E-Nam Kisan Registration

This article will give you the details you want to know about e-NAM Portal Farmer Registration, National Agriculture Market e-NAM Registration, Application Form, Mobile App, Farmer registry guidelines & Application Status. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled an e-NAM portal scheme to address farmers' crop losses. In India, farmers are facing many crop problems.

To resolve the problems faced by farmers in this region, the Prime Minister of my country has started an eNam registry scheme. The name e-Nam is also the National Scheme for Agriculture. The NAM (e-Naam) is a pan-Indian e-commerce site, a wide range of the APMC market for the establishment of a single domestic agriculture market. Farmers can sell their crops online anywhere via the portal.

What is e-nam kisan registration

The eNAM is an all-India trading electronic platform that links the current APMC mandate to build an integrated country-wide agricultural goods market. Now every farmer can register online at enam.gov.in on the e-NAM portal. Farmers can register as sellers and sell their farm products by completing the enam online application form.

The Small Farmers Agri-Form Consortium (SFAC), under the auspices of Central Government, Agricultural Ministers and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, is the leading party of executive organisations for ENAM. The scheme will support continuity in the marketing of agriculture as various processes in incorporated markets will be simplified. This involves eliminating the asymmetry of information from buyers to sellers and promoting real-time price detection on the basis of actual order and supply.

32 mandis to be added to the e-nam portal

It is estimated that, as of the first quarter of 2021, over 32 grain markets will be added to the e-NAM platform, according to the Detailed Project Report (DPR), sent to the Center by the National Agricultural Marketing Board of Haryana (HSAMB). So far, a single window service has incorporated 81 mandis in order to boost agricultural marketing.

We may also assume that the total number of e-NAM mandates now rises to 113, resulting in improvement. The new mission consists of 4 from Bhiwani, 3 from Gurugram, Faridabad and Yamunanagar, 2 from Jhajjar, Ambala, and one mandi in Fatehabad, and Palwal and Jind, Palwal and Jind, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Hisar, Sirsa, Sonipat, Kaithal and Rohtak, etc., according to information obtained from the chief administrations of HSAMB.


Farmers have difficulties with crop sales, as you know. The farmers' crops were purchased and sold by the intermediaries until now. In order to address this problem, the central government has launched the National Agricultural Market (E-Name) portal. By completing a form for the sale of its agricultural products and getting a reasonable price for their crops, farmers would be able to register themselves as sellers. After the crop has been sold, the money is directly credited to the farmers' bank account.

Benefits of e-nam portal

These value can be obtained by completing the registration application form on the ENAM portal:

  • Direct online payment

  • Extended access to markets across the state

  • Quality knowledge of goods

  • Real-time information on trade and prices

  • Transparency in business through better price discovery

  • Transparent e-bidding process

Key highlights of the scheme

The National Agricultural Market (eNAM) has the following characteristics:

  • The eNAM portal will permit farmers to sell their products on nearby markets and enable traders to quote from anywhere.
  • For all services and information relating to APMC, e-NAM offers single window services. E-NAM offers information and services. This includes the arrival of commodities, quality and prices, buying & selling offers, payment directly to the farmers' account, and other services.
  • With the eNAM service, the licence of the trader, the buyer and the commissioning officers may, without any precondition for the physical presence, ownership, or office in the market yard, be obtained from the State authorities.
  • Harmonization of agricultural product quality standards and quality testing infrastructure will be available on all markets. Common marketable parameters for 25 commodities have recently been developed.
  • A selected mandi (market) will be provided with soil testing labs to facilitate visiting farmers of the mandi.

enam.gov.in portal registration

If the farmers concerned in the country would like to register on this online registry, the following procedure should be followed.

  • First of all, on the official website, the applicant has to visit the name. The home page opens before you after visiting the official website https://enam.gov.in/.
  • You can see the registration option on this home page. This option needs to be clicked.
  • Once you have clicked on the choice, on your computer screen, your registration form will open.
  • All information you ask for, such as registration sort, level, name, birth date, number of adhaar, bank details etc. must be filled in with this registration form.
  • The farmers must then either upload a copy of the passbook or a scanned copy of the cancelled check and ID evidence and press the Enter button.
  • For future references, farmers shall take a printout of the form submitted for submission.
  • When the registration process is completed, farmers can sign up for the mandate to sell their farming products.
  • You must go to the portal's home page to log in. And you must click on the login option on this home page.
  • Now the username, password and captcha code must be entered and click the login button.

Question and Answers

How can I register on eNAM?

The registry is possible via the eNAM portal or mobile application /www.enam.gov.in, via mandi registration (at the entrance)

What is the process of ENAM mandi registration?

You can use proper documents to travel to the nearest ENAM mandi.

What documentation and fees are required?

Registration fee on eNAM is not applicable.

Registration details & documents required: – Compulsory details such as name, gender, address, mobile number, details of banks etc. -Passbook documents, any proof of government identity, etc.

What are the farmer's advantages?

Benefits of eNAM for a seller/farmers are: – Business transparency through better price finding – access to more markets and buyers – Instant payment – Real-time price and arrival information by mandate – It will be possible to create a healthy financial profile.

How will I receive my payment?

eNAM facilitates online applications, such as the RTGS, NEFT and BHIM UPI, for instant payment to the respective vendors' bank accounts.

Are there any requirements for ENAM registration?

Three reforms to the APMC Act must be followed by states that wish to integrate their mandates with ENAM. Single (unified) state-wide valid business licence, one-stop levying of state-wide market fees; and) e-mail/e-trading provision as a means of price discovery.