Some so many people are not yet aware of the amazing online option called e janma where all the details of birth and death certificates can be found out. This is one amazing initiative that the government of Karnataka has come up with for the citizens and certainly, it has gained quite a popularity over some time now. With so many different types of options that are coming up every time, those who don’t know exactly what this website is all about are certainly at the right place. Before approaching the process of application or login it is important to know in-depth about it.

What exactly is Ejanma Portal

There is a systematic process of following the ejanma login. The process is quite easy but firstly it is important to understand how important this portal can be. Whether it is the death or the birth certificate for every resident of the country, such a portal is helpful. Talking of which the Karnataka state government has come up with the dispatched e janma login process through which the person can avail ample of services and features. The candidate of the state can apply or even see the status or get the birth verification done without visiting the office of administration anymore. This portal is more like an enrolment of the express where residents can enter the passing’s and births online. The intrigued candidates will visit the enjanma.karnataka.gov.in entry and apply for the birth/passing declarations on the Ejanma website.

By launching this portal, once the candidate follows the ejanma login registration, there are all the possible data available online. The Karnataka state government has come up with a separate portal where the birth and death registers can be done by the citizens of Karnataka. Thanks to online digitalization, this type of service offerTo free data recording. The state government can maintain the track of every record. The state government of Karnataka has named this portal the ejanma death and birth registration service.

Understand the objective

The primary aim of the ejanma kar nic service is to ensure the birth and death certificate is recorded conveniently. The process has been done for the citizen’s ease. This initiative was launched in the year 2104 and since then it has recovered a positive response for recording the death and birth of the people residing in the state of Karnataka. The citizens can also check the application status, report, registration details, verify birth or death certificate online, and other information. The website is highly functional and hence offers convenience to the citizens. The functionality of the login is meant only for the operators but also there are certain registration officials too.

Benefits of the Ejanma Karnataka Portal

Once the ejanma nic in login is done, there are ample advantages that a citizen can avail. Since this is the only platform for profiting from the death and birth testament administrations of the state, there are also other advantages to not ignore such as:

  • Nadakacheri NIC KASC eJanMa entrance empowers transparency in the enrolment interaction

  • Besides, the residents can save both the candidates’ and administrators’ time and energy, lessening the manual responsibility

  • The Online Portal and its administrations are open in both provincial and urban local bodies of the state

  • The applicants can protect the Birth and Death Records in advanced configuration, which can’t be taken or lost

  • The computerized activity will eventually reduce the manual work and facilitate the information taking care of (for administrators)

  • e-Janma Birth and Death Registration System launched by the government of Karnataka

  • Through the Karnatak Birth death certificate portal, an applicant can easily download Karnataka Birth Certificate Pdf and Karnataka Death Certificate Pdf

EJanMa 2.0 Services

once the ejanma verification is done in the right manner then it is possible to avail listed below services that are:

  • Birth Registration    

  • Still Birth Registration

  • Birth Correction       

  • Registration

  • Death Registration  

  • Correction

  • Death Correction

  • Birth Search 

  • Reprint Certificate   

  • Daily Collection

  • Death Free Copy

  • Birth Register

  • ejanma min 1

  • Search/Receipt/Certificate

  • Death Search Receipt

  • Birth Free Copy       

  • Reports

Step by step instructions to Apply for Birth/Death Certificates

Once the ejanma is registered it is possible to apply for a death certificate. For this, you can visit your closest NadaKcheri’s computer administrator or concerned division’s centre. They can guide you with filling the form offline by downloading it from the official site of E-janMa Karnataka.

  • For eJanMa Birth/ Death Verification (For Citizens), the residents need to visit the enrollment places in their geographical areas.

  • The concerned chiefs will at that point help you fill the manual birth/passing declarations accessible disconnected or downloaded from the authorized eJanMA Karnataka portal

  • However, if the birth/death happens in emergency clinics, the applicants should visit the concerned emergency clinic, fill the application form, and complete the enrollment

How to Check Registration Details of the Ejanma Application

Have a look at the enlistment steps of the Ejanma Application as follows:

  • Firstly, visit the Official Portal of Ejanma Karnataka then visit the official website which is https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/.

