Digital Indian Platform

Digital India Platform is quite a known initiative that Indian PM Narendra Modi has launched. This initiative was started in the year 2015 with a focus to empower the Indian citizens at the digital level. The initiative also focuses on bridging the gap between Indian’s digital segment while bringing a bigger investment in the technology sector.

What is Digital India?

Digital India looks forward to laying more stress on e-governance and thus transforming India into a digitally empowered society. The program is also projected at Rs 1,13,000 crore that shall prepare the country for boosting the knowledge transformation. Besides, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology focuses on anticipating the fact that such a program shall have quite a huge impact on the Ministry of Communication and IT. It also makes sure that different services of government will be available at a digital level. This would focus more on providing internet services of high speed to its citizens and thus make all the services available in real-time for mobile platforms and online platforms as well.

Digital India program vision:

The digitize India platform government vision is to transform India into a society that is digitally empowered and thus knowledge the economy.

  • Infrastructure:

Digitize India platform 2020 comes with an initiative to offer internet services of high speed to its valuable citizens in gram panchayat and many more digital India platform rewards. There will be bank accounts at the utmost property that too at the individual level. People would be also be given safe cyberspace in the country

  • Different Government services

There will be different Government services that would be available online where the citizens shall make sure the access is easy and the transaction would be further easy using the electronic medium.

  • Digital empowerment of citizens:

This one is another crucial factor of digital India that focuses on providing universal digital literacy and thus ensuring the digital sources are accessible easily and earn positive digitize India platform review. These services are then offered in the Indian language for better participation.

The focus of the digitize India platform registration online is to offer better highways, universal access to mobile connectivity, and public internet access programming. There has been a reform of the government using the technology called the -ekranti. It is the electronic delivery of the services and the services of the information to the people.

Government initiatives:

Considering the above vision and India’s digital platform objectives, the Indian government has launched some valuable initiatives. Some are readied for launch. The Prime minister has launched the Digital media that is held every week to promote the technology in better ways for connecting and even empowering the people in different areas associated with labor, health, employment, and education. The initiative consists of different projects that shall focus more on making the governance better while helping the universal phone connectivity and knowledge all across the country.

In digital Indian platforms, the government focuses on introducing universal access through mobile connections, broadband highways, public internet access programs, and even jobs in the IT sector.

Products and projects that have been launched as a part of the Digital India initiative

  • The system of the digital locker is to reduce the physical documents use and thus offer the e-sharing through registered repositories

  • The digital India platform’s official website is MyGov. helps in engaging the grievance citizens using the approach of Discuss, Do and Disseminate which you can avail of with digitize India platform sign in

  • There is also a Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile app that can enhance the user to reach the target by such a mission

  • Thanks to an e-sign framework, citizens can digitally sign the plane of the document while making use of Aadhaar.

  • The system of e-hospital for important healthcare services like fee payment, online registration and even fixing up the appointment of the doctor shall be easily available.

  • Thanks to such a digital platform, the beneficiaries are entitled to get the national scholarship by simply applying to verify and even sanction.

  • The platform of digitizing India has been designed for the records large-scale digitization in the country for efficient delivery of services to the citizens.

  • Bharat Net program is quite a high-speed digital highway that helps in connecting more than 250,000-gram panchayats which is the world’s one of the largest rural broadband project that uses the optical fiber

  • The BSNL's Next Generation Network will be replacing the 30-year-old telephone exchanges and thus it shall manage different services types such as data, voice, multimedia, and other communication services types

  • The policy of the outsourcing be created as a center in different north and easter stated and in the small towns in the country

Other than this, Electronics Development Fund, Outsourcing Policy, Wi-fi Hotspots, National Centre for Flexible Electronics, Next Generation Network are some of the other initiatives that the digital India Platform offers which you can get with digitize India platform login.

Benefits of Digital India

The mission of digital India is to come up with an initiative that shall consist of the plans to connect the country’s rural areas with the much better speed of the internet working. On this platform of digital adoption, India has been ranking amongst the top 2 countries across the globe of India that has already managed to aim $1 trillion by the year 2022. Some of the advantages that you need to know are:

  • Electronic transactions increase in associated with e-governance. The optical fiber network of 2, 74,246 km connects more than 1.15 lakh Gram Panchayats

  • There is a Common Service Centre created under the National e-Governance Project of the government that offers information and technology access. Using the internet and computer access the CSC can offer multimedia content associated with e-governance, health, education, entertainment, and other private services.

  • With digital villages established along with facilities that are well equipped such as LED assembly, solar lighting, and Wi-Fi the scope of growth doubles.


Digital India focuses on transforming the easy to perform business in the country. The Modi government focuses on offering broadband services in different country’s villages, mobile healthcare services, and even telemedicine and thus make the governance more participative

Questions and Answers

Who started Digital India?

Ans. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Digital India on July 1, 2015.

What is the focus of Digital India?

Ans. The program aims to eliminate all the electronic imports from foreign countries by 2020 and thus make India's electronics manufacturing superpower.