Delhi Pollution: Worse Than Emergency Level? | Causes & Measures

With the air quality of the National Capital Region (NCR) deteriorating by each passing hour and hitting the “severe+” status on Air Quality Index (AQI), desperate yet smart measures are to be taken. The Particulate matter 2.5 is on an all-time high of 209. Schools are being shut down and not only it is a bad time for an outing in New Delhi, but it is also hazardous. The Air Quality of the city is being compared to Gas Chambers and this is serious. All construction, as well as Industrial work, is stopped completely for the next days. Schools have shut down and people are advised to stay home with a Public Health Emergency on the roll. The Delhi Government has imposed the Odd-Even Scheme once again while the city grasps for cleaner air. The lives of millions who live in and around Delhi NCR are being compromised with air pollution only going up. The Holiday Season of Diwali and the Stubble Burning season of farmers in Haryana and Punjab have all added up to cause the air in Delhi to go grey. If you are on the streets of Delhi, you are in proximity of inhaling some of the most toxic substances and PM 2.5 levels give proof of that. But with the levels going this high and thick, toxic, smog covering the city, your home isn’t that safe either.  Putting a good quality Anti-Pollution mask is not a choice for residents of Delhi and getting an air purifier should be a wise decision. 

What The Situation Has Been & What Is The Current Situation?

This isn’t the first time that Delhi is facing such bad air quality. Delhi suffers from deteriorating air quality, credit to Diwali Season and Stuble Burning, other factors add to it, and each year ‘the pollution system’ hits the city. With Air Quality Indices and other technologies helping the common man to monitor the extent of toxic content in the air, the New Delhi Pollution season has been a major concern. The life-threatening levels of pollution in the National Capital has concerned authorities to roll out new schemes and rules to curb the pollution but the results haven’t been satisfactory. Each year the city turns into a gas chamber with the question is of why?If we compare the Yearly Average of AQI of New Delhi from what it was during 2012-14 and 2015-18, the AQI has dropped by 25%. But this is a yearly average. The Diwali Night in New Delhi saw hourly readings of AQI in the range of 1000-2700. The air in Delhi during the Diwali eve was 4-5 times more hazardous than a gas chamber. If this isn’t a matter of concern for authorities and residents, we don’t know what is?


If you are resident of New Delhi or somewhere around, then you should be taking so solid measures. While it is highly recommended already to wear Pollution Mask at all times during outside your home, we would suggest filtering you home as well. You can’t be wearing a mask at all times at home but what you can do is install an Air Purifier.


Air Purifiers help in trapping all the toxic particles from the air and filter them out. This leaves the air inside your home cleaner and fresher. If you are living in a particularly crowded neighbourhood or near the roads, then having an air purifier is a must for you and your family this “pollution season”.Although Air Purifiers might not clean out all the toxic agents in the air completely it would still make the air in your house safer than it was.You Can Read The Article Posted By Lifehacker On Best Air Purifier In India For Your Home In Delhi NCR. With pollution levels hitting as high as 2504 in certain places, there is a high chance that your home isn’t too safe either. To tell you the truth, living in the National Capital, either indoor or outdoor, has become deadly now. If we had the technology and funds, we would have considered building a humungous Air Purifier for the entire region and put it up on various pollution hotspots across the country but till then our suggestion is that you keep the little ones inside your house to make your life a little more survivable in this deadly season!