  • After clicking on the site, it takes the online candidate to the Home Page Below.

  • Click on the Registration Details on the accompanying page.

  • It at that point diverts the candidate to the Registration Details page underneath.

  • Click on the Month/Year and view the Birth and Death Registration Details on a similar site page.

How to check the Verification of Birth Certificate and Death Certificate online

Verification of Birth/Death certificate is for citizens to cross-check whether the certificate is valid or not. So, any citizen of Karnataka can go and check his/her certificate online on the eJanma portal. You can also check/verify your certificate in few steps as given below:

  • Select the Birth/Death Certificate option from the menu.

  • A new screen appears in front of you called “Birth/Death Search “.

  • Enter your registration number which is on the acknowledgement receipt or provided at the registration.

  • Date of Birth/Death

  • Enter Captcha and click on the Search button.

Know the Documents required for birth certificate

To make sure the whole process of registration goes smoothly, given are the documents that are needed:

  • Parent’s ID proof

  • Proof of place where the child was born. (Hospital/Medical institution)

  • Marriage Certificate of parents

Documents required for a death certificate

To make sure the whole process of registration goes smoothly, given are the documents that are needed:

  • Proof of birth of the deceased – Birth certificate/SSLC certificate.

  • Date and time of death.

  • Medical Certification of Causes of Death.

  • Aadhaar card

  • Identity of the applicant.

  • Address Proof.

  • Application form.

  • Ration card.


E janma is meant for all the citizens. This is one incredible website that offers details, all things considered, Deaths and Stillbirths electronically registered all over Karnataka. Even the still British and deaths or the birth taking place in the rural areas get recorded in the eJanMa by Village Accountants through NadaKacheri at the high level. While the Medical officials who enrol in eJanMa mention the Births, Deaths, and Still Births and Certificates given in the actual Institution. The incidence that happened in Pvt. Emergency clinics will be accounted for by the concerned Pvt. Medical clinic to the particular Registrar. 

In order to include the child’s name in the Birth Certificate contact individual Registrars and Sub recorders. For extra Copies of the Birth/Death Certificates and any Corrections, the Data section Operators of the concerned Nadakacheri and individual birth and death registration can be helpful. To be precise, this site can save time in many ways and thus ensure you get the service done in just a few clicks.

Questions and Answers

Can the reports of saved and approved records checked in log-in?

  • Yes, some steps need to be followed to use the REPORT option and enter the date from

  • where you need the record details. This includes:

  • In the operator logins report option, you can see saved data record details

  • In the approver logins report option, you can see the details of the approved record

How to register a Birth certificate?

Some steps need to be followed systematically. This includes:

  • The first step is to obtain a birth certificate; the applicant must visit the district statistical office.

  • One necessity is to present the birth certificate application form which can be downloaded from the official website.

  • An application form must be submitted along with the recommended documents as required.

  • On submission of the application, an acknowledgment slip will be provided to the applicant.

  • The birth certificate will be given within 7 days and can be downloaded online also.

How to Download Birth Certificate online?

There are the following steps below to download the Karnataka birth certificate online:

  • First of all, the applicant should go through the official website https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/. To download the birth certificate Karnataka must follow the steps.

  • Then, enter the user name and password for the login.

  • After that, click on Birth Free copy to generate the birth certificate.

  • Now, enter the required details such as date of birth, name of the child, father’s name, mother’s name, and then click on the “Search” button.

  • Then, the screen displayed the registration number.

  • After that, by clicking on the registration number, the applicant can download and print the birth certificate.

What is the login Process of ejanma Portal?

To access the facilities at the portal, there are few things to be done in the right manner. The candidates who have legitimate certifications like User Name and ejanma login password can log in. For this the steps include:

  • Firstly, go through the Official Portal of ejanma Karnataka login and visit the official site which is Nada Kacheri https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/.

  • It takes the online Applicant to the Home Page of ejanma kar web address

  • Click on the login ejanma on the left sheet of the Ejanma Karnataka page

  • It takes the online Applicant to the Login Page underneath to Online Registration of Births and Deaths

  • Enter the User Name, Password, and Captcha Code. 

  • Click on the Login Button

  • It at that point takes the ejanma Karnataka application to the User Dashboard.