E Seva online telangana

eSevaonline Telangana is an online service that meets the needs of citizens while also revolutionising how services are delivered. Eseva was established in 2001, and e-centres were established as a one-stop-shop for citizens seeking government information and services online. In this era of e-governance, the Telangana government has made a number of steps to improve service delivery and make it easier to access such services utilising cutting-edge technology. The Telangana government has made persistent efforts to improve citizen services and achieve great governance from a citizen-centric perspective.

What is the difference between meeseva and esevaonline telangana

In Telugu, Meeseva is e-governance that means "at your service." It provides a wide range of government services to individuals and businesspeople at all levels. Meeseva's mission is to use technology to provide a variety of G2C and G2B services. The state of Telangana's concerned officials devised and built the Meeseva Portal. The portal was created so that residents of the state can conduct activities relating to crucial papers like Aadhaar cards, voter ID cards, ration cards, passports, land records, and other information while sitting at home. No resident would have to visit the concerned government personnel to complete various application procedures thanks to the services offered at Meeseva 2.0.

Esevaonline Telangana, on the other hand, is based on a public-private partnership model that provides on-demand G2C and B2C services. The business sector, in addition to the governmental sector, will play a critical role in realising the objective of bringing services closer to home.

  • G2C – Government to Citizens

  • G2B – Government to Business

  • B2C – Business to Citizens

Key features of esevaonline Telangana

  • It's an integrated approach, with departments from both the state and federal governments working together to provide integrated services in one location.

  • Friendliness to citizens – There are no jurisdictional restrictions, and any person can use the service at any Eseva centre for a reasonable fee.

  • Scalable and productive – It has a well-organized system with printers and an internet connection to manage procedures.

  • Safe and dependable - The data you provide and the transactions you make are both safe and secure.

  • Time-consuming — Rather than waiting in lines and moving from department to department, many services are available through a single window.

Services offered at eseva support telangana gov in portal


  • Registration of births or deaths

  • Issue of birth or death certificates

  • Registration Department: Issue of encumbrance certificates *

  • Issuance of Caste or Nativity Certificates *

Downloading of GO forms

The applicant can download various government forms. To download any government form please visit the official website of esevaonline Telangana.

Government orders

To download or get information on any government orders please visit the official website of esevaonline Telangana.

Internet Services

  • Internet-enabled electronic payments

  • Downloading of forms and Government Orders (GOs)

  • Filing of applications on the web

  • Receipt of complaints or requests in connection with citizen services 

Transport Department Services (available at Banjara Hills Center only)

  • Change of address of a vehicle owner

  • Transfer of ownership of a vehicle

  • Issue of learners’ licenses

  • Issue or renewal of driving licenses (non-transport vehicles).

  • Registration of new vehicles


  • Reservation of APSRTC bus tickets

  • HMWSSB: Reservation of water tanker

  • Tourism: Reservation of tickets or accommodation 

Permits or Licences

  • Medical and Health Department: Renewal of Drug Licences 

  • Issue or renewal of trade licences

Labour Department

  • License New Registration

  • License Renewal

Police Services

  • Payment of Inquest or Panchanama fees

  • Payment for First Information Report

  • Payment for Post Mortem Report

Payment of Utility Bills

  • Electricity bills

  • Water and sewerage bills

  • Telephone bills (BSNL and TATA Tele Services)

  • Property Tax

  • Sales Tax

 B2C Services

  • ATM: Cash withdrawals and deposits 

  • ATM: Issue of statements of account 

  • Mutual Funds: Collection of applications 

  • Mutual Funds: Transfer of shares 

  • Cell Phone Bill Payments

Other Services at eSeva Centres

  • Sale of passport application forms

  • Receipt of passport applications

  • Receipt of applications for new telephone connections.

  • Registration Department: Sale of non-judicial stamps

  • Registration Department: Document writing service 

  • Collection of small savings 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of services are offered on eseva online?

On the esevaonline Telangana portal, the Government offers Government Citizen and Business Citizen services. All the services listed under this category are available online. So now the people need not visit the offices to avail these services.

Can i download all types of government forms from the eseva portal?

Yes, you can download all the kinds of government services and schemes related forms from the eSeva online portal.

Where can i find detailed information about the government’s new orders?

You can easily download the notification and get detailed information on all the government’s new and old orders uploaded on the eSeva support Telangana gov in the portal.

What are business to citizen services?

Here is a list of available B2C services offered on the esevaonline telanagana:

  • ATM: Cash withdrawals and deposits 

  • ATM: Issue of statements of account 

  • Mutual Funds: Collection of applications 

  • Mutual Funds: Transfer of shares 

  • Cell Phone Bill Payments

Can i pay utility bills through the E Seva online website?

Yes, you can pay utility bills like electricity bill, property tax, sales tax, phone bill and water bill online through the eseva website.