Fruits PM Kisan Registration

  • The Fruits PM Kisan scheme was introduced by the Karnataka state government to encourage farmers to grow fruits. Farmers who can grow their property to produce more for the state are eligible for special government rewards. Farmers may now apply online and track the progress of their applications thanks to the Karnataka government's introduction of an online portal. Farmers must register on the official website at
  • The ultimate goal of introducing the FRUITS PM Kisan registration scheme is to boost Kisano's income. The scheme has other schemes associated such as PM Kisan FPO. For the next five years, the state government has added 5000 crores to all Kisan to benefit all recipients.

About pm kisan FPO yojana

  • As the name implies, the FPO is a Kisano-related organisation. If we tell you right now, FPO stands for Farmer Producer Organization. This is a term that refers to a group of Kisano who are registered under a specific corporation and Act. It also performs a unique role in promoting productive tasks such as agriculture.
  • Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched the PM KISAN FPO YOJANA. And in the next five years, this initiative aims to treble the income of every Kisano. The government plans to spend 5000 crores on Kisano. If recent reports are correct, Kisano would be given preferential treatment under PM KISAN FPO YOJANA. And what if we told you that this organisation operates in a way that is opposed to practically all corporate politics? It is also not subject to the Cooperative Act.
  • The Agricultural Producer Organization, or "PM KISAN FPO," brings together a group of such Kisano. The Kisan provide a unique contribution to agricultural labour productivity. And they're moving forward with all of the agriculture-related projects.
  • So, under this KISAN FPO YOJANA, such Kisano would have to form their own group and register it under the Companies Act, after which, once PM KISAN FPO YOJANA is registered, all Kisano will be eligible for unique benefits, which we will inform you about. I'm going to get into some specifics here.

Benefits of fruits farmer registration online

After enrolling in this programme, a group of all tiny and marginal Kisano will be formed, and all Kisano will be given access to a special agricultural market, as well as unique fertiliser seeds, medications, and agricultural equipment. 

  • After PM Kisan FPO moves to the forest, Kisano is free of middlemen, and all plans reach Kisano directly.

  • When the PM Kisan FPO organisation is ready, all Kisan in the agricultural field combines to raise their voices, ensuring that Kisano is exploited to the bare minimum.

  • Here, a reasonable price is paid to the Kisan who produces decent crops.

  • Within the next five years, the Modi government will establish approximately 10,000 new agricultural products organisations, or if PM KISAN FPO is established.

  • The government intends to develop 10,000 new agricultural products groups between 2019 and 2023, according to a recent proposal.

  • Kisano will be able to sell its crop on a good platform after the APO Kisan system is established, and Kisan will be able to sell all of its products at good pricing.

Note: Aside from this, there is a slew of other government perks that Kisano receives directly from the government after enrolling in this scheme.

Fruits PM Kisan registration online process

You must follow the steps outlined below for fruits pm Kisan registration on the official portal

  • To begin, go to Fruits PM Kisan's official web portal by clicking here

  • Once the website's home page has loaded, select the farmers' corner option and then the new farmer registration option.

  • To continue, you must first fill in the blanks on your Aadhaar card and then solve the captcha code.

  • Now, a form will appear in front of you, in which you must fill out all of the required information, such as your name, address, registered cellphone number, land information, income, and other personal information.

  • To finish the registration procedure, click the submit button once you've input all of these details.

Check Karnataka Fruits PMK payment status online

Farmers can check the Karnataka Fruits PMK Payment Status by visiting the official website and following the simple steps outlined below. Farmers must have their PM Kisan ID (or PMKID) or their Aadhaar number to proceed.

  • Farmers must first go to the fruits PM Kisan website, which may be found at

  • Search for the application status page on the website's home page and click the link

  • After that, pick the option for farmer registration and a unified beneficiary information system from the menu (FRUITS). 

  • You will now be taken to a website with two options for checking your payment status.

  • You can check the payment status by entering your PMKID or Aadhaar number on this website.

  • If you selected the PMKID option, enter the ID and then click the submit button.

  • On your computer or mobile device, you should now see the PMK Payment Status; print it off for future reference.

  • In this approach, you will check the Karnataka Fruits PMK Payment Status

Check FRUITS farmer registration Status

The Government of Karnataka creates a list of beneficiaries that is displayed on the web page once your registration is successful. Following the methods outlined below, state farmers will be able to check their names.

  • To begin, go to the official Fruits PM Kisan website by clicking here

  • After this, the home page of the website will open in front of you.

  • Click on FRUITS (farmer registration and unified beneficiary information system) from the home page.

  • Now, in the report area, select the farmer's selection list.

  • Then, open the list of farmers that are receiving FSD. Choose your district, Taluka, Hobli, and village, then fill out the form.

  • You'll now see a list where you can see if your name is included.

How to check fruits farmer registration beneficiary list online

Use the following way to look out the Karnataka Fruit Beneficiary List on the internet:

  • Go to for further information.

  • Open the Farmer Registration and Unified Beneficiary Information System applications. 

  • Navigate to the Reports section.

  • Select List of Farmers Announced from the drop-down menu.

  • Open the FSD-receiving farmers' list.

  • Select your District, Taluka, Hobli, and Village from the drop-down menus.

  • Submit the form and review the farmers on the PM Kisan Karnataka Beneficiary List.

Document required

  • Aadhaar card

  • All legal land records

  • Identity proof documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card voter id etc.

  • A full land description, including hilly, wet or dry land etc.

  • Copies of the Land record

  • Address proof documents.

  • Applicant’s recent passport size photo

Frequently asked questions

What Exactly Is The Kisan Fpo Strategy?

The Kisan FPO Yojana is a unique type of production company. Kisano clusters are formed under this scheme, and special contributions are made to help these Kisano increase their agricultural productivity.

Who Is Capable of Producing This Kisan FPO?

A Kisan FPO Organization of about 300 Kisan can be formed when a plain area is the highest.

How Can This Kisan FPO Yojana Benefit That Kisan Of All Small And Small Scale?

Kisan FPO YOJANA, After Becoming A Member Of The Kisano Group, All Of Kisano's Small Agriculture-Related Problems Are Solved Here.

What Makes This PM Kisan scheme Unique?

PM offers special assistance to Kisan organisations and small Kisano, ensuring that even landless Kisano are not disadvantaged.

Is PM Kisan FPO Yojana Beneficial to All Kisano?

Only those Kisano who have already registered for Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana or Fruits PM Kisan registration will benefit from PM Kisan FPO YOJANA.

Will the FPO Yojana Program be open to all Kisan?

Yes, indeed! This Scheme Has Been Launched At A Special Level; All Kisan Are Eligible For FPO YOJANA Under This Scheme.