Bihar Property Registration Process


In a country like India, it has now been a rule that every property which a buyer purchases must be registered. Thankfully with digitalization, now the states can register the property online. Buyers thus can even include their properties of the Bihar state to avail the facility for registering their newly purchased immovable assets. Bihar Property Registration includes the land and flats as well. But for the biometric check, it is not just the buyer but also the two witnesses and the seller who should make an appearance at the office of the sub-registrar concerned once the online appointment is made. At the appointed house, the seller and buyer both should appear at the sub-registrar’s office with two witnesses carrying their identity and address proofs.

Bihar Property Registration

In India, it is important for registering all the transactions of the property as per the registration act 1908 provision. The immovable assets need to be well recorded to get the property rights on the date of execution of the deed. The Property Registration Process includes the registration department along with the stamp which is liable for the registration of the property in Bihar state.

Section 25 of the Bihar Registration Act

According to Section 25 of the Bihar Registration Act, there must be a document stating the registration of the property deed that must be furnished within the four months from the property registration date to the respective Registrar officer. In case the preceding is violated, there is a fine that needs to be paid and it shall be imposed to ten times the value of the property registration fee.

Benefits of Property Registration

Once the buyer follows the Bihar Online Property Registration, the process can give ample advantages. Talking of which name some of the benefits of the property registration are:

  • To produce security of title deeds and to prove titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed.

  • To offer a guarantee of the genuineness of the deed.

  • To afford publicity for transactions.

  • To afford the ability to determine whether the property has already been sold.

  • To manage an up to day public record by registering a property.

  • To make sure avoidance of frauds, conservation of evidence, the transfer of title to the owner.

Know more about the process of registration

According to the provisions made under Section 32 of the Registration Act, 1908, there has been a deal that has been made stating the terms that shall represent the presentation of the documents for the registration that a person makes. The document which needs to be registered under the prerequisites of the Act should also be presented at the registration office by the concerned individual or by the authorized agent or representative as stated in Section 33 of the Registration Act, 1908.

How to prepare registration documents in Bihar

There are so many documents that need to be submitted by the seller and the buyer during the property registration. When these documents are collected it is important to make sure that documents are prepared on the stamp paper or using the plain A-4 size paper of the standard of royal executive bond paper. Along with it, there will also be enclosed maps and plans should be on A-4 size bond paper.

Documents Required

 To make sure the process of property registration goes smoothly; the buyer must have all the documents handy. To register the property, listed are some documents to be furnished along with the application:

  • Identity proof of both buyer and seller.

  • Copy of sale-purchase agreement on stamp paper.

  • Certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors of the seller.

  • A photocopy of the income tax permanent account number (PAN) of the seller

  • Certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors of buyer

  • A photocopy of the income tax permanent account number (PAN) of the buyer.

Along with the above-mentioned documents, some other documents need to be submitted for the land or property registration in Bihar under the following circumstances

In the case of Settlement

  • Deed (Original)

  • Challan- Form I Appendix A of BRR(Annexure 1a)

  • Declaration under section 16 of the BLR (FCA and ASL) Act,1961.

  • Copy of identity proof of one of the identifiers.

In the case of Partition

  • Challan- Form I Appendix A of BRR(Annexure 1a)

  • Deed (Original)

  • Form 4 under section 4(1) of Bihar Stamp Rules 1995 (Annexure 1b)

  • Copy of identity proof of one of the identifiers.

In the case of Sale, Gift or Exchange

  • Deed (original)

  • Challan- Form I Appendix A of BRR(Annexure 1a)

  • Map of the plot

  • Form 4 under section 4(1) of Bihar Stamp Rules 1995.

  • Form 13 under section 15 of Bihar Tenancy Act, 1885.

  • Declaration under section 16 of the BLR (FCA & ASL) Act, 1961.

 In case of Mortgage Lease

  • Deed (original)

  • Challan- Form I Appendix A of BRR(Annexure 1a)

  • Declaration under section 16 of the BLR (FCA and ASL) Act,1961.

  • Copy of identity proof of one of the identifiers.

In case of all other types of deed

  • Deed (original)

  • Challan- Form I Appendix A of BRR(Annexure 1a)

  • Copy of identity proof of one of the identifiers.

Know more about the stamp duty

The property buyers in Bihar need to also pay the stamp duty and registration charges during the property registration. This has been included under the provisions of different laws which also include the Registration Act, 1908. The registration charges and the stamp duty can have quite a huge increase in the buying cost. That is why the buyer must factor in the two expenses before they purchase the property in the Bihar capital or purchasing land.

Stamp duty in Patna

In Bihar, women are given a provision to pay less. The buyers need to pay6% of the property value as stamp duty in Bihar, Patna.

Stamp duty as a percentage of the property’s cost      

  • 6% Female name

  • 6% Joint

  • 6% Male name

The documents are given to the women buyers depending on who the parties involved in the transaction are. Suppose if it is a man selling the property to the woman then a woman buyer can get a depending on who the parties involved in the transaction. But if the scenario is the opposite, then the buyer will have to pay 0.40% additional stamp duty. This way if a man purchases the property from a woman, then the former shall have to pay 6.40% of the property cost as stamp duty. In case both parties are women, the standard stamp duty charge will be levied.


With the primary focus on reducing the number of land-related disputes and offering speedy services to the landowners, now Bihar government, on April 1, 2021, has come up with new software that will link the sub-registrar offices in Bihar with the circle offices. This makes sure there is a mutation of the land along with the property registration that is simultaneously done. Once the parties present in the transaction fill-up the mutation form along with the documents of land registration, the papers will then be forwarded from the sub-registrars to the circle office for immediate registration and mutation. This is one useful software that can be used for those buyers who buy land from an owner with jamabandi records.

Questions and Answers

How to register land/property in Bihar

  • The process of registration is quite simple but it needs to be followed stepwise. Here is the guide with steps to property registration in the state of Bihar

  • Visit the official portal of the department of registration

  • On the page that appears, click on the ‘E-services for Registration’ option.

  • On the following page, select from among the many options that appear.

  • Buyers who want to register their flats or apartments must select the ‘Land/property registration’ option.

  • On the following page, while registered users can key in their email ID/mobile number, password, and captcha and “Log In” to process, new users will have to click on the “New Registration” option.

  • Once the user provides all the details, they will receive an OTP on their mobile/email ID that has to be used to activate the account.

  • A registered user must then key in the property details and submit all the property-related documents to proceed.

  • Once you have uploaded all the documents, press the ‘Save’ button.

  • Once the copies of your documents are scanned and saved, you will be directed to a page that would provide you with the option to ‘Pay now.

  • To carry on with the online payment, choose the payment mode and click on the ‘online payment’ button.

  • Once the payment has been successful, the applicant will be provided with the e-Stamp.

  • A registration number and an acknowledgment slip will be generated.

  • A time slot along with the seller and two witnesses will also be booked for the buyer to visit the sub-registrar’s office in person to complete the process.

  • All parties involved must visit the sub-registrar’s office at the appointed time slot, along with all the property-related documents and address and identity proofs.

  • The official in charge shall verify all the papers, following which the signatures, photographs and fingerprints of the buyer, the seller and the witnesses will be collected.

  • With this, the process of property registration will conclude.

Can I register my property online in Bihar?

Buyers can particularly finish the registration of the property online in Bihar. To finish the process the need to make a physical appearance at the sub-registrar’s office.