CG Bhuiya B1 Online


In the world of digitalization that we are living in these days, there are no doubts there are so many things that have progressed to a great extent. The government has also started using the digital platform for many things like to offer services, keep records to name some. To meet the criteria of today’s changing lifestyle, the Chhattisgarh government state has come up with an initiative to launch the CG Bhuiya. It is a state government portal for recording the lands. Before you go ahead and use it, you need to understand more about checking the BhuNaksha (land map), the process to be sure about the online land record, and much other information.

Know more about CG Bhuiya

It is now possible to check your Khasra (P11), Khatauni (B1) online map of your farm, plot, or land. Thanks to the world of digitalization that Chhattisgarh has introduced with the Bhuiya program there are so many things that you can do with just one click. As per the National Council of Applied Economic Research, considering this growth that Chhattisgarh has been making, it seems that it is one of the top states in terms of land-record digitization and its quality.

As compared to other states who have digitized their land records for keeping the records well organized and making them ready for the general public, Chhattisgarh is already quite ahead. The state land records are now available on the Bhuiyan portal which the state government calls as Bhulekh (land record-keeping) program.

About portal

In the state of Chhattisgarh, seeing the land details online has become quite simple. This concept was launched in the state on the portal called Bhuiyan. It is a computerization project of the Land revenue department of the Chhattisgarh government for the citizens to view the details associated with measles (P-II) and Khatauni (BI). Is the address of the official website where you can get all the details like geo map, measles map, related information with just one click. Also, it is possible to get the accounts of all the land of Chhattisgarh obtained online

The CG Bhuiya Nic portal is categorized into two sectors Bhunaksha and Bhuiyan. Although the former offers better access to both khasra and khatauni documents, Bhunaksha shows maps of the land and its ownership. Using this portal, the citizens can access and download their khasra (P-II) and khatauni (B-I) details, among other things. Access to land documents to the citizens is possible on this portal which is why they don’t just visit the office of the tehsildar anymore. As per the NCAER research Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu in that order are the top performers in online land record keeping.

List Of Services Of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan Portal

Using the portal of Cglrc Bhuiyan that the Government of Chhattisgarh has issued, citizens of this state can avail of all the following services

  • View your entire land map online.

  • Changed land: Know details of land related to common khasra.

  • See details of Khasra online 

  • Digitally signed B-I / P-II apply online

  • Check your landlord fitness date Khasra details online.

  • Downloading documents and temperature in PDF form here.

  • Get details of land related to Nazul common Khasra.

  • Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme to amend Aadhaar details.

  • Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme Entry Name View 

  • See details of Khasra etc.

Benefits Of Portal Cglrc Bhuiyan

Before you go ahead to check the CG Bhuiya B1, it is important to have clarity about the advantages as well which this portal offers. This is a time-saving option for the Chhattisgarh citizens and hence, using it can only offer some magnificent benefits such as:

  • Now the citizens of Chhattisgarh will be able to see all their land details online.

  • Due to all the services online, people will not have to visit Patwari.

  • You can save time by taking advantage of all the government services offered on this portal.

  • This will reduce the thief market.

Documents you can get on the Bhuiyan website

The process of the application and login may seem to be hassle-free but indeed there are some of the documents that need to be submitted along with it for the smooth application. This includes

  • Online map

  • Details of land transfer

  • Digitally signed P-II and B-I application

  • Khasra details

  • PDF download using the document number

  • Details of najul land

  • Details of registered khasra

How to view khasra (P-II) khatauni (B-I) on Bhuiyan?

Whether you want to check the CG Bhuiya B1 P2 or B-I it can be seen online but using the right steps. The relevant report can be selected and seen. Even though P-II states Khasra, B-I can offer you details of Khatuni. Before you start looking for it, if you have a concern about typing in English, you can download the Hindi typing tool from Further the process of viewing khasra (P-II) khatauni (B-I) on Bhuiyan inc. The process is quite simple. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours and you will have all the desired details with you.

  • Log on to the official Bhuiyan website on

  • Under the ‘Nagrik Suvidha’ tab, you will find the ‘Khasra’ tab. Click on it. 

  • The next page will ask you to fill in the district, tehsil, and village name. 

  • Once you select the ‘Khasra Var’ tab, the details about the property would appear on the screen. 

  • The details can be seen based on any part of the landowner’s name.


We are living in an era where the use of technology like the Internet has become quite common. There are so many online jobs coming up to make access to different services much easy and more flexible. There are different schemes that the government can bring on an online basis. This means the schemes of the government are going online so that cities can avail themselves of the advantages from it simply by few clicks while sitting at home. Now they don’t have to visit the office of the government anymore to avail the government scheme’s benefits.

Talking of this, the Government of Chhattisgarh has already taken such a step to offer better online facilities to the state citizens. The website of Bhuiya offers services to view Khasra, Khatauni, B1, Jamabandi, bhulekh CG Bhunaksha, etc. All the details of the land are available online using this Portal for which the steps are simple and time-saving too.

Questions and Answers

How to view the map on Bhuiyan?

The process is quite simple. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours and you will have all the desired details with you.

  • On the Bhuiyan portal, click on the ‘Naksha Dekhe’ tab.

  • Now select the district, tehsil, revenue inspectors, and village.

  • Click the khatauni number from the village map, you can then access the map report, P-II, and BI details. A copy of the map can be printed on the desired scale.

How to Check Bhulekh CG B1, Khasra by Name?

  • Other than the Khasra number on the Bhuiya web portal, you can also get the Bhulekh details in your name. This process can be helpful when you don’t remember the Khasra serial number but can check the CG Bhulekh from your name. The process is quite simple. It will hardly take few minutes of yours and you will have all the desired details with you.

  •  Once you select the district name, village, and block, choose the name-wise option below. 

  • You then must find your name from the list. As 

  • The list of all the names searched will come.

  •  Select your name from the list. 

  • The description of the land of your name will appear on the screen.

  •  Then the Khasra Khatauni record has to be downloaded precisely 

On the CG Bhuiyan web portal, you can thus check for the differed districts such as Dantewada, Durg, Korba, Gariaband, Raigad, Raipur, Bastar, and Chhattisgarh Bhuyan Khasra Khatauni can be checked and even downloaded online.

How to get digitally signed copies of PII and BI documents?

The process is to get digitally signed copies of PII and BI documents is quite simple. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours and you will have all the desired details with you.

  • On the main site, click on the tab ‘digitally signed Bi/P-II application’.

  • On the page that appears, you can get the details either by ‘choosing village’ or by ‘giving the village number’.

  • After filling in the details, khasra or name to get the details.

Can we get a copy of khasra by our name?

Certainly, it is possible to get a copy of khasra by our name on the Bhuiyan web portal. The process is quite simple. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours and you will have all the desired details with you.

  • You must fill up the details like district, tehsil, and village

  • Choose the name option in the search option

  • Click on it and all details will be in front of you.

How to download the Bhuiyan app?

The process to download the Buiyan app is quite simple. It has been made available on Android so that Chhattisgarh residents will not have to face any trouble in seeing the Khasra Khatauni. The process is quite simple. It shall hardly take a few minutes of yours.

  • You must visit the Google Playstore

  • In the search box, type The Bhuiyan android app

  • You will see the very first option that you have to download

  • Once you download it, you can then also access all the land record on mobile