E Challan Status 2021


Whether it is CESC billing payment or BSNL payment, when it comes to standing on the queue for the bill payment and waiting for the turn, it is next to impossible to get it. That is why thankfully, with technological advancement, digitalization has made it quite convenient for all of us to get the bill payment done in less than minutes itself. The same goes for the traffic department. Wondering what that could be? Well, here we are talking about paying off the challan. Well, the system of E-challan has gained quite a lot of popularity over some time. Those who do traffic violations will have to pay the fine online without any additional charges. Yes! You have heard it right. The traffic fine is now available in form of an E-challan which is one computer-generated challan that traffic police shall be using and issuing to all the traffic defaulters in India that you can Pay Challan Online.

Know more about E-challan

The Indian government has implemented such a process to make the services of the traffic more convenient, easy, and effective. Whether it is to monitor or maintain transparency for the general public. This kind of e Challan Payment Online is sent usually through an Android cell application or even there is a web getaway. The Traffic e-Challan which is an app with a blend of web portal applications is introduced by the Indian government which is in two names sarathi and vahan. These two apps offer many advantages and different features from which you can cover different aspects of the administration system. It is then possible for you to pay the traffic e-challan both offline and online

What exactly is the concept of Challan all about?

The Challan is one official document which is issued to the motor vehicle driver who often doesn’t follow the traffic regulation and rules that are imposed in India. If the traffic challan is issued in the name of the driver, then the person must pay off the penalty depending on the offense type that is being made by the person as per the motor vehicle act 1988. The traffic police department will then have the right to issue the challan to the driver who will not follow the traffic rule book when driving.

Since the number of accidents has increased to a great extent, the guidelines of the traffic are also quite stringent now. Challan is not a common concept and with digitalization, it has been renamed as e-challan. It is used considering the need to follow the traffic rule and thus ensure that drivers shall not be violating any kind of rules and protect the safety and security on the road for others.

What is an e-challan?

Since it is on the electronic platform, the e-challan concept is introduced. The vehicle e-challan is one computer-generated challan that Traffic police uses and is being issued to those who don’t follow the rules. E challan system is one strong yet effective monitoring solution which in the world of digitalization has become quite a convenient option. The traffic defaulters will now be able to pay e-challan offline or online depending on the facility that the state offers. It has been introduced to avoid any kind of cash transaction while maintaining better clarity and transparency.

Traffic violations for which you might get an e-challan

There are different reasons when an e-challan could be issued by the traffic policemen like:

  • Jumping red lights

  • Violations of traffic rules

  • Traveling without a valid ticket

  • Driving an unauthorized vehicle

  • Over-speeding beyond the specified speed limit

  • Refusal to share information when asked

  • Drunk driving

  • Causing traffic obstruction, etc.

  • Driving without a valid license

  • Driving without a valid insurance policy

Objective Of E-challan

The primary purpose of the Indian government to issue such a type of challan is to make the process of payment easy and less hectic for the country's citizens. To date, Indian citizens have been paying challan to the concerned office and even had to wait for a long outside the office for submitting the fine. With this option of challan, the submission process for the fine will be easy for the default payers.

Advanatges of e-challan

The facility of E-challan is quite convenient and beneficial for many people who need to pay the penalty. Besides, it is best for other reasons such as:

  • Ensures seamless and direct payment of fines

  • Saves time

  • The faster way to make payments

  • Reduces the incidence of duplicate challans

  • Greater transparency in a penalty fee

Traffic e-Challan Process Flow

The process of Traffic -challan process is quite simple. Listed are how it works

E-Challan Issuance

There will be CCTV footage that shall capture the defaulter. The Enforcement Officer will gather all the details of the defaulter with the registration and the driving license number from Vahan and Sarathi database and select the mistake or offense committed.

Challan Payment

  • You will then get an option to make the payment online either by scanning the QR code which is being received or by making the cash payment at the RTO office. A cash deposit at the counter is also possible.

