Fino Payment Bank Partner Login


These days the trend of digitalization has gained quite a lot of importance. People are now aware of the digital platform and all the facilities and services that can be availed. The biggest advantage of digitalization and the internet is the online payment. With just a few clicks and in a few seconds, you can get all the services and details easily. Talking of which Fino payment bank partner login service also offers the same feature. But before that, it is important to know what exactly it is all about.

The role of fino payment bank partner login

  • Before understanding how the process of Fino payment partner login works, it is important to understand that the internet and digitization have made online payment possible. There are so many platforms and Fino Payment Bank is one of them. People with the help of Fino bank partner login can avail of different services with just a few clicks. The portal is specially designed for CSP BC agents, and they can easily log in through Net Banking. 
  • With the help of, people can apply for Saving Account, Current Account, Debit cards, and Insurance. Many Saving Accounts such as Shubh, Pratham, Saral Salary, Bhavishya, Jan Savings Account, etc. The best part is you can use the Net Banking Login for all types of accounts. With, people can apply for Saving Account, Current Account, Debit cards, and Insurance. Many Saving Accounts such as Shubh, Pratham, Saral Salary, Bhavishya, Jan Savings Account, etc. The main thing is that you can use Net Banking Login for all types of accounts. 

Fino Payment Bank Login

With the help of Fino partner bank login, net banking facilities, and payments facilities provided by Fino Bank, people can become Business Correspondents. Also, people can easily open accounts at Customer Service Point kiosk outlets. With the help of this post, we shall tell you various Fino Payment Bank Login processes. Through Fino payment Bank, people can easily apply for a current account, savings account, insurance, and debit cards. In addition to this, people can also get access to many savings accounts like Pratham, shubh, Saral salary, Jan savings account, bhavishya, etc. The only necessary step to access this is to partner with a fino payment bank to log in to the portal. 

Remarkable Achievements

  • Because of the pandemic crises, lockdowns have caused tremendous pain and strain on the minds of people living in the remotest villages. It was the time when courier services were closed, warehouses were closed and vehicle movement was restricted within the State and Inter-state transport thereby strained activities. In those remote areas, the staff made a regular movement with micro-ATM to see that the banking activities are not hampered.
  • Looking at the dedicated services of Fino Payments Bank, at INFHRA workplace Excellence Awards 2020-21 were awarded. The company was recognized as the best 'excellence in logistics management.’ In 2021, Finnoviti Award was issued for developing an innovative ‘Hyper-Local Search’ service by Fino Payments Bank.
  • Fino Payments Bank has been inducted into the PCI and Internet and Mobile Association of India. The stakeholders are prepaid payment, merchant aggregators, payment networks, UPI facilitators, and international remittances facilitators, etc.

Fino Payment Bank Login of Net Banking 

  • In 2006, it was established as a payment technology company. Accordingly, it emerged as a full payment bank in 2017. It is also said about Fino Bank that it has more than 410 strictures and more than 25000 banking points. The customer service of this bank is also outstanding, which is a backbone for every bank. The most important thing about this bank is that its fino partner bank bc login is high-speed, and people can log in easily. 
  • Fino partner merchant login can be used by agents such as Merchant, Partner, Fino Mitra, BC Agent, Fino merchant can log in to the bank. Different portals have been arranged for all categories. Only common people can log in with the help of; however, a separate portal has been created for agents. 

Know more about 

To use the partner fino bank login, you must have credentials. A mobile number or customer ID is required to login into this portal. However, after registration, you will be given a password that is popular in the name of MPIN. The most important thing about this website is that you can also recover your MPIN if you have forgotten it.

Fino Bank Mitra Login

Along with the fino payment partner login banking services the website also has the login process as a Partner. Also, one of the best ways to use these easily is to download the app. The app is Fino Payment Bank Mitra. You must go through Mitra Login points here.

  • To download the Fino Mitra app, go to the play store.

  • Search for the Mitra application.

  • Then, you need to download the Fino Mitra app and install it.

  • After that, you have to go through the re registration process on the Fino Bank Mitra app.

  • Here, you get a username for the Mitra app.

  • You can then log in easily and submit your details.

Merchant Login Fino Payment Bank

Other than the Fino Bank Merchant Login processes above, we should also like to tell you the login process as a Merchant. You can do so on the website page. Thus, you don’t need a separate application to log in. However, once you enter details, the website will verify them. Only after that will you get the login successful on the page.

  • You must start by going to the Fino Bank Merchant Login page on the website

  • Here, you need to provide the ID (merchant) 

  • Then, after continuing, you will be taken for the verification of your ID.

  • After that, you must visit the Test Biometric Pinpad and Camera link.

  • Now, you need to download the Pax d180 Micro ATM driver.

  • You now must install the services.

  • Also, you have to install PAX drivers- PAX CDC, POSVCOM, PAXAndroid, Prolin Uboot Driver, and Android ACM.

  • Finally, your process of Fino partner merchant login will be complete.


On the website of Partner Fino Payment Bank, there are many details, notifications, and services. Any new service that comes will be visible to you here. There is an offer that you can see on any website. You will get any official pdf file or all from which you can see that what is new now Fino Payment Bank has come. The notification slider is always moving here.

Question and Answers

How to unblock the Fino payment bank id?

  • If you next enter your user ID, then a new window will open. 

  • In that window, you will have the option to enter the login ID password of Finno. 

  • Below that you will find some options such as ID Unblock can unblock your block ID. 

  • After that, here you will find the links of the driver of Morpho Mantra, you can download the driver from here. 

  • You will also get a link to the PIN pad, you can download it from here and you can install it.

How to log in to BC Merchant Fino Bank?

  • Click on the link and go to fino partner login website

  • After that enter your User Id / Merchant Id ID there. 

  • There will be an OTP on your registered mobile and enter it on TP.

  • After OTP Verification, there will be an option to enter the password.

  • After typing the password, click on the Submit button.

  • Now you have successfully logged into Fino Bank partner.

How to register for the Fino Bank Net Banking?

  • Following steps have to be followed to do Fino Bank internet banking registration: -

  • Click on the given link

  • After that click on Register.

  • After clicking on Register, you will be asked for your Customer ID or Mobile Number.


  • Enter one of the two and submit

  • Now OTP will come on your registered number, enter OTP

  • Now the complete details of the customer will be seen like your name, mobile number, email id, etc.

  • Verify the customer details and click on the continue button.

  • You have now successfully registered your Fino Bank Internet Banking

How to log in to Fino net banking?


  • Then add the MPIN that you have generated.

  • (If you have forgotten the MPIN, there is an option to Forge MPIN at the bottom, by clicking there, you can forward the MPIN.)

  • You will see a captcha in front, type it and then click on the login button

  • Now OTP will come on your registered number and enter that OTP.

  • You are logged in to the Internet Banking Portal of the successful Fino Bank.

How to deal with the problems of logging Fino Payment Bank?

  • If you are having difficulty in logging into Fino Payment Bank, then follow the steps given in the following.

  • Make sure Caps Lock is turned off (passwords are sensitive) and that you are not inadvertently adding a black space before or after your password.

  • Reset your password using our password reset form. (Be sure to use the email address tied to your Lumosity account.) 

  • If you don't receive the password reset email, check your spam folder. If it isn't, please send an email to our customer support team and we can reset your password for you.

  • If you're still having trouble, clear any automatically stored passwords.

  • This will ensure that invalid password information is not being entered for you automatically by your computer or browser.