is why it becomes possible for people to carry out their registering process properly. This way, they will get ownership of their property very quickly and easily for sure.

Therefore, availing yourself of the Bihar Property Online Registration Portal will be beneficial for the quick ownership of your property in the first place, and that too undoubtedly. For the same reason, you should not leave this golden opportunity at any cost, and that too surely. 


  • What is the tax percentage that is deducted for the Bihar Property Registration Process?

From the total cost of the property that needs to be registered, a total of 2% tax fee is deducted for the completion of the Bihar Property Registration process. 

  • Does MNR play a role in the Bihar Property Registration Process?

Yes, MNR (Mean Value Report) is an important aspect of the Bihar Registration Procedure for sure. With the help of MNR, the authorities get to know about the annual report of the property dealings or any activities that may have taken place in the property. This leads them to a clear picture of how to analyze the property and whether to register it or not in the first place. 

  • Is stamp duty also being applied for Bihar Property Registration Process?

Yes, stamp duty is applicable on the property registrations in a lot of states including Patna, Bihar, etc. 

  • What is the percentage of stamp duty applied on the Bihar Property Registration and what is it based upon?

The stamp duty applied on property registration in Bihar is around 2-6%. This duty depends on the total sales cost of the property that needs to be registered at the current time. 

  • Is it possible to track your Property Registration Process online?

Yes, tracking your property registration process online is possible in this pandemic situation. The official website of Bihar property registration shows the progress of every person’s property registration and that too updated till that particular day. That is why people can just log into their accounts on the website and check the status of their registration very quickly for sure. 

  • Can people check the registration details of their lands from the Bihar Property Registration website?

Yes, it is surely possible to check all of your uploaded documents and the other registration details on the official website of Bihar Property Registration after about 1-2 weeks of their application. 

  • Is it possible to change your name from the Bihar Property Registry once you have applied for the same long back?

Yes, if proper steps are followed, then people can change their names from the Bihar Property Registry. Even if the application was submitted long back and the registration process is already completed, they can go to the website of Bihar Property Registry and apply for the name-changing process for their owned lands. 

Following steps need to be followed for changing your name on the property ownership documents-

  • Visit the official website of Bihar Property Registration and click on the Change name on Registered Property' option. 

  • Fill up the form of the name change process completely and attach all the necessary documents to it as well. Click on the Next button at the bottom of the form. 

  • Please read all the instructions properly and tick the 'I Agree' box at the end of the page and click on Submit.

  • You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number and after inserting that in the respective section, the name change form will be passed on. After 1-2 days, you will get to know about the progress and status of your name-change application directly on your registered mobile number.