  • Once the penalty amount is calculated, the message shall be sent to you as the official registration number by the Enforcement Officer. You can make the payment, get it printed out, and then fill up all the details.

  • The traffic e-challan system has been executed in more than 15 states till now. The states are namely West Bengal, Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry.

Steps to check the status of traffic e-Challan fines online

Once you will be fined with an e-challan and you want to check the Search E Challan status, the following are the hassle-free yet simple options that you need to follow:

  • Click on the section called online traffic challan payment

  • Select the category of violation for which the penalty to be paid

  • Fill in the e-challan or the vehicle registration number

  • The amount of the penalty will be shown on the screen for the vehicle

  • Capture the exclusive captcha code

  • Choose the payment mode like Debit Card, Credit Card or any e-wallet like PayTM and then proceed with the payment accordingly

  • Once the payment is done, you will get a message which confirms the online traffic challan payment for Check Challan Status

How to pay the online traffic challan using different modes: Online & Offline

Once all the above steps are fulfilled then you will have to go to the next level which is about making the payments through the online traffic challan using different modes: E-challan Online Payment & Offline

You can pay the online challan of the traffic as per convenience. But it is always better to make the payment sooner so that the complaint stays within the laws. The steps are given below

Offline Process

  • The offline process includes paying off the e-challan by visiting the nearest traffic police station in the city where you are staying.

  • You will have to carry the traffic violation letter once you get such a letter

  • You need to also place a request to the Traffic Police Officer to confirm the due that were made earlier if there were any and pay off all the penalties.

  • All the necessary details are on the device by the officer in the traffic department and they are in place for tracking the details of the dues earlier.

Online Process

The online process has got quite some steps that are user-friendly and easy to use and follow as well. Listed are some of the steps:

  • Visit the official site of the transport website

  • Suppose you are in West Bengal then you have to visit the West Bengal Transport has the official website  http://transport.wb.gov.in/ where the charges can be paid

  • Choose the option of paying violation fines for the appropriate offense like charges for parking, not wearing a helmet, fines at the spot, and many others

  • Select the suitable link and fill in the required details accordingly

  • Provide the new and old vehicle registration number or the parking violation label number etc. if this information is known to you

  • Enter the details and present the unsettled amount

  • Proceed with the payment with your Mastercard or Visa Card and click “submit”

  • Make the payment using a secured gateway


A traffic violation is not something we can call a common one but often in many countries, it goes unchecked because of the resources, manpower, and even adequate technology. But with the New Motor Vehicles act of 2019 that has been introduced, the Indian government has not focused more on integrating the new technology with much strict enforcement and high penalty to make sure road safety is ensured.

To integrate the technology for better road safety solutions and even to curtail corruption, the government has come up with different Intelligence Traffic Management Systems (ITMS). This solution focuses more on surveillance, monitoring, penalization, and enforcement as well. The technology advancement surely has improved the traffic department to a great extent and made it advanced and strict as well. The traffic police will not just catch you for the rash driving but also the cameras on the streets that are seeing you. If there are any kind of rules that are not followed by you then you shall be obliged to pay the challan.

Question and answer

How to avoid getting a traffic e challan?

The best way to avoid getting a challan is to follow all the traffic rules and regulations. This way you will never be at risk of getting any traffic e-challan. If traffic rules are followed in the first place, then there will not be any question to pay the fine at all.

What is the process To Check Pending Transaction Details?

  • Visit the official website of E- Challan echallan.parivahan.gov.in/

  • The home page will open where you must click on check pending transaction

  • In the Pending Transaction Details page, you must enter either your challan number or vehicle number

  • Click on get details

  • All the pending transaction details will be on your computer screen

What happens if you don’t pay the traffic e challan?

If you fail to pay off the traffic e-challan, then you need to face legal concerns. There is a common summon that shall be sent by the court at your location as the license holder. Post this, you will also be called to the court where you need to explain why the traffic rules were not followed by you. If you do not visit the court after being called then you will have to pay off the traffic e challan and there will be suspension of your driving license.