E Sadhana

  • Women and children are given top attention in every project proposed by the government during each budget session. The E Sadhana is a programme that focuses on women's empowerment and child care.
  • The state governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh together introduced this scheme. E Sadhana has a variety of actions for inhabitants of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that they can utilise to check several services.
  • The Department of Women, Children, Disabled, and Senior Citizens is in charge of this service. The facilities provided in every area of E Sadhana were designed to ensure that every eligible person of the state benefited.

E Sadhana portal

  • The E-Sadhana portal offers a variety of services that benefit women and children in these states. All of these services will be provided to tiny rural regions throughout the state. If the government is unable to properly reach the advantages of its services in many places, this portal will make all vital services easily accessible.
  • The E-Sadhana TG portal offers a variety of services such as Anganwadi, Poshan Abhiyan, web MPR, and others that benefit women and children. All of these services will be offered to residents of the state's rural districts.

Services on E Sadhana portal

  • Poshan Abhiyaan

  • The Web MPR

  • Anganwadi

  • E Sadhana login.

  • Employee management system

  • The memos and the guidelines.

  • Reporting system of AWTC online

  • The Budget and expenditure monitoring system.

  • Web-based MPR system GOI.

E Sadhana ap services

  • Poshan Abhiyaan dashboard.

  • The ICDS CAS (common application software).

  • MIS (management information system)

  • AWH/AWW recruitment system

  • The supply tracking system of egg and milk supplier’s

  • AWC monitoring tool

  • RRS (Rapid reporting system)

  • Kishori Vikasam dashboard

E Sadhana telangana services

  • AASR (Anganwadi information system)

  • AWTC online reporting system.

  • m-Anganwadi

  • employee management system

  • The memos and guidelines.

  • A commodity supply tracking system portal.

  • Online FCR commodity supply chain management system.

  • Web-based MPR system GOI.

  • Expenditure and Budget monitoring system.

Login to E Sadhana TG portal

Citizens of Telangana can visit and log in to the E Sadhana TG website using the steps outlined below.

  • On the login page, enter your E sadhana username and password. 

  • After entering your unique security PIN, click the Signing button.

  • That's all, you've successfully logged into Telangana State's E Sadhana and may now use the services.

Login to E Sadhana AP

Citizens of the state of Andhra Pradesh can log in to E Sadhana and access its services by following the steps outlined below.

  • Visit the official website at https://wdcw.ap.gov.in/.

  • To access the login page for the Management Information System.

  • Fill up your E Sadhana AP registration user id and password.


  • Wait for the details to be verified before clicking the submit button.

  • You can now log in and utilise all of its services as desired.

E Sadhana aasr login process

To learn more about the Anganwadi Information System(AASR) help, first, log on to the web portal. By following the steps below, you may effortlessly log into the portal.

Step 1- First and foremost, go to the e-Sadhana Telangana official website https://wdcw.tg.nic.in/e-sadhanatg/index.html.

Step 2- After that, the website's homepage will appear in front of you. The "Anganwadi Information System (AASR)" link must be clicked here. 

Step 3- A new page will open, prompting you to enter your Username, Password, and Captcha in the login form.


Step 4- Now click the "Login" button below.

E Sadhana supplier management login process

Step 1- Go to E Sadhana's official website by clicking on this link https://wdcw.tg.nic.in/e-sadhanatg/index.html.

Step2- After that, on the homepage, go to the top menu and select "e-Sadhana."

Step 3- You'll see a new page appear on your screen.

Step 4- On this screen, select "Egg & Milk Supply Tracking System" from the drop-down menu.

Step 5- After that, you'll be taken to the login page. Your User ID and Password will be entered here.

Step 6- Click the "Sign In" button below to complete the process.

Frequently asked questions

What is E Sadhana?

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, E Sadhana is part of a child and women's development programme.

What does the full form of ICDS stand for?

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) stands for Integrated Child Development Services.

What is the procedure for checking web mpr on the E Sadhana website?

Go to the E Sadhana website and select MPR from the drop-down menu. The URL will change to https://icds-wcd.nic.in/icdsawc.aspx. where you may monitor the status of your AWS projects

Is E Sadhana's Budget Monitoring system open to everyone?

The officials in charge of the E Sadhana initiative will use the budget and expenditure monitoring system. The DDO office provides access to this system portal, where they must update records regularly and provide enough information to the public to guarantee that funds are spent wisely.

Is working as an Anganwadi through E Sadhana a government job?

Anganwadi is a government-funded programme that provides services to children and their mothers. Anganwadi employment is not permanent; they are contract positions that look for the government's E Sadhana project facilities.