Dharani Telangana

The Telangana government has launched Dharani portal telangana, an online gateway for the Integrated Land Records Management System. This new portal offers a variety of online land revenue and land registration services. The Dharani Portal allows you to check the status of your land online.

You'll need a Khata number/Passbook number or a Survey number/Subdivision number to check the status of agricultural land online. These numbers assist you in viewing the land data on the internet. You can also use the internet to examine the land location map and download RORs and Pahanis.

What is telangana dharani

The Revenue Department of Telangana introduced ts Dharani, an integrated land records management system. This web portal integrates land registration and administration services, serving as a single point of contact for land parcels and performing land-related duties in a timely and effective manner. On the Dharani Portal telangana, users can also check the status of their land.

The Dharani portal telangana system is expected to produce the following results:

  • Land administration efficiency through workflow automation, backend digitization, integration of numerous departmental systems, and implementation of new current technological solutions

  • Agricultural land registration and land records functions are being combined.

  • Land records are managed through a single window, which includes the maintenance and updating of textual records, surveys, maps, and other documents.

  • For all data connected to land records, there is a single source of truth.

  • The mutation is triggered automatically after registration or in response to a citizen or department request.

  • Textual data is updated in real-time.

About the Revenue Department: Telangana's Revenue Department plays a critical role in the state's entire administration, from the village level to the district level. The department's major goal is to keep track of village revenue, update those records, and collect various cesses such as NALA and water tax. It also enforces several state laws and regulations about land and civil administration. The Revenue Department is involved in the implementation of many initiatives in the state.

Services offered by dharani portal telangana

Revenue Services

  • Mutation/Succession

  • Land Valuation Certificate

  • Land Conversion/NALA

  • Agriculture Income Certificate

Registration Services

  • Certified Copy

  • Duty and Fee Calculator

  • Encumbrance Certificate

  • Track Application

  • View Receipt

  • View Unit Rates

  • Encumbrance Search

  • Payment of Registration Services

  • Public Data Entry

  • Slot Booking and Slot Rescheduling

What is dharani telangana pahani

Pahani, also known as Adangal, is a vital revenue record that provides information on lands, such as the names of the owners, water rates, area assessments, the nature of the land's possession, soil type, and crops grown, among other things. The Dharani website allows users to obtain authorised and certified copies of Pahani.

How to check land records online on ts dharani

Follow the procedures below to verify the status of your land online using your Khata number, Passbook number, or Subdivision number.

Step 1: Go to the Dharani official website https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/.

Step 2: From the main menu, select the land status option.

Step 3: The ROR-1B and Pahani online windows will appear.

Step 4: Choose your district from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Choose your division from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: From the list of Mandals, choose one.

Step 7: From the list of villages provided, choose the village you want to visit.

Step 8: Next, select the Khata number, Passbook number, or Subdivision number, and then click the Get Details option.

Step 9: A window showing the landowner's/name, Pattadar's survey numbers, land extent, Document type, passbook number/khata number, land location map, and other information will appear.

Step 10: There is a download option in front of the survey number; select the download option to download the details.

Procedure to check dharani telangana pahani

The steps following must be taken to examine land details on the ts Dharani portal:

Step 1: From the site, select the ‘Land Status' button.

Step 2: Enter information such as the District, Division, Mandal, Village, and Khata Number (also known as the Survey Number or Sub Division Number).

Step 3: To access the details, click on ‘Get Details.'

Sign up on ts dharani portal

The following procedures must be done to register on the Dharani portal telangana:

Step 1: Go to the homepage and click the ‘Sign Up' button.

Step 2: Fill in personal information such as your name, phone number, and email address, as well as address information such as your state, district, Mandal, village/city, address, and pin code.

Step 3: To validate your cell phone number and sign up, select ‘Get OTP.'

Dharani website telangana login process

The steps following must be followed to log into the Dharani website telangana:

Step 1: Go to the homepage and click the ‘Login' button.

Step 2: Choose a user type and fill in the Username and Password fields. If the user selects the ‘Citizen' option (under User Type), the user will be asked to enter his or her Mobile Number and Password.

Step 3: After you've entered all of your information, click 'Login.'

How to apply online on ts dharani?

  • Go to the ts Dharani Telangana's official webpage https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/.

  • It leads the applicant to the main page of the website.

  • Click the Sign-UP tab in the Menu Bar on the Home page.

  • It takes you to a new website, where you can join up with Dharani.

  • Enter the applicant's name, phone number, and email address on the Sign-Up Page.

  • State, District, Mandal, Village/City, Address, and Pin code are all required fields.

  • After you've entered all of your information, click the Get OTP Button.

  • The OTP is then sent to the mobile number you provided in the form.

  • Take the OTP number from your phone and enter it in the field provided.

  • Click the Validate OTP Button after entering the Captcha Code.

  • It completes the online registration procedure and redirects the user to the Home Page.

  • Click Login in the Menu Bar on the Home Page.

  • Select the User Type, then enter the User Name, Password, and Captcha Code on the Login Page.

  • After completing the application process, individuals can begin applying for citizen services using the Dharani Portal.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to reschedule previously booked slots on Dharani?

Yes, you can easily reschedule or cancel slots that have already been scheduled on the Dharani website telangana.

Is it possible to get information regarding court cases and intimations using the Dharani platform?

Yes, you can get information on any land-related court matters via the Dharani portal telangana, such as court stays, injections, restraining orders, and land blocking and unblocking.

On the Dharani platform, what services are provided to NRIs?

On the Dharani website telangana, non-resident Indians can apply for an E-Property Pass Book (EPPB) and conduct other land-related transactions.

Is there a price associated with registering on the Telangana Dharani Portal?

No, the applicant does not have to pay anything to register on the Dharani Portal Telangana.

Can I use the Telangana Dharani Portal to look up my land records?

The Dharani Portal Telangana allows residents to view their land records.

During the application procedure, are citizens required to upload any papers to the Dharani portal?

No, during the application process, applicants are not required to upload any papers.