ePayroll | What Is ePayroll System? How does it Works?

What is the E-Payroll system?

ePayroll is a web-based payroll system which is programmed to manage the payroll function of your business. These payroll functionalities include the entire payroll process which also includes legal obligations.

Why e-payroll system is important?

Managing the payroll process in an organization or business can be a big task, even though you have a crew working on them, you can not avoid few mistakes, to make it simple and easy Epayroll system is introduced. The user interface of Epayroll system is very user-friendly, you can efficiently manage your payroll needs by going through the options provided in the system. The payroll process can be processed securely using cloud technology.

The process of E-payroll system:

Structure of the e-payroll system in Tamilnadu is a step by step process which starts with

  • Login: Login into the system with the provided username and password where the portal is divided into two main parts Bill Preparation(Entry and Forward) and Bill Passing(Approval).
  • Control Master Entry, Forward, Approval: In Control master entry Details like total no of employee and total no of employee available, year and month, PF type, HRA city, CCA city, financial year and TANNO will be entered into the system, the entered details will be sent to DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) and approved by verifying the details.
  • Government order Entry, Forward and Approval: Details like Government orders, staff status permanent or temporary and no of the employee will go into it. Details entered in the portal will be forwarded to DDO and will be approved after a clean verification of details.
  • Post Sanction Entry, forward and Approval: Particular characteristics like Select Government Order, Scale code, Select Designation, Number of post and Number of vacant were selected here and are approved by DDO.
  • DP Code Master Entry, Forward, Approval: Subjects like Nature of Pay, Select DP code and DH_SD Code, will be forwarded to DDO to approve them. Approved DP code, DDO code will be produced form DDO.
  • Bill Master Entry, Forward and Approval: The DP code and DDO code generated in the previous step, Bill Code, Bill Description, Nature of Pay and Category will be entered here, details will be approved by DDO.
  • Seal Details (Update Only): In this step, the details DDO code and Seal Details of your business are entered here.
  • Employee Master Permanent Entry: Please make sure to give more importance to this part, all your employee details will begin to be involved in the portal like Employee GPF No, Suffix, Employee name, Date of Birth, ePayRoll System, Treasuries and Accounts Department, Date of Joining Government Service, Father Name, Marital Status, Category, PF Type and PAN NO.
  • Fixation Entry and Forward: This is the place for entering your employee salaries details like Employee GPF No and Suffix, Pay Commission No, Scale Code, Basic Pay, Sanction Order No, Sanction Date, Effective Date, and other Remarks. Once the Fixation is approved.
  • Employee Changeable: Changes in the employee master payment and Fixation Entry Forward can be updated here before going to the next steps.
  • Dues, Deduction, Loans, and Advance: Dues, deductions, loans and the advance, any other financial matters related to the subject should be provided in their particular forms.
  • NSD Entry and PLI Entries: Employee NSD details and PLI details will be entered in these particular forms.
  • Employee Details Forward and Approval: All the above details like Employee Master payment entry, Fixation Entry, and Forward, Employee Changeable, Dues, Deduction, Loans, Advance, NSD entry, PLI Entry will be forwarded to DDO for a detailed observation and approval.
  • Allotting New GPF Number: After the approval of Employee details New GPF number will be allocated to an employee upon approval by filling the form with details like New NPS/CPS Number, Select the Suffix, AG’s Letter number and AG Date.
  • Pay Calculation, Pay Bill Reports: In this form of Pay calculation, Employee Pending transaction details are shown and details like salary type and bill name will be entered here. Pay bill reports like Pay Statement, Bill Forward, Bill Approval, ECS Bill, Outer Report, schedule Report can be managed here.
  • Surrender Leave Salary(SLS) Entry and Forward: SLS Approval, SLS calculations, SLS statement report, Non-Salary Entry, Non-Salary ECS Report, DA Arrear ECS, DA Bill Forward, and DA Bill Approval will take place here.

Advantages of epayroll system:

You must pay your employee on time with exact numbers of salary by adding their incentives, deducting their cut off’s and leaves, within the time and without any errors in the payment process. Using the e-payroll system will make your entire payroll process simple and secure which also include legal obligations.  

  • You can easily calculate bonuses, holiday pay, incentives, cut offs, and other expenses.
  • Sending returns to HMRC, Print P60, P45, and other employee forms can be painless.
  • You can easily check out your payroll calculations
  • On click payslip generation of your employee.
  • Data of your employee and some particular data about your business can be saved and retrieved based on the requirement.
  • Few other tasks like year ending reports, automated reports will be plain sailing
  • On audits, data can be retrieved very simply

Disadvantages of epayroll system:

E-payroll system can have certain week points like all other payroll systems have like data security, theft, and loss, Cybersecurity and fraud. Because of the popularity of the e-payroll system, few fraud agencies use similar names and try to collect unauthorized data. As e-payroll system contains all the confidential and financial information related to your business they may have cybersecurity thefts. Any employee of Tamil Nadu can get his/ her pay slip download through epayslip facility. The epayslips enables the employees to access their payslips and P60's directly from a secure website epayroll.tn.gov.in and hence employees must do epayroll.tn.gov.in login to get tn payslip.