CBSE Marking Scheme Online


Each year before starting with the Board Exam, there is a release from CBSE for the sample paper and the marking scheme to offer a better view of the exam pattern and the paper design of the question. The marking scheme for the exam has been released on the official site by CBSE marking scheme 2021. The class of CBSE has the marking scheme for the 12th standard which is more like an answer sheet that offers step-by-step marking of every question that comes in the sample paper. 

The board exam conducted by CBSE is said to be one milestone in the academic life of the student. That is why students work hard on preparing for the exam and working hard enough to score well. Even the board organized all the important stuff that is needed for assisting the student to prepare and even help in removing the stress of the examination. Just like the previous year, even this year the CBSE board has released a new question paper design along with the evaluation scheme for the board exam. Usually, it is the subject-wise marking scheme that is designed. You can always check the answers to certain questions in the same paper. Besides this, the scheme will also help you know the writing skills.

What is the CBSE marking scheme?

The sample paper and the marking scheme of CBSE class 12 2021 are available for different subjects on the official website of CBSE. Those students who need to be on the class 12th examination are expected to go through the marking scheme of 10th and 12. This would help them have clarity on how the answers writing skills are achieved from the exam perspective. You can thus score high marks. Before you go through the marking scheme, it is important to solve some sample papers. This would ensure the marking scheme goes smooth and you can check the answers for evaluating the exam preparation.

The major features of the CBSE Marking Scheme are:

  • It states some of the suggestive answers

  • CBSE marking scheme 2020 class 12 states the right way to include the keywords and the key concepts

  • It states the marking scheme that can be made as per the steps according to which the candidate's answer shall be checked in the board exam

  • It shall show the right way of presenting the answer and thus keeping them right and informative

That is why all students who shall appear in the CBSE exam must analyze thoroughly the CBSE marking scheme for every sample paper. This would give them an understanding of how to write rightly on the answers in the board examination to achieve the maximum marks.

CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for Internal Assessment

As per the pattern of the CBSE exam for the class 10 and the 12, there usually are the questions that have very short answers type expected or the long answers type expected. The internal marks for the class 10th are usually 20 marks. This comes with the periodic test of 10 marks which the submission of notebook and achieves of the subject enrichment consist of the 5 marks each for which the assessment is conducted.

According to the marking scheme of English class 12 CBSE 2021, the periodic test is usually the appear and pen test that is conducted two or three times in the academic year by certain subject teachers. It not just evaluates the knowledge of the child but also gives better scope for the teacher to adopt the remedial measures if any of them is needed.

The submission accounts for the notebook includes 5 marks which are decided according to the parameters set of neatness, organizational skills, and even regularity. It can be done in the teaching of the classroom only.

There are also the subject enrichment activities that include the internal assessment of 5 marks. It includes the different activities such as a presentation to assess the reading of the child, narration, and even the short dialogue conversations and presentation to assess the reading/ listening peaking of the kid to learn the subjects. While for the subjects such as Maths, science, and social science, one can choose lab activities, map work, or even pocket work, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

If the smart study plan for the marking scheme of maths class 12 is maintained with better consistency then success will not be far. It is important to have regular practice as there are quite high possibilities by which you would be able to scale up the score for better marks. You can plan the preparation with a good understanding of different syllabus criteria, revised changes that are new, and the marking scheme.


You must have clarity on the marking scheme for class 10 CBSE 2021 formulas and understand different concepts that are behind the chapters. Look forward to better ways to solve the types of questions from previous years from the CBSE question banks for boosting the preparation and this would enhance the level of confidence as well.

Questions and Answers:

How CBSE Marking Scheme 2020 is helpful for students?

The scheme comes with key points, hints, and even short answers to the questions that are asked in the question paper of CBSE. The students who come with key points for the answers might get major marks.

How will CBSE calculate marks?

The grades which shall be equivalent for the 91-100 band (A1 grade) of marks is 10. It will further get divided on the average result of 95 by 10. You must have an understanding of the disclaims set by CBSE stating that percentage is just the approximation.

Is CBSE marking lenient?

It certainly is one of the quite lenient checking processes that you can find in the country. But students must have clarity on understanding how CBSE board checking shall further be done for presenting the problems in the right manner and thus earn better grades in the exam.

Does CBSE give extra marks in 2020?

According to the statistics that have been found so far, The Central Board Secondary Examination has earlier given extra marks of 56 in the 12th board exam.