Bihar Ration card Online

  • The Food and Consumer Protection Department of the Bihar government has concluded the online registration procedure for new Ration cards, and the department has published the new Bihar Ration card list on its website. Applicants can see the district-by-district list on the official website. Candidates who applied for the Bihar Ration card online should check their names on the list.
  • Those who recently registered for a new Bihar Ration card online and had their application processed can now check their names in the Bihar Ration card list, which is now available on the official website. The Bihar State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Limited is in charge of all activities linked to the public distribution system, and it is overseen by the Food and Consumer Protection Department of the Bihar government.
  • A big number of state residents applied for Bihar's new Ration card, and the epds department just published the Bihar Ration card list on its website for such applicants. Those who applied for a Bihar Ration card can see if their name is on the list.

What is a Ration card?

A Ration card is an official document issued by the state government to households that allows them to acquire food grains and other commodities at subsidised prices through the Public Distribution System. Ration cards are the only ones who can shop at the PDS stores.

Types of bihar Ration card online

  • This system is overseen by a recognised authority in each state. The Bihar State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation (BSFC) Limited, which is part of the Bihar government, is in charge of this responsibility. Ration cards are granted to households/citizens based on their applications. Ration cards are distributed to households in four different forms. These are the following:
  • BPL Ration cards are supplied to households that fall below the poverty line and have a family income of less than Rs.24000/- per year. BPL cards are red.
  • APL Ration cards are granted to households that are over the poverty line and have an annual family income of less than Rs.24000/-. The colour of the APL card is blue.
  • Ration cards for the poorest of the poor are known as Anthyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration cards. The hue of the AAY Ration cards is yellow.
  • Annapurna Ration cards- These Ration cards are given to the state's elderly retirees.
  • The Fair Price Shops distribute foodgrains and other vital items to the cardholders (FPS).

Bihar Ration card List 2021

If you have not yet checked the Bihar Ration card list, you can do so by following the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Log in to the official Bihar Ration card online website – To begin, go to the Bihar State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Limited, Govt. of Bihar's official website,

  • Click the relevant link — On the left side of the webpage, click the “RCMS” link.

  • District of Choice – A list of all of the state's districts will show. You have to select your district from the drop-down menu.

  • After you've chosen your district, click on your tehsil.

  • Choose a shopkeeper from a list of all the shopkeepers in your tehsil. Choose your Shopkeeper's name.

  • Choose "Family Head" from the drop-down menu, and a list of Ration card recipients will appear. You must now search the list for the name of your family's head of household and click on the corresponding Ration card (RC) No.

  • Ration card data appear — Finally, the Bihar Ration card list appears, and you can review it as well as any relevant information.

How to download the Bihar Ration card online?

The steps for downloading your Bihar Ration card online are as follows:

  • Take a look at the webpage

  • “RCMS” should be selected.

  • Select your district from the drop-down menu.

  • You'll notice several Ration cards organised by type. Choose between urban and rural settings.

  • Choose your block from the list of alternatives.

  • A list of panchayats will appear.

  • After you've chosen your panchayat, click on your village.

  • Make a decision (Fair Price Shop).

  • Under the FPS, you'll find a list of Ration cards.

  • You may access the card details by clicking on your Ration card number.

  • Click the “download” button.

Frequently asked questions

How can i add my phone number to my ration card?

To add/register a contact number to your Bihar Ration card online, go to the official website and select “Register Mobile Number” from the drop-down menu. Fill in all of the information and then click the "Register" option.

How can I apply for a Ration card in Bihar?

To apply for a Bihar Ration card online, applicants must first go to the S.D.O office in their region, fill out the application form, attach all relevant papers, and submit it.

What are the main advantages of possessing a Bihar Ration card?

The main benefit of having a Bihar Ration card is that the candidate would be able to purchase food grains at a lesser price. As a result, those applicants who do not have enough money to buy food can do so.

What documents are required to apply for a Bihar Ration card?

To apply for a Ration card, you'll need documents like your Aadhaar card, utility bill, voter id, and so on.

How can I file a complaint through the portal?

The following are the steps to file a complaint:

1) Go to the official website

2) From the menu bar, select the “Grievance” option.

3) From the dropdown box, choose "Submit Grievance."

4) Complete the form and click "Register."

How can I verify the details of my Ration card online?

To check Ration card information, go to the portal's homepage and scroll down. Select “Ration card details” from the drop-down menu, then input your ration number. A list of details will appear on your screen.

Is it possible for me to double-check the status of my complaint?

Yes, you can check the status of your complaint on the official website. To learn all of the steps, go over the ones listed above.

Is it possible to apply for a Bihar Ration card if I am not a Bihar resident?

No, to apply for a Bihar Ration card online, the candidate must be a Bihar resident. You can apply for a Ration card from the state in which you reside.

In Bihar, how many different sorts of Ration cards are there?

The following are the three primary types of Ration cards:

1) APL Ration cards are available to applicants who are above the poverty threshold.

2) BPL- The BPL Ration card is for people who live below the poverty line.

3) AAY- This Ration card is for Bihar's poorest families.

Authorities will upload the Bihar Ration card list from where?

For the convenience of aspirants, the Ration card list can be obtained via the official page, or a link to download the list will be supplied in this section.

Is it required to link an Aadhaar card to a Ration card in Bihar?

The need of attaching the Aadhaar card is undeniable. If you haven't already done so, this passage will walk you through the process of linking your Aadhaar card to your Ration card.

Can I get an e-challan through the official Bihar Ration card website,

Yes, this website allows you to download e-challans from the comfort of your own home. Candidates must first open the official page, then select the e-challan option, fill in the required information, and print the e-challan.