Delhi Ration Card Application Status


A ration card is one of the most important documents that anyone in India would require. Talking about the PAN India or Delhi state, the citizen should have the ration card to get the food at subsidized pricing from the fair shops and it can be used as the proof of identification of the individual. With this card, the essential goods are available at the government-subsidized price which was then distributed using the Public disbursing system. In Delhi, the ration card was also issued by the food supplies and consumer welfare department

What is the Delhi Ration card List Update?

In the recent news, it has been updated that the Delhi ration card new list has been now issued by the Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs, GNCT of Delhi. The candidates who have applied for the ration card recently would of course want to check the new list with complete information. There is a process to follow it. This list consists of Beneficiary Such as Ration Card No, Name of HOH, Father Name, Spouse Name, No of Family Members, Type (AAY/PHH) & Combination to name some. This type of card list is one official document that the Delhi government has launched. It gives households eligibility to purchase the subsidies grain using the public disbursing system which falls under the national food security act. The ration cards will be given on the total family members present along with the ration card category.

What are the Different Types of Ration Cards Issued in India?

 The government of Delhi has issued different Rations cards for the people residing in the state. The overall population of Delhi is classified into certain categories so that there are a regular supply and distribution of kerosene oil and SFA.

  • Annapurna Yojana (AY): - Under this scheme, a destitute person with more than 65 years of age having no source of income can avail of 10 Kg of food grains free of cost every month.

  • Above Poverty Line (APL): - There will be APL Cards (White Colour) given to the families having total income above Rs 1,00,000 per annum.

  • Antyodya Anna Yojana (AAY): - Households with a disabled adult and no assured means of subsistence, landless laborers, marginal farmers, artisans, craft men, widows, terminally ill persons, etc. are covered under this scheme.

  • Below Poverty Line (BPL): - Families having a total family income below Rs 24,200 per annum have been identified under this category.

How to Check Delhi Ration Card List 2021

To check Delhi Ration Card List FPS wise, you need to follow certain steps

  • Visit the Official Website Delhi Ration Card List.

  • Click to the “Citizen’s Corner

  • Click the “FPS Wise Linkage of Ration Card” option 

  • Enter FPS License No, FPS Name, or Choose your circle and click search 

  • The FPS name will then be seen with the address list to check your nearest location

  • Click on the link and No. of cards linked column as per your card

  • You can see the list on the screen

How to Apply for Delhi Ration Card Online

  • Visit the site at which is the official website

  • Register yourself first under the portal

  • Once you are registered click on the login button on the web page. 

  • Enter the credentials in the space given

  • Hit the Login button 

  • a registration form will display on your web screen

  • Fill up all the details asked in the form and upload the documents relevant o it

  • Enter the Captcha code and your mobile number

  • Hit the submit button and your application form will be submitted successfully.

Offline Application Procedure

In case the citizen of Delhi wishes to apply for the new ration case without following the online process the applicant anyhow will have to first:

  • To visit the official website

  • download the new ration card application form

  • take a print-out of the application form

  • Once the print is taken fill up all the details

  • submit the ration card application form with important documents for further verification

  • Once the application is submitted you will get a reference number to check the new ration card status.

How to Track Delhi Ration Card Application Status

  • There is a systematic process to Track Application Status

  • Visit the Official Website Delhi Ration Card

  • Go in the section of Track Food Security Application  

  • Enter the details like new ration card no, Aadhar number, online citizen ID, and, old ration card number. 

  • Click the search option and you will be able to see the application status

How to Check Delhi Ration Card Detail

  • Visit the Official Website Delhi Ration Card

  • Go to the “Citizen’s Corner

  • View your ration card detail 

  • Enter Aadhar Number of any Family Member 

  • Click search option’

  • You will be able to see the details on the screen

Important Document

To apply for this card, there is a set of documents that needs to be submitted which are

  • Passport size photograph.

  • Bank passbook.

  • Ration card surrender receipt (in case of transfer).

  • Address proof (it could be electricity bill /water bill/ phone bill etc.).

  • Aadhaar card.

  • Income certificate (issued from the competent authority).

  • Photo identification proof of all the family members.

Eligibility Criteria

To be fit for this card, the person must fit in the eligibility criteria set which is:

  • An applicant must not possess any other ration card.

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.

  • Below the poverty line ration cards will be made available only to the people who have a basic income from all sources

  • The applicant must be a resident of Delhi state.

Major Benefits

  • BPL family will get kerosene oil

  • Get subsidized ration from the FPS

  • Ration card can be used as Identity proof

How to Know Your FPS Details

 It is quite easy to get the FPS detailing with the steps shared below:

  • Visit the Food Safety Delhi official website

  • On the home page, there will be a section by name of Citizen Corner click on it

  • Upon clicking on it, you can then choose from the menu of the drop-down section Know your fair price shop 

  • You will then get another page where you have to out some additional information.

  • The details that you may have to fill in are Aadhaar number, NFS application ID, new ration card number, old ration card number of a family member in the given space. 

  • Once all the details are filled up make sure you check them again to be sure that all the details are right. 

  • You can then go ahead and hit the search button and all the information of the ration card can be seen on your device.

Helpline details

In case you have any concerns or want to enquire more about the Delhi ration card, there have been official authorities set for the support. You can contact them at Helpline Number – 1800 – 11 – 0841/ Tel No: 011 – 23378759 or mail them at [email protected]. The service is prompt and efficient and can solve all your concerns.


With the new concept of ration cards now all the ration cardholders will be able to avail the benefits of different schemes and services like before. The only thing that is changed is the digitalized process and there will be transparency in the food grains distribution that shall be maintained using the ration card. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important documents in India through which different schemes and benefits can be availed. With this document, the family of the beneficiary can get the subsidized food grain and other essential items from the fair shop that the government arranges. Whether you want to get a certificate or other documents like identity cards such as a Domicile Certificate, Income Certificate, Divining License, Voter ID Card, and PAN Card, ration cards can be of great use.

Questions and Answers

Who is eligible for a ration card in Delhi?

The family member residing in the Delhi state is eligible to get the ration card. Such a card determines the benefits earned. The household that has an annual income of less than 1 lakh can also be categorized into the household for the NFS inclusion.

How to Download Delhi e-Ration Card?

  • You first need to visit the Official Website Delhi Ration Card

  • Go to the “Citizen’s Corner

  • Click on the “get e-ration card” option.  

  • Enter Ration Card No along with details like Aadhar no, and year of birth, and mobile number 

  • Click continue and there will an e-ration card that would appear

  • Click the “download” option to get it.

How many types of ration cards are available in Delhi PDS?

There are ration card three types that are offered by the Food Supplies & Consumers Welfare Department of Delhi

1. APL ration card

2. BPL ration card

3. Antyodaya ration card

How to Change Your Details In Ration Card

  • Visit the Official Website Delhi Ration Card

  • go to the “Citizen’s Corner

  • Click on Register/Change of Mobile No 

  • Enter the asked details 

  • Click on the Save button

  • The changes will be updated in 15